Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 815

Chapter 815 He Had Been Lying To Her All This Time

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Nan Zhi looked at the majestic entourage of cars and she kept moving backwards.

Was Ye Qing here?

Was he here now to deal with her after putting Mu Sihan in Youming Palace?

Her retreating body suddenly staggered and she fell onto the ground.

Before Nan Zhi could get up, the car door was suddenly opened.

Yi Fan got out of the car.

The instant Nan Zhi saw Yi Fan, she was almost sure that the person inside the car was Ye Qing. After all, Yi Fan had betrayed Mu Sihan and was now on Ye Qings side.

With furrowed brows, Nan Zhi stood up from the ground. She no longer retreated and looked at Yi Fan with a cold and sharp gaze, like he was the enemy.

Yi Fan shivered when he saw Nan Zhi looking at him with a gaze that looked like she wished he was dead.

For the first time, he cooperated with Young Master and acted the traitor, but now he had become a sinner in the eyes of the world!

Yi Fan sighed silently and went to open the car door.

A pair of shiny black leather shoes entered Nan Zhis vision. Followed by the mans long and strong legs.

Nan Zhis hands clenched into fists, her fingernails digging into her palms.

If Ye Qing were to take her away, she would not be able to escape even if she wanted to now!

Now that he was so powerful that Mu Sihan was locked in Youming Palace by him, what could she do with him?

Very soon, the tall man got out of the car.

He was wearing a dark colored suit, clean white shirt with a tie that was clipped with a diamond tie clip, He was well-dressed, handsome and aloof.

After he came out, the golden rays of sunshine fell from his head and his short black hair, carved-like face, deep-set eyes, tall nose, scarlet lips and jaw seemed fierce and sexy, with an air of dominance and coldness.

Nan Zhi blinked.

Was she seeing things?

Although Mu Sihan and Ye Qing were twins and looked very similar, as Mu Sihans lover, Nan Zhi naturally would be able to distinguish the difference between them.

Mu Sihan looked to be more exquisite than Ye Qing, and his gaze and outlines of his face were colder.

But Mu Sihans mentality was five to six years old now and his expressions and actions were usually like that of a child, so he could not have such a strong aura.

And Yi Fan, who betrayed Mu Sihan.

Nan Zhis mind was in a state of confusion.

"Young Master, Miss Nan is ahead."

Hearing Yi Fan calling him Young Master, Nan Zhis body stiffened, then her confused mind became clear in an instant.

The person who got out of the car was definitely not Ye Qing.

It was the Mu Sihan she was familiar with.

Perhaps feeling her questioning gaze, the man lifted his deep dark eyes and looked towards her.

That pair of dark eyes were like a vast sea, making people drown in them with one glance.

Nan Zhis heart shook.

That was right.

It really was Mu Sihan.

He was no longer behaving like a child when she left and had returned to normal.

Yi Fan was by his side him, did that mean

Nan Zhi seemed to have understood something and there was a complicated expression in her gaze as she looked at him.

There was pain, disappointment, anger and a sense of being played by him!

Not saying a word, Nan Zhi turned and ran back towards the villa.

Mu Sihan looked at Nan Zhi running away from him like he was a ferocious beast and he frowned.

He was done for!

She was really angry!

Nan Zhi cried as she ran.

She did not know whether it was happiness for him or the misery of being deceived by him.

It was three months, not one or two days. She was worried about him almost every day.

Looking at him behave like a child, she was considerate to him, satisfying him with what he wanted to do.

Sometimes he made unreasonable demands and she disagree at first, but her heart would soften when he was sad.

Over these three months, she had no principles in front of him. She did her best to care and satisfy him, but in the end, it was all an elaborate scam.

Although she understood the reason he acted the way he did, why did he have to lie to her?

She was on tenterhooks everyday, and could not sleep at night. Was she so foolish in his eyes?

Even though she had always thought she was smart, she had known nothing when he acted in front of her for three months! Nothing!

The more she thought about it, the angrier Nan Zhi got, and the more she wanted to ignore him.

By the time she reached the entrance of the villa, she saw Elder Dong who was back from his walk. When Elder Dong saw Nan Zhi in a hurry and her red eyes, he guessed that she might have seen Mu Sihan.

"Xiaozhi, it was my idea for Sihan not to tell you."

Nan Zhis lips trembled. "Teacher Dong, you lied to me too!"

Without waiting for Elder Dong to say anything, Nan Zhi ran upstairs quickly. Standing downstairs, Elder Dong could hear the sound of the door being slammed.

It was not long before Mu Sihan came in a hurry.

Elder Dong pointed upstairs. "Shes very angry, but its all right. When she calms down, you can explain and coax her."

Mu Sihans face was tensed. "Whats the consequence if I go up now?"

"She will be angrier."

Mu Sihan was speechless.

Nan Zhi ran back to her room, flopped onto the bed, her hands clenched into fists and pounded hard on the pillow, imagining that the pillow was Mu Sihan.

Damn bastard!

He must be secretly laughing in his heart, seeing her worried and afraid, coaxing him like a child every day! She regarded him as a child, but she must be the brainless one in his eyes!

If he was not locked up in Youming Palace, then it must be Ye Qing.

The past three months, he must have been planning to deal with Ye Qing. He could not have done it alone.

That meant that besides Elder Dong and Yi Fan, there were others who knew that he was acting.

She was the only clueless one among the people closest to him.

Even pounding the feathers out of the pillow was not enough for Nan Zhi to vent out the anger after being deceived. She took out her suitcase from under the bed, opened the closet and took out her clothes, stuffing them in one by one.

After packing her clothes, she took her toiletries. Minutes later, she tugged on the suitcase, pulled open the bedroom door and went downstairs.

Mu Sihan stood in front of the french windows of the living room, smoking.

Hearing noises, he looked towards the stairs.

When he saw Nan Zhi carrying her suitcase looking like she wanted to leave, he frowned.

Walking forward with heavy steps, his tall body blocked her. "Ye Qing had been sending people to monitor you and me and if there were any mistakes, it would not allow him to let his guard down completely. Elder Dong said that if you knew, and even if you acted well, your performance would not be as real as not knowing. Zhizhi, its my fault. There wont be a next time."

Nan Zhi glared at him and spat out, "You acted really well. If youre not the Crown Prince and entered the entertainment industry, you might even win the Best Actor award!

"Im of course happy that youre back to normal, but Im angry that you lied even to me! Do you know how much I suffered these past three months? You still took advantage of me every day and looked so pitiful when you couldnt. You know I love you, but you used my feelings to try and persuade me! Youre a jerk!"

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