Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 809

Chapter 809 You Dont Love Me At All

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After she undid her first button, Nan Zhi then undid her second button at an excruciatingly slow pace.

Her exquisite collarbones were exposed, her skin fair and smooth like a fair piece of jade.

Boss Longs Adams apple bobbed.

"Do it faster!"

Nan Zhi furrowed her eyebrows tightly, her fingers moving onto her third button. She was starting to panic in her mind, however. Why was her uncle not here yet?

When Boss Long fired at Ah Dai, Uncle probably heard the loud bang, didnt he? If he did, he would know where they are!

Nan Zhi closed her eyes, having no choice but to undo the third button.

The snowy skin under her collarbones was exposed.

If she undid another button, her heaving chest would be seen.

Nan Zhis heart immediately rose up to her throat.

Boss Long stared at Nan Zhi fixedly, his eyes almost popping out.

F*ck! This woman was really a vixen. Even if he could not see anything right now, but her pretty neck and smooth and exquisite collarbones were enough to make him swallow his saliva in anticipation.

Boss Long stared with both agitation and anticipation as the fourth button was undone.

Just as Boss Long thought he would be able to see something that would make his blood boil excitedly, an intense pain suddenly trailed from his wrist.

Boss Long roared in pain.

The gun he was holding onto fell to the ground. His other hand cupped his bleeding wrist instinctively.

Seeing this, Ah Dai immediately rushed forward to pick up Boss Longs gun and threw it far away.

At the same time, Qiao Yanze walked out of the dense woods with his bodyguards.

Qiao Yanze hurriedly rushed in front of Nan Zhi, before he pulled her into his arms with all his strength.

Nan Zhis tense heart finally relaxed in that moment.

Qiao Yanze hugged Nan Zhi for nearly one minute, until Nan Zhi teased softly, "Uncle, I cant breathe anymore!" He immediately let go of her.

Qiao Yanze checked out Nan Zhi from head to toe, before he caressed her head. "Are you hurt anywhere? Were you frightened?"

Seeing the concern in Qiao Yanzes eyes, and how haggard he looked, Nan Zhi felt warm and heart ache for her uncle as well.

He probably never allowed his eyes to shut in his search for her!

She shook her head, saying with a slightly choked voice, "Uncle, Im fine. Just that, Im sorry for making you worry again."

The moment she finished speaking, she was pulled into Qiao Yanzes arms once more.

"You foolish girl, its Uncle who implicated you and didnt protect you properly." Seeing that she was fine, Qiao Yanze could not help but tear up slightly. "Nothing like this will happen again!"

Now that he knew she was safe, Qiao Yanze let go of Nan Zhi, his expression which was previously filled with affection and gentleness suddenly changing into a cold and bloodthirsty one. "Send all of the men who kidnapped Miss Zhi to the police station. As for Boss Long who opened fire, tell the police that since he likes to see people strip and rape them, he should be sent into the special jail to be raped by a bunch of men everyday!"

Hearing this, Boss Long did not even care about the pain in his wrist as his legs went weak and knelt down. "Pardon me! I was instructed by someone as well, you cannot treat me like this!"

"Take them away!"

After it was quiet again, and Nan Zhi seemed to have thought about something. She turned back and looked around, but did not see Ah Dai.

Remembering that his thigh was injured, Nan Zhi was slightly worried about him. She told Qiao Yanze about Ah Dai saving her.

Fearing that Nan Zhi might be injured, Qiao Yanze had brought a doctor along with him. "He might have returned. We can go look for him at his house."


Nan Zhi brought Qiao Yanze and the doctor to Ah Dais house.

However, the windows were closed tightly and he was nowhere to be found.

Nan Zhi called for him a few times, but no one replied as well. He did not seem to be at home.

"Uncle, let me go ask Gu Meng if there are any doctors in the village. Mr Ah Dai might have went to the village doctor."

Qiao Yanze was similarly extremely grateful to Nan Zhis savior.

The two of them arrived at Gu Mengs house.

Gu Meng seemed to know that they were coming, as she was waiting in front of her house.

"Sister, youre here."

Nan Zhi hummed. "Did Mr Ah Dai come over earlier?"

Gu Meng nodded. "He did, however, he left again. He told me to tell Sister that the small injury is nothing. He doesnt need you to be grateful and repay him with anything, so Sister doesnt have to come to the village again."

Nan Zhi furrowed her eyebrows slightly.

It was extremely rare to meet such a nice person nowadays.

"Sister, Brother Ah Dai is a loner despite being a nice person. He doesnt like to be disturbed, so I hope Sister can understand that."

Nan Zhi naturally understood what she was saying.

She turned towards Qiao Yanze. "Uncle, can you give Mengmeng a cheque. If Ah Dai doesnt want it, Ill donate it to the village to repair your roads or to build a school for the students!"

Almost immediately, Qiao Yanze pulled out a cheque and scribbled on it very quickly.

When she saw the figure on the cheque, Gu Meng was flabbergasted and her mouth fell open. "Sister, t-this much money?"

Nan Zhi placed the cheque in Gu Mengs hands. "If Ah Dai doesnt want it, then treat it as me donating this to your village!"

"Sister, thank you so much!"

On their way back to Yinghua Island, Nan Zhi kept turning back to the inconspicuous fishing village.

"After Sihan has recovered, Im going to bring him here. I dont know if Im hallucinating, but I keep feeling that Ah Dai is a little similar to him!"

Perhaps it was due to the slow and dignified manner when he ate, or due to the habit of using his feet to put out a cigarette when he was done smoking.

However, it may also be because she was looking too much into it.

They were merely similar habits, and could mean nothing.

Nan Zhi glanced at Qiao Yanze, who was seated beside her. She asked, "Uncle, did you turn a cold shoulder towards your newly-wedded wife in order to save me?"

"I didnt even finish the wedding ceremony with her." At the thought of Xiao Ying staying in her room for the past two days, not eating or drinking, ignoring him as she cried all day, Qiao Yanze sighed. "However, shes a delicate woman, so it should be fine if I humor her more."

Nan Zhi glanced at Qiao Yanze apologetically. "Uncle, Im really sorry for this."

Qiao Yanze caressed Nan Zhis hair, smiling as he said, "Its nothing to do with you, dont feel guilty about it. Oh right, I sent Nan Yao to the police station, but shes stubbornly firm about Pei Xuan having nothing to do with your kidnapping. With my uncle and aunt begging for him, I dont have any way to apprehend Pei Xuan for now."

"I understand."

After Nan Zhi was found, Qiao Yanzes attention returned to Xiao Ying. He was afraid that Xiao Ying would leave, so he had instructed some bodyguards to guard the room.

After he unlocked the door, Qiao Yanze stared at Xiao Ying, who was sitting at the balcony. He walked behind her and hugged her from behind.

"Are you still angry?"

Xiao Ying pushed Qiao Yanze away, her eyes filled with tears. "Did you find your niece?"

Qiao Yanze hummed.

"You keep saying that you love me, but on such an important day for the two of us, for her, you made me become a huge joke. Qiao Yanze, you dont love me at all, do you?"

Qiao Yanze grabbed Xiao Yings slender shoulders with both hands, staring at her affectionately. "Who else would I love apart from you? Xiao Ying, lets have our wedding at a better time. Or we can wait until our child is born?"

Xiao Ying scoffed in despair. "Qiao Yanze, do you think I would let you hurt me once more? I have already decided. After I give birth to our child, I will raise him alone!"

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