Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 810

Chapter 810 Charm

Xiao Ying stood up from her chair, not wanting to look at Qiao Yanze again. "You can take back this island. I no longer have anything to do with you!"

She wanted to leave?

Qiao Yanze immediately panicked and hugged her from behind.

"Let go! Let go of me!"

Xiao Ying struggled strongly, and Qiao Yanze was worried about her hurting their child, so he let go of her.

Still upset, Xiao Ying returned to the room, lifting the blanket before she lay on the bed. She was laying sideways, her hands under her face as tears fell drop by drop.

Qiao Yanze, he was the one who had hurt her. Dont blame her for what would happen! She had given him a chance!

After Xiao Ying returned to her room, Qiao Yanze stood alone on the balcony. It seemed that after he had gotten together with Xiao Ying, his smoking addiction had gotten stronger.

Now, he basically smoked at least a packet a day. As he took out a box of cigarettes from his pockets habitually. Opening it, he realized that there were no more cigarettes.

The realization of the addition acting up made him feel somewhat uncomfortable..

He returned to the room and opened his luggage.

Xiao Ying had been gentle and considerate, making sure that everything was alright. His luggage, clothes, and even his usual cigarettes had been all taken care of by her.

Knowing that his addiction was strong, she had placed a few more packs of his usual cigarettes in their luggage when they came over to the island.

However, this time, there were no cigarettes in the luggage.

Qiao Yanze searched the luggage, but did not find a single pack.

He stood up, staring at the petite woman lying on the bed. He walked by the bed, asking gently, "Darling, where are the cigarettes?"


Qiao Yanze sniffled. "There there, dont be angry with me already. You know that I would feel weird if I dont smoke, can you take them out?"

"Theyre really gone!"

Qiao Yanze rubbed his nose. Without smoking, he felt like ants were gnawing at his heart.

His breaths started to become heavier, coming out in hard rasps.

Within seconds, he started to pace around the room in agitation.

"Darling, give me my cigarettes now!"

Xiao Ying sat up on the bed, staring at the slightly dazed Qiao Yanze, she took out a document file from under her pillow.

She walked in front of Qiao Yanze, saying, "Alright, if you want to smoke, sure. I have a guarantee letter here. Sign it and Ill give them to you."

Qiao Yanze glanced at the first few clauses on the document, which were naturally clauses for him to guarantee that he would be good to her.

"Even if I dont sign this, I will be good to you too."

"No, I wont give you the cigarettes if you dont sign it. I wont be willing to stay with you either."

Qiao Yanze stared at her affectionately and helplessly. "Alright, Ill sign it."

Xiao Ying flipped the document to its last page, passing Qiao Yanze a pen. "Sign here."

After he was done, Xiao Ying pouted as she whined. "It will only count if you place your personal stamp!"

"Ill do it."

After everything was done, Qiao Yanze asked with slightly dazed eyes, "Baby, can you take out the cigarettes now?"

"Of course!"

Xiao Ying brought a pack of cigarettes in front of Qiao Yanze, helping him to light it up as well.

Staring at how he leaned close, narrowing his eyes as he exhaled the smoke, Xiao Ying let her lips curve into a smirk.

The night was dark.

Ye Qing was standing in the main bedroom of the Crown Princes quarters in the Crown Palace.

He was wearing a dark green sleeping robe, holding onto a glass of red wine as he stood in front of the window.

He was holding a phone playing a video on his other hand. The man in the video was tall, strong and handsome.

In two days, it would be the deadline the Queen gave to Ye Sihan.

In the past three months, his performance was outstanding, bringing the countrys economic and military standing to a higher level, so the Queen only had praises for him.

On the other hand, apart from having mental illnesses, Ye Sihan had even become a retard.

Now, what could Ye Sihan compete against him with?

"What are you thinking about?" The man in the video asked him.

Ye Qing smirked. "Im thinking about being well-matched in strength with you in a few days."

The man laughed. "Youve done really well. Once its all over, I have a surprise for you."

Ye Qing was about to say something when he received a call.

"Ill video call you later. My secretary is calling."

Hanging up on the video call, Ye Qing took his work phone and answered the call.

Once the call was over, Ye Qings expression changed immediately.

With a loud bang, he threw the phone at the floor.

He changed and left his room, his aura fierce and overpowering.

Yi Fan was about to go upstairs to bring him supper. Seeing that he had come down with a dark expression, Yi Fan asked in confusion, "Third Young Master, did something happen?"

"There is something wrong with the fighter planes we just imported from the neighboring country."

Yi Fan froze for a second, before he reacted and hurriedly ran out to drive a car out for Ye Qing.

Ye Qing rushed to the office.

The Queen and several Generals were already waiting in the meeting room.

After Ye Qing entered, one of the Generals asked unhappily, "Third Prince, a fault has occurred in one of the fighter planes and it almost bombed our important military base. Didnt you say that these fighter planes are the most technologically advanced in the world? Why would there still be a problem?"

Ye Qing furrowed his eyebrows. "Grandma, Generals, dont worry, Ill definitely investigate this matter properly."

Things going wrong at this moment were definitely not good for him.

When it concerned the handling of this matter, the Queen was slightly unhappy with Ye Qing as well. However, he was still her most beloved grandson, so she merely chided him a little before only telling him handle it properly.

Ye Qing spent the entire night handling this matter and did not go back.

The next day, Ye Qing, who had not rested for the entire night, leaned back in his chair to rest for a short while.

He was woken up by his vibrating phone.

Seeing that it was a call from Yi Fan, he accepted the call. Ever since Yi Fan had started to work for him, Yi Fan had handled quite a lot of things for him.

Yi Fan was indeed a very capable helper. If it wasnt for him, Ye Qing would not be so successful in such a short time.

"Third Young Master, something has gone wrong."

Yi Fan had been following Mu Sihan for many years, his personality calm and serious and his work was of high quality as well, so it was rare for him to use such a serious tone. Ye Qing massaged his temples, a bad feeling swelling within him as he asked with a low voice, "What do you mean by something went wrong?"

"Its its"

"What is it? Say it quickly!"

"Last night, the information of the militarys D65 system was hacked. The military found that spies from the neighboring country had appeared, so they are currently suspecting that youre working with the neighboring country"

Before Yi Fan finished speaking, Ye Qing already knew what Yi Fan was talking about.

He was the one who imported the fighter planes from the neighboring country. A fault had just occurred in the fighter planes, yet the unpublished and unannounced D65 military system had been hacked. Of course he would be suspected for it!

The truth was that every country would have people who would sell some core technology and top-secret information to other countries that would want them, and thus receive extremely high payments in return for that information.

Before the Queen acceded to the throne, there were historical examples of Princes colluding with illegal parties outside the country as well.

"Third Young Master, could this have been done by the neighboring country?"

Ye Qing scolded Yi Fan immediately. "Dont guess anyhow and investigate this matter properly!"

After the call, Ye Qing furrowed his eyebrows tightly, his thoughts in a mess while there was also a bad feeling growing within him.

He called the person monitoring Mu Sihan again.

It was after knowing that Mu Sihan was doing nothing in the resort everyday and still acted like a child that Ye Qing felt slightly more at ease.




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