Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 811

Chapter 811 Jealous

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Ye Sihans mental age had become that of a child, it was impossible for him to do anything against him. Since that was the case, who was the person who wanted to harm him this time?

Ye Qing clenched his fists, his expression dark as he fell into deep thought.

The door to his office was pushed open suddenly.

The Queen walked in. "Ah Qing, what is going on this time? How could D65 be stolen by the spies of the neighboring country?"

Ye Qing stood up from his chair, saying with furrowed eyebrows, "Grandma, we have yet to confirm that this was done by the spies of the neighboring country. Please give me some time."

"This matter has gotten the attention of the Royal family. With a fault occurring in the fighter planes last night, which was tightly followed by the stealing of confidential information, can you say that these two matters are not related?"

It was the Queens first time showing a dark expression in front of Ye Qing. "From the very beginning, I told you that you had to be careful in spending a large sum to import fighter planes from the neighboring country, yet you stubbornly did it your way. Now that there is a problem, if someone found evidence that the stolen information is related to the spies of the neighboring country, even I cannot save you!"

"Grandma, this has nothing to do with me, but Ill definitely investigate it properly!"

"Ill give you three days. If you cannot apprehend that spy that stole the military top-secret information, you can forget about being the substitute Crown Prince!"

Ye Qings eyes constricted slightly, as he nodded. "Grandma, I understand!"

After the Queen left, Ye Qing clenched his fists tightly, punching the table top with all his strength.

He thought about any one, but could not figure out why there would be such a large problem!

Grabbing his private phone, he punched in some numbers.

The call was only answered after ringing for a long while. "Something has happened over here, did you send someone to do it?"

The person paused for a second. "What happened?"

Ye Qing scoffed coldly. "Dont act like you dont know what happened. There is an issue with the imported fighter planes and now the militarys top-secret D65 information has been stolen by your spies, do you dare not say that its none of your business?"

The person on the other end of the call did not have the chance to say anything when Ye Qing shouted furiously once more, "I know that you want to gain the power to control both countries, but didnt we agree to do it step by step and let me control this side first? Im only a step away from getting it, do you want everything I have done in the past to go to waste?"

Ye Qing wanted to continue, only to have the person on the other end interrupt him coldly. "Calm down. Think about it carefully, I clearly know that youre about to really get the power, why would I do it at such a time?"

"If its not you, who would it be?" Ye Qing sputtered angrily. "I know exactly how cunning you are!"

Probably thinking that Ye Qing would not listen to his explanation through the phone, the person remained silent for a few seconds before he said, "Im coming over tomorrow night, lets talk in person!"

"Youre coming over tomorrow night?" Ye Qing furrowed his eyebrows, his expression extremely serious. "This is such a sensitive time! If someone finds out about us meeting, it would only be harmful for me!"

"Then well not let others find out about it!"

After Ye Qing hung up the call, a knock sounded at his door. Taking a deep breath, Ye Qing calmed himself down, saying lowly, "Come in."

The office door was pushed open and Yi Fan walked in.

"Third Young Master, the military have met the Queen and sought to remove you of your duties."

Ye Qing scoffed coldly. "Before the results of the investigation are out, Grandma wouldnt do that."

Yi Fan nodded. "Yes, the Queen has noted your performance in the past three months. She would definitely believe you and stand by your side!"

For the next hours, Ye Qing was handling matters against the military personnel with a headache.

He was not able to find the spy, and with the faults in the imported fighter planes, the Royal family lost an extortionate amount of money.

Because of this, the Royal family had even become a laughing stock worldwide.

Although the Queen didnt ask Ye Qing to relief his duties as the substitute Crown Prince, the military and the other members of the Royal family clearly were unhappy with him.

If he was not able to get a satisfactory solution to this matter, he would never be able to replace Mu Sihans position.

Very soon, it was the agreed time to meet with that person.

Ye Qing returned to the Crown Palace to take a shower and shaved his stubble away, before he changed into a clean set of clothes.

Before he left his room, he received a call from that person. "XX Clubhouse? Alright, Ill be there soon."

Ye Qing didnt notice that a person had appeared by his bedroom door.

Ye Qing went down and saw Yi Fan in the living room. Yi Fan bowed towards him politely. "Its already so late, is Third Young Master is going out? Do you need me to drive you out?"

Ye Qing waved his hand. "No need."

With that said, he left hurriedly.

Yi Fan stared at the direction Ye Qing had left in, his expression complicated and meaningful.

Ye Qing drove himself out of the Crown Palace, looking around guardedly before he drove onto the highway after noting that there was nothing suspicious.

He did not head to the clubhouse immediately, driving to a hotel instead.

He dressed himself up specifically at the hotel before he left the place.

Now, he was disguised as a middle aged man, and checked his appearance many times before he took a taxi to the clubhouse.

About half an hour later, he arrived at the clubhouse.

That person had booked an inconspicuous private room by the corner of the second floor.

Ye Qing walked over.

When he was approaching the room, he realized that the door was not closed and people were speaking inside.

"I really didnt expect to meet Your Highness Lous here! Why are you here alone? Do you have an important date?"

Hearing that charming and devilish voice, Ye Qing furrowed his eyebrows slightly.

The door was not closed shut, so he glanced inside the room using the gap between the door.

All he saw was a handsome and devilish Fifth Prince, Ye Yanfeng, sitting next to Lous. The two of them were sitting very closely to each other, Ye Yanfeng wearing a charming smirk while Louss eyes stared straight at Ye Yanfeng.

Ye Yanfengs appearance was different from the cool handsomeness that Ye Sihan had, and also different from the handsome and charming type that Qiao Yanze was. His facial features belonged to the type that was rather exquisite man, that looked like he had walked out from a comic book. He looked slightly androgynous and was extremely pretty, but he was not feminine either.

Especially when he smiled, he looked slightly devilish and slightly charming as well, making him able to entice one without a care.

Ye Qing noted that Louss eyes were not even moving away from Ye Yanfengs face. Clenching his fists, Ye Qing spun around and left.

He did not leave however, walking to the Clubhouses rooftop observatory instead. He smoked two cigarettes quietly, until his phone vibrated.

Seeing the caller ID, Ye Qing scoffed coldly before he rejected the call.

A few seconds, his phone rung again with a message this time.

He glanced at the message content: Are you not here yet? Im waiting for you in the room."

Putting out the cigarette with his fingers, Ye Qing turned around to walk towards the private room.

This time, Ye Yanfeng was no longer in the private room, but his refreshing scent was still lingering inside.

Ye Qings expression darkened even more.

Lous glanced at the disguised Ye Qing, before he pointed at the washroom. "Go and remove the disguise first."

There was no reaction from Ye Qing.

Louss expression darkened. "Whats wrong? Now that youve returned to the Royal family, youre not listening to me anymore?"

"I came to ask you about the fighter planes and the confidential information, they have nothing to do with whether I remove my disguise or not."

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