Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 807

Chapter 807 A Dignified Man

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The man standing by the door was very tall, being almost 190 centimeters.

However, he was rather thin was well.

He was so thin that his arm carrying a pail of water had no hint of flesh, being only bones and veins.

Nan Zhi glanced at his face.

He was wearing a face mask that covered his eyes and nose, only exposing his slightly dry lips to the outside.

Although he did not look old, because he was too thin, there was no aura on him. Nan Zhi could not see his full appearance properly, only able to see his lips and his bony chin.

For some reason, she felt slightly familiar with this person, but she could not remember where she had met him before.

Seeing Nan Zhi stand there dazedly, the man did not speak as he poured the water into the container.

Nan Zhi stared at his slightly slouched back, she paused for a while before she spoke politely. "Hello, Mr Ah Dai, I came to thank you for saving me."

The man hummed with his extremely hoarse voice.

Seeing him respond like that told Nan Zhi that he was a more quiet person that did not speak a lot.

Nan Zhi stared at his back, guessing that he did not want to pay attention to her, so she said quietly, "Ill bring a thank you gift next time. Ill leave first, thank you for saving me."

The man who did not look at her before finally glanced at her. "The person who was chasing after you might be guarding the village. Its almost night already, its not safe for you to leave now."

His voice was extremely hoarse, as if he had injured his vocal cords before.

Nan Zhi paused in her steps.

Her instincts told her that this Mr Ah Dai was not a bad person.

She took a breath, smelling the fragrance of the chicken soup as she said with a smile, "Are you asking me to stay for dinner?"

"Up to you."

He was still as cold as before.

After the chicken meat was stewed properly, Ah Dai filled a bowl with the soup before he placed it on the foldable table.

He scooped another two bowls of rice, placing one in front of her while he placed the other one opposite of her.

He did not call Nan Zhi and started to eat quietly.

Nan Zhis stomach had long been emptied, and smelling the food made her feel even more famished.

She swallowed her saliva, not being polite with Ah Dai anymore as she took a seat opposite of him.

The chicken meat was tender and not dry, while it was chewy as well. It tasted very good.

"Its very tasty." She smiled at him.

She had always been a person who was very clear about her emotions. To anyone who was nice to her or saved her before, she would always repay them with her sincerity.

At the same time, for those who had hurt her before, she definitely would not forgive them easily as well!

Ah Dai was a man of very few words. With his mask, and his old-sounding hoarse voice, Nan Zhi really could not guess his age.

Ah Dai ignored Nan Zhi, as he ate quietly.

He really managed to not speak during a meal and during the rest of the time.

Nan Zhi did not know if she was hallucinating, but the way Ah Dai ate slowly and in such a dignified manner, it did not seem like he was an ordinary village farmer.

The bones from his food were placed in a small plate. Each bone was placed neatly and did not have any oil stains.

He only ate a single bowl of rice, finishing it off cleanly. It really did not seem like he was an ordinary man eating.

Nan Zhi felt that it was a little strange. Why would she sense a dignified aura on Ah Dai?

After they were done, Nan Zhi took the initiative to shower.

Ah Dai was cutting logs in the courtyard when Nan Zhi walked over to observe him for a while.

Ah Dai continued to do what he was doing and never even glanced at Nan Zhi.

At the thought that she had been missing for nearly two days, Nan Zhi asked Ah Dai, "Do you have a mobile phone or a phone?"

Ah Dai glanced at Nan Zhi, shaking his head as he replied coldly, "No."

Nan Zhi could not help but feel slightly disappointed.

Ah Dai looked down to work before he glanced at Nan Zhi once more. "When Im done, Ill bring you to Gu Mengs house to make a call."

Gu Meng was probably that young lady that had brought Nan Zhi her medicine!

"Thank you."

Ah Dai was concentrated in his work, and Nan Zhi did not disturb him at all. Instead, she brought a bench out from the house to sit in the courtyard.

As she rested her cheeks in between her hands, she looked up at the stars.

After getting into so many incidents, Nan Zhi had gotten a lot stronger mentally. Besides, she also believed in her uncles intelligence, that he would definitely find her very soon.

Although she had been caught in many challenges in the past twenty years, she had been able to get out of them safely every time.

Her biggest wish now was for Mu Sihan to recover quickly, for her uncle to remain happy while her baby grew up healthily.

"Alright, lets go!"

The mans hoarse voice rang from above her head. Nan Zhi glanced at the man that had unknowingly walked behind her. She nodded. "Okay."

Ah Dai brought Nan Zhi onto a small path until they reached Gu Mengs house.

Gu Mengs father was the head of the village, so the condition of their house was slightly better than the rest of the village.

Hearing that Nan Zhi wanted to make a call, Gu Meng took her fathers phone out immediately and held it out to her.

Nan Zhi called Qiao Yanze first.

He actually turned off his phone.

Nan Zhi then called An Feng. When An Feng heard Nan Zhis voice, she was so anxious that she was crying and laughing at the same time. "You girl, Mom still thought that Are you on an unlucky streak these few years? Why are you always caught in these sort of things?"

Nan Zhi comforted An Feng for a while. "Mom, fate would always dictate a persons life. The skies would only take care of those who keep doing bad things!"

An Feng said, "Your uncle went to find you, so he will probably reached where you are very quickly."

"Alright, I got it. Mom, dont worry. I have to call Mu Sihan too."

"He called yesterday and today, but Xiaojie picked up the calls for you. We didnt tell him that you were kidnapped, in case he got worried for you!"

Nan Zhi hummed in agreement. "What you did was right."

She was also afraid that Mu Sihan would run over from the resort after finding out that she was kidnapped. If he was caught in a dangerous situation, she would have to save him even after going back.

"He didnt suspect anything, right?"


"Thats good. I wont call him first then, and call him only after going back to Yinghua Island."


After the call, Nan Zhi thanked Gu Meng before she planned to head to the pier with Ah Dai.

Gu Meng thought that Nan Zhi was going back with Ah Dai, biting her lips as she said slightly shyly, "Ah Dai is a guy, while youre a girl. Isnt it a little too inconvenient for the two of you to stay together? How about you stay with me tonight?"

Nan Zhi stared at the shy Gu Meng, immediately understanding what she meant.

"Mengmeng, dont worry. I have a boyfriend, and I love him very much. I definitely would not take your Brother Ah Dai!"

Gu Meng stomped her feet shyly, not daring to glance at Nan Zhi again. "Sister, I didnt mean that!"

Gu Mengs personality was the same as her name, soft and cute. She was extremely adorable. Nan Zhi did not tease her anymore, as she said with a smile, "My uncle will arrive soon to bring me back, so Im leaving. Mengmeng, take my phone number and call me if you need help. Once I go back and settle everything thats needed, I will come back to visit your Brother Ah Dai and you."

"Sure, Sister! Remember to bring your boyfriend the next time, okay?" Gu Meng cupped her cheeks, her eyes sparkling. "Sister is so pretty and elegant, your boyfriend must be very tall and handsome too!"

Nan Zhi merely smiled instead of replying.

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