Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 813

Chapter 813 Crushing Defeat

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The Queens words not only surprised Ye Qing.

It also made Mu Sihan and Ye Yanfeng stunned.

Ye Qings crime was equal to being a traitor to the country, but the Queen merely cut off his power in the office and detained him in the Royal family.

If either one of them had committed such a serious crime, they would have been executed straight away.

It seemed like Ye Qing had more weight in the Queens heart than they had imagined.

The Queen looked angrily at Ye Qing and without saying anything, left with her cane in hand.

Ye Qing felt a buzz in his head and his mind turned blank.

He was moments away from replacing Mu Sihan, why did he lose everything in the blink of an eye?

No, he couldnt t lose everything! They had worked so hard to get this far!

What was the point of living when he had become a powerless prince, confined in the Royal family and if he could never see Lous again?

Ye Qing chased after the Queen. "Grandma, I can explain. Its not what you think." Ye Qing held the Queens hand in a hurry, tears in his eyes. "Grandma, they set me up. Please give me another chance"

The Queen shook Ye Qings hand off and looked into Ye Qings eyes, saying coldly. "These three months, you have supported the businesses of the neighboring country, reduced their taxes, and sold the high-speed railway technology produced by our country at a low price to them, harming the interests of many countries and the Royal family. Ah Qing, all of this is enough to get you shot, but Grandma spared you this time seeing that youve saved Grandma before!"

Ye Qing looked at the Queen as she left, his face ashen.

After the Queens car left, Ye Qing returned to the living room. As he looked at the three people on the sofa, he had an incredulous look in his eyes.

He had never expected that they would unite together to deal with him!

Ye Qings gaze first landed on Ye Fengjun. "Father, you doted on me the most since I was young. I just want to know why you would do something like this?"

He understood in an instant. Although Father was no longer the Crown Prince, he had been hacking his way into the Royal family for many years and would of course have some power in his hands.

Didnt he have an extraordinary relationship with the commanders of the army?

Then the fighter plane problems, D65 military secrets being stolen were all fake!

And Ye Yanfeng!

Did he deliberately act intimate with Lous to let him see it? So that he would lose his head in front of Lous?

Ye Qings gaze finally fell on Mu Sihan.

He let out a cold bark of laughter. "You acted retarded on purpose?"

Mu Sihan stood up from the sofa and came up to Ye Qing. They were similar in height, their eyes deep-set, but Mu Sihans were more sharp and cold. "If I didnt, how could I possibly make you get cocky and give yourself away?"

A trace of coldness flashed past Ye Qings dark eyes. "You even lied to Nan Zhi?"

Mu Sihan pursed his thin lips, not acknowledging or denying it.

But Ye Qing knew that he had lied to Nan Zhi too.

If Nan Zhi knew, she would not be so worried. She was not an actress, no matter how well she acted, she might still have let the cat out of the bag.

But if he lied to Nan Zhi, the effect would be very different. Nan Zhi loved him so much and seeing him become retarded, of course she would be worried.

He had secretly monitored Nan Zhi and taken several pictures of Nan Zhi secretly wiping her tears away when she thought no one was looking.

Ye Qing closed his eyes and opened them again, looking at Mu Sihan with red eyes full of hate. "Those things Grandma said just now, only the people around me know. Some reforms are only proposals and are not yet implemented, so Grandma cant know about it. But she knew, so it means that there is a spy around me."

Ye Qing smiled coldly, and suddenly stepped back. "Yi Fan? So he did not betray you at all, but stayed with me, being a spy!"

But thinking about it, it was not right. Yi Fan volunteered to give the report of Mu Sihan having mental illness to him, and even agreed to his request of tampering with Mu Sihans car to cause an accident.

Mu Sihan said with a cold and expressionless face as if he could see through the doubts in Ye Qings heart. "Are you thinking that I would not get well so soon after dealing me with that heavy blow? And that I could not have come up with a counterattack to deal with the brother who used to be the closest and most trusted person to me. Is that right?"

Ye Qing said nothing.

What Ye Qing had said in the office to Mu Sihan that time, really hit him hard.

Back then, it had made him have serious hallucinations and even raised the thought of killing himself.

But his woman did not abandon him. Not only that, Ye Fengjun, who he had always been at odds with, also did not abandon him, and Yanfeng, who he could not stand, also encouraged him in secret, as well as his brothers and son!

He was not alone.

When he had fallen into the abyss, there were still people willing to give him a hand.

Of course, the one he was most grateful to, was his woman. His Kitten. Throughout it all, Nan Zhi remained kind, strong and brave.

Going to Hong Kong alone, it was only because of her that he had found the best psychiatrist in the world.

Elder Dong had already heard from Amy about his situation before Nan Zhi went over, so he knew very well in his heart when she went to look for him.

Although he had shut the door in her face, he had found someone to take pictures of her waiting outside every day.

What Mu Sihan was most moved by, was when she went to the mountains to look for Elder Dongs ring.

Even when she had fallen so many times in the thorny forest, she did not cry out in pain or complain at all. She bent over, holding the detector, looking for the ring that could never be found.

Even when she knew there was no hope, she persisted.

For him.

Elder Dong was indeed the best psychiatrist. He had sent the video to Amy and Amy had shown it to him.

Seeing such an image, his chest was filled with numerous unspeakable emotions.

He was in a fog, but that image brought him out of it.

He was a man and looking at his woman work hard for his illness How could he remain depressed and pathetic?

So, he set up a trap for Ye Qing to fall into.

In actual fact, Yi Fan had never betrayed him. He was the one who provided the information about his condition to Yi Fan. He also agreed to have his car being tampered with.

In that instant, Ye Qing finally understood that from the beginning, everything was all carefully planned out by Mu Sihan.

His shrewdness was really frightening.

This time, he pulled him down and found out the person behind him, Lous. And also completely eliminated the officials who were disloyal to him in the Royal family.

In the future, no one would be able to touch his position in the Royal family.

Thrown into this situation, Ye Qing was panicked, but he was unwilling to admit that Mu Sihan had defeated him. He smiled coldly, looking at him with cold eyes. "Even though you have bought over Father, even if the Fifth Prince helped you, can you buy over the people of your country? Everyone knows you have a mental illness, no one will agree for you to become King!"

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