Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 814

Chapter 814 Longing Surging Like A Tide

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Although he was mentally prepared, Mu Sihan was still hurt when he heard Ye Qings words.

The past three months, Elder Dong had been counselling him, making him feel the care and warmth of his friends and family.

It was only through that counselling that he was able to walk out of the shock and pain Ye Qing had brought to him.

But Ye Qing was after all, his brother, and the feelings were not something that could completely removed at one go.

But his condition was better now. At least, he would not be provoked by Ye Qings words anymore.

Mu Sihan adjusted his mood slightly and looked at Ye Qing. "The doctors signature on the medical records I gave Yi Fan were forged. Didnt you check them before you sent them out to the media?"

Ye Qings eyebrows shot up and the hands hanging by his sides clenched into fists.

"Brother, I never expected us brothers to come to this point today. You really disappoint me."

Ye Qing laughed coldly.

"I thought I had won, but it seems like it was all a joke! Ye Sihan, youre really formidable, Ive thought too little of you!"

Mu Sihan clapped and a guard came in immediately.

"Take the Third Prince to Youming Palace!"

Youming Palace was the palace used to confine the nobles who had lost their power. There were no lights and no signals. Many people had died there, and it had an eerie feeling no matter whether it was day or night.

Going there would be like concubines being banished to the cold palace in ancient times, never to see daylight again!

Ye Qings expression changed. "Ye Sihan, Ill never admit defeat!"

Mu Sihan waved his hand dismissively and turned his face away, no longer looking at Ye Qing.

After leaving Yinghua Island, Xiaojie returned to the training camp, while Nan Zhi rushed to the resort.

It was only two to three days of not seeing Mu Sihan, but she felt like a century had passed.

Longing flooded like a tidal wave into her heart.

After she returned to the island yesterday, she called him but no one had answered.

She called Elder Dong, who said that everything was fine. Was he angry because she had not called him the past two days?

After his mentality had turned to a child, he was still as domineering and easily jealous as before.

When she thought of the time they spent together the past three months, Nan Zhis heart was bitter yet sweet.

This was probably the most peaceful and happy period they had spent together since they met and fell in love!

When she reached the resort, Nan Zhi rushed into the villa eagerly. The door of the villa was closed and Nan Zhi entered the password to open it.

After going in, she saw that there was no one in the living room or back garden.

Where was he?

Nan Zhi ran upstairs quickly.

Turning around the bedroom, she did not see Mu Sihan and Elder Dong.

Where did they go?

Nan Zhi took out her phone and called Elder Dong.

After ringing for a while, Elder Dong answered. "Xiaozhi."

"Teacher Dong, where are you? Im back but I cant see any of you."

"Im having a stroll on the beach."

Nan Zhi thought that Mu Sihan was also having a stroll on the beach and said, "Ill be right over."

After ending the call, Nan Zhi ran towards the beach. Not long after, she saw Elder Dong who was strolling on the beach.

Nan Zhi ran over and smiled. "Teacher Dong."

Elder Dong looked at Nan Zhi, who he had not seen for three days and looked to have lost some weight. "Why did you get thinner when you went to attend your uncles wedding?What happened at the wedding?"

The man was indeed a psychologist. He could even discern that something happened during the wedding.

Nan Zhi did not tell Elder Dong about how she was kidnapped and she smiled, shaking her head. "Im on a diet."

"Still telling me lies? Your body will be blown away by the sea breeze if you continue to lose weight."

Nan Zhis smile deepened, her dimples were showing and pleasant to look at.

Elder Dong patted Nan Zhis shoulder. "Youre young but youre attentive. In order not to let people worry, you always bear a lot in silence."

Embarrassed by Elder Dongs words, Nan Zhi touched her nose gingerly and said softly, "Im not as good as Teacher Dong says I am."

"You are. Dont be modest." Elder Dong smiled as he looked at Nan Zhis smile. "If not, how would you capture the heart of the future king of Country S?"

Nan Zhis face was slightly red. "Teacher Dong, youre laughing at me." Then, she seemed to have thought of something and looked behind Elder Dong. When Nan Zhi saw that Mu Sihan was not there, she asked, slightly worried, "Teacher Dong, where did Mu Sihan go?"

The resort was not open to the public yet but there were also some powerful nobles staying there. It would be troublesome if he meet someone like Pei Xuan again.

Elder Dong was about to answer Nan Zhi when Nan Zhis phone suddenly rang.

It was Qiao Yanze.

"Zhizhi, I just heard the news that the Crown Prince was locked up in Youming Palace?"


"Being locked up in Youming Palace is even worse than being thrown into prison. After the end of the sentence, one can still be released from the prison, but once you enter Youming Palace, you will never lift your head again!"

Nan Zhis phone fell into the sand. Her body swayed unsteadily and the blood drained from her face.

Elder Dong did not know what Nan Zhi had heard. "Xiaozhi, what happened?"

Nan Zhi covered her pale face with her hands. She opened her mouth, wanting to say something but her throat was dry.

Her mind was blank and she even forgot to ask Elder Dong what had happened to Mu Sihan. She turned and ran to the entrance of the resort without picking up the phone.

Elder Dong picked up the phone Nan Zhi had dropped and it showed that it was still on the line.

"Hello? Zhizhi, dont worry, Uncle will go to the palace to see whats going on. Hmm? Zhizhi, are you there?"

"She ran away in a hurry."

Qiao Yanze, who was on the other end of the line, was stunned for a few seconds before saying, "Teacher Dong, go and stop Zhizhi. I shouldnt have called and told her!"

"Its okay, she will see him later."

"Teacher Dong, what do you mean? I heard that the Crown Prince was locked up!"

"Youre talking about the substitute Crown Prince, right?"

"F*ck, whats going on?"

"Young man, dont swear."

Nan Zhi ran to the entrance of the resort and she slapped her head as if she had suddenly thought of something.

Why did she forget to drive when she was in a hurry?

How long was she going to take to find him by running?

Nan Zhi turned, planning to go to the villas garage when suddenly, the honking of a car caught her attention.

A row of luxurious black bulletproof cars were driving over slowly. Nan Zhi was stunned when she saw the license plate of the car.

It was the Crown Princes license plate number.

After Ye Qing became the substitute Crown Prince, not only did he occupy his office, palace, but also his personal car.

Now that he had thrown Mu Sihan into Youming Palace, he was here to lock her up too?

Nan Zhis hands clenched into fists and her body moved back.

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