Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 808

Chapter 808 Take Off Your Clothes

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Nan Zhi walked out of Gu Mengs room and glanced at the man who was standing and smoking in the courtyard.

She did not know if she was hallucinating, but she kept thinking that this Ah Dai was not an ordinary person.

Why did she feel that he was so familiar? It was so strange.

However, she really could not remember where she had met this person before!

She must be thinking too much!

"Mr Ah Dai, my uncle is here to fetch me so I have to go to the pier to wait for him."

Ah Dai stared out at the night skies. He threw away the cigarette between his fingers that he was almost done with, lifting his leg up to put it out before he spoke hoarsely, "Lets go."

Nan Zhi stared at the way he put out the cigarette, freezing for a second.

Before she could speak, Ah Dai had already walked ahead.

Nan Zhi immediately followed behind him.

They were both walking on the same path, and although Ah Dai looked a little reserved, his pace was really quick and was not influenced by the darkness at all.

Nan Zhi did her best to catch up to his long strides.

However, her energy was not enough for her to keep up. She lost balance in her footing and suddenly fell to the floor.

The thorns scraped her arm, painful against her delicate skin. Nan Zhi pursed her lips tightly, biting back the stinging pain as she quietly stood back up once more.

The tall figure in front suddenly stopped and turned around to glance at her.

Seeing that she had fallen and gotten up quickly, he turned his head to continue walking ahead.

However, his pace was clearly slower than before.

It was no wonder Gu Meng kept saying that Ah Dai was very nice and good at everything, that the villagers liked him a lot, that although he looked rather aloof, he was still very nice.

When they were about to exit the path, several dark silhouettes blocked their way suddenly.

Ah Dai turned around and told Nan Zhi, "Go back to where we came from."

Nan Zhi immediately turned around. However, there were people blocking their way on the other side too.

Boss Long had called more than ten of his lackeys to wait over here and ambush her.

Seeing Nan Zhi appear, Boss Long really wanted to cut her up into small pieces. "Stupid b*tch, I knew you would still be in the fishing village. Did you think that you would be able to escape us after being saved by this ugly man?"

"You caused us to lose a large sum of money, do you think we wont kill you for that?" Boss Long did not take Ah Dai and Nan Zhi seriously as he said roughly, "Brothers, although this woman is cunning, tricky and destroyed our path to wealth, shes pretty and has a good figure. Say, should we kill her first or should we rape her first?"

"Theres no point in raping a dead body, is there? Being able to hear her moan from her pretty mouth would be the most beautiful thing ever!"


The men started to laugh despicably.

Nan Zhis expression darkened, her eyes turning cold.

"Long Wu, with how you dont work seriously and robbed and raped people every day, your deceased mother would not rest in peace if she found out about this!"

Boss Long and his lackeys were all masked, and had even changed their voices when they spoke, so he did not expect for the ugly man to be able to recognize him still!

"What has it got to do with me if that Old Hag cannot rest in peace? Do you think I wanted to be her son? She didnt give me anything, so her dying is a release for me as well!"

Boss Long raised his sharp knife at Ah Dai. "Since you recognize me, you can forget about escaping today as well!"

Ah Dai took a few steps back, saying with his hoarse voice as he approached Nan Zhi, "Ill deal with them. Take the chance to escape to the pier if you can."

Nan Zhi stared at Ah Dais thin figure, furrowing her eyebrows as she hesitated. "They have knives, you wont be able to stand against all of them."

Boss Long was very impatient, so when he saw the two of them chatting amongst themselves, he ordered, "Brothers, attack!"

"Ill deal with the four behind us while you deal with Boss Long and the rest!"

Nan Zhi said as she squatted to grab two handfuls of dirt quickly.

She threw the dirt at the eyes of the gangsters that were attacking her. Using the chance of the gangsters rubbing their eyes to brush off the dirt, Nan Zhi lifted her leg and kicked them ruthlessly towards their abdomen.

Seeing this, the two remaining gangsters took out the daggers they kept at their waists.

Nan Zhi raised an eyebrow as she looked around her. When she saw the wooden rod not too far away from her, she ran over to pick it up speedily.

Just as the gangsters were about to approach her, she used it to hit their heads with all of her strength.

"F*ck, this b*tch still knows how to fight!"

The gangster whose head was bleeding after getting hit by her, cursed out loud.

"Scram! If you dare come close to me again, Ill make sure you wont have any descendants!"

She was heartless enough!

After more than ten minutes of fighting, Nan Zhi had handled three gangsters while Ah Dai managed to handle the remaining ones.

They glanced at each other, the corners of their lips curling up together in unison.

"Lets go," Ah Dai said.

Nan Zhi nodded, following behind Ah Dai, planning to leave.

Suddenly, Boss Longs panicked and furious voice rang behind them. "I didnt think that the two of you would be able to defeat all of my men. However, I have this. If any of you take another step forward, I will blow your brains into pieces!"

Nan Zhi and Ah Dai turned around.

When she saw the black pistol Boss Long was holding, Nan Zhis eyes constricted slightly.

She stood in front of Ah Dai, telling him softly, "This has nothing to do with you, leave quickly!"

"He wouldnt let me go even if I left." Ah Dai stood in front of Nan Zhi, blocking her with his tall figure. "I dont need a woman to protect me."

Nan Zhi stared at the back of Ah Dais head, not expecting him to be so chivalrous.

"You dont have to protect each other, I have more than one bullet in my gun. Today, neither of you can think about leaving here alive"

Boss Long pointed the gun at Nan Zhi. "You, take off your clothes and walk over.""

Nan Zhis eyes constricted terribly. "What did you say?"

"I told you take your clothes off!" Boss Long scoffed coldly, as he suddenly pressed the trigger, a loud bang sounding as a bullet hit Ah Dais thigh. "If you dont follow my orders, the next bullet will be directed towards your saviors heart!"

Even during their short encounter, Boss Long could tell that Nan Zhi treated this ugly Ah Dai slightly differently.

He wanted to see if she would prioritize her sanctity or the chance to save her saviors life more!

With the bullet in Ah Dais thigh, blood started to flow down his leg. However, he endured the pain and did not kneel down.

He glanced at Nan Zhi. "Leave!"

Nan Zhi widened her eyes, extremely shocked.

What was this Ah Dai thinking?

If she left, he would definitely die!

Boss Long sneered. This Ah Dai kept doing good things ever since he arrived at their village. When his mother passed away back then, Ah Dai was the one who had arranged the matters regarding her funeral.

Everyone in the village liked Ah Dai, but no one liked him.

Of all people, Long Wu hated this Ah Dai the most.

"Ill count to three. If youre still not taking off your clothes, Ill kill Ah Dai with a single shot!" Boss Long stared at Nan Zhis slender and voluminous figure straightly, a horny smile appearing on his face. "One, two"

"Ill do it!"

Ah Dai turned around to look at Nan Zhi, his hoarse voice spitting simply, "Leave!"

Nan Zhi ignored Ah Dai, her fingers moving on to the buttons of her white shirt.

She slowly undid the first button

However, inside, she was counting the time in her heart. According to her calculations, her uncle should arrive anytime now!

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