Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 812

Chapter 812 Ye Qings Defeat

Ye Qings words were laced with a fierce agitation that was impossible to ignore.

Lous noticed that something was wrong with Ye Qing and he put down the teacup in his hands, walking in front of Ye Qing.

He grabbed his hand and smirked. "Whats wrong? I came all the way to explain to you, do you still not believe me?"

Lous pulled Ye Qing to sit down, his fingers caressing his made up face. "About this, I think that theres something wrong about the whole situation. Dont fall for others traps!"

The image of Louiss eyes on Ye Yanfeng appeared in his mind persistently, and Ye Qing could not listen to Louss explanation. He just couldnt.

Ye Yanfeng was like a Prince that had walked out of a comic, and exuded an aura that others could not compare against from head to toe. Lous liked men, so how was he able to reject Ye Yanfeng?

Besides, the two of them were sitting so close. Did something already happen between the two of them?

Ye Yanfeng were merely a Prince in the Royal family that was not well liked, nor paid any attention. He had always wanted to fight for the power, did he sit so close to Lous to make Lous help him?

Ye Qings mind was a mess.

Seeing that Ye Qing was not speaking, Lous grabbed the back of his head and kissed him.

Ye Qing turned away, not letting Lous kiss him.

Lous was originally bad tempered. With this, he furrowed his eyebrows, his hold on Ye Qings face tightening. "Dont think that youre a real Prince because you returned to the Royal family! Without me, youre nothing. Dont forget your place!"

Ye Qing glanced at Lous with tightly furrowed eyebrows. To Lous, he was probably just a puppet and not his lover!

"Do you really love me?"

Noting the suspicion in Ye Qings eyes, Louss darkened expression eased a little, a smile reappearing on his lips. "You fool, Ive pampered you for so many years, how can I not love you?"

He was probably only treating him as a substitute!

But Ye Qing did not say that out loud.

"Why are you angry with me? I said that the fighter planes are perfectly fine. Ive even gotten someone to check on this matter, this is definitely done by someone over here. Also, I have nothing to do with the confidential documents, you should investigate that matter properly."

Seeing that Ye Qing was still not talking, Lous cupped his face and pressed a kiss on his lips forcefully. "Say, what are you angry about?"

"I saw Ye Yanfeng."

Lous froze for a second, before he burst out in laughter. "Ah, so youre jealous." He pressed Ye Qing against the sofa, his fingers moving to undo his suit. He no longer spoke, choosing to press kisses on him from his throat and down instead.

Half an hour later, he took out a tissue and helped Ye Qing buckle his belt. He continued to press him against the sofa, kissing his lips.

Ye Qing was still panting slightly, as he hugged Lous neck and returned the kiss.

It was only when the both of them were running out of oxygen that they moved away from each other.

Lous pressed his forehead against Ye Qings. "You fool, who would I dote on if not you?"

Ye Qing said nothing.

"Dont worry. I got you to return to the Royal family and retake the power because I was thinking for the both of us. In the future, when I become the President, while you become the King, with the two of us working together invincibly, who else would dare to stop us from being together?"

Ye Qing stared at Lous, his eyebrows furrowed tightly still. "The fighter planes and stolen information really has nothing to do with you?"

"Of course they have nothing to do with me. Could this be done by Ye Sihan? After all, the three months agreement that your Queen gave him is almost up. Did he act like a retard to turn our attention away?"

Ye Qing thought about it for a while.

After he calmed down and his rationality returned, he felt that what Lous said made sense as well.

"There is that possibility."

Lous laughed coldly. "If he was acting like a retard, then well think of a way to make him a real retard!"

"You want to do something against him?"

"Leaving him around would only affect our great ambitions! After we planned this for so many years, we cannot let him ruin our plans!"

The Queen received a call from Yi Fan, who said that Ye Qing suddenly fainted at home.

Although what happened this time made her slightly angry with Ye Qing, she still believed that he was innocent.

The Queen arrived at the Crown Princes quarters and saw a tall figure sitting in the living room. She immediately recognized that it was Ye Sihan and not Ye Qing.

Apart from Ye Sihan, Ye Fengjun and Ye Yanfeng were sitting on the sofa as well.

For these three people to be able to sit together was a miracle.

The Queen knew very well how bad their relationship was before this.

Seeing that the Queen had arrived, Mu Sihan and Ye Yanfeng stood up in unison. Ye Fengjun could not get up, so he greeted politely, "Your Majesty."

The Queen sat down, staring at the three before her eyes landed on Mu Sihan.

She heard that his mental illness was not only untreated, that he could not take the blow and that his mental age had regressed to that of a six year old child.

But seeing him now, he did not look like his mental age was that of a child.

The Queen banged her walking stick on the floor twice, speaking authoritatively, "Whats going on? Wheres Ah Qing?"

Ye Yanfeng pressed a button on the laptop placed on the coffee table. "Your Majesty, please listen to this and youll know what Third Brother is doing."

The laptop immediately played Ye Qing and Lous conversation.

Including the scandalous sounds from their intimate actions.

The more the Queen heard, the darker her expression got.

"What kind of nonsense is this? The person inside is Ah Qing?" The Queen could not believe that her most beloved grandson was intimately involved with Lous, and the two of them were even planning to take Mu Sihans position as the Crown Prince and become the most prestigious King in S Country.

It was basically high treason!

When Ye Qing returned to Crown Palace, it was nearly midnight.

Lous had agreed to help him investigate the spy that had stolen the confidential information. With Lous capability, he should be able to get a result very quickly.

He needed to get the information out before the three months the Queen gave Ye Sihan was up.

When he arrived at the door of his quarters, seeing that the lights in the living room were turned on, Ye Qing changed his shoes and walked in with large strides.

When he entered and saw the people sitting in the living room, Ye Qings expression immediately changed.

Not only was the Queen here, but Ye Sihan was here as well?

Ye Qing furrowed his eyebrows, his heart skipping a beat unconsciously.

However, he calmed down very quickly as he walked towards the Queen like nothing had happened. He held onto her arm intimately. "Grandma, its so late, why are you here?"

Ye Yanfeng and Mu Sihan stared at Ye Qing expressionlessly. Ye Qing was probably the only one that dared to be so close to the Queen.

They were all her grandsons, but their treatment was drastically different.

Not only did they not dare to get close to her, they had never been allowed to call her Grandma ever since they were born.

This was a special exception that only Ye Qing had!

Mu Sihan and Ye Yanfeng were already used to seeing this, their numb hearts not feeling any discomfort.

The Queen stood up, staring at Ye Qing with sharp eyes. "Do you not know what you did? Ah Qing, with you having disappeared without any news for so many years, I thought that you had suffered a lot, but I didnt expect you to Youve really disappointed me!

"From now on, Sihan will be reinstated to his position. As for you, you will continue to be a Third Prince only in name! You are forbidden from leaving the palace!"




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