Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 816

Chapter 816 Drunk Woman

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If he had just been acting silly, she would not have been so infuriated! But no, he had pretended to be foolish and cheated her into bed more often than not!

This made her feel even more foolish than him!

At that time, he must have thought in his heart, why was this woman so easy to deceive?

No matter how calm and clever a woman was normally, in front of her lover, she was just a delicate woman.

The more she cared about him, the more she was angered by his lies!

"Im leaving. Dont stop me, or else I dont know what I would do"

Mu Sihan looked at the woman whose eyes were red and looked like she would bite him if he stopped her and pursed his lips. "If youre upset, hit me."

"My hand will hurt if I hit you." Nan Zhi glared at him, her expression dark. "Im going to ignore you for the time being."

It was worse than beating him.

Not looking at him anymore, Nan Zhi carried her suitcase, took her phone back from Elder Dong and left hurriedly.

Mu Sihan chased after her but stopped when he thought of Elder Dongs words. She was in a bad mood now, if he chased after her, it would only make her unable to calm down.

This matter made her angry and hurt, but he did not regret it.

He was her lover, and also the Crown Prince. He must weigh things carefully and he could not afford to make a single mistake.

Once she calmed down, he believed that she would understand him.

People in anger would naturally dwell on something and go down a dead end.

Nan Zhi moved back home from the resort.

Although she was angry, she did not tell the Qiao family about Mu Sihan acting silly.

For three months, she was worried and afraid everyday, not eating and sleeping well. This time when she returned to the Qiao family, the big stone in her heart was gone and after snuggling into the warm and soft bed, she fell into a comfortable sleep.

When she woke up it was already three in the afternoon. She took her phone, which she had turned off, from the bedside table.

After she switched it on, a message popped up.

"Zhizhi, Ive asked my CEO for leave, so Im going to take my annual leave! Ill probably reach the Capital International Airport at 5pm!"

Nan Zhi immediately called Xia Yanran.

It was turned off.

Nan Zhi patted her head that was muddled with sleep. Yanran must be on the plane right now. Of course her phone would be turned off.

Seeing that there was not much time before Yanrans arrival to the airport, Nan Zhi immediately got up to change and wash up.

Yan Hua also received the message that Xia Yanran was coming and she drove to pick up Nan Zhi, then they both went to the airport to pick up Xia Yanran.

Not long after they arrived at the airport, they spotted Xia Yanran coming out.

The three women hugged one another with matching grins.

"Yanran, stay with me at the castle these few days!" Nan Zhi said.

"No, stay in my apartment!" Yan Hua said.

Xia Yanran looked at Nan Zhi, then at Yan Hua, a happy and bright smile on her lips. "Dont argue. I already booked a hotel room before I came."

Xia Yanran insisted to stay at the hotel and Nan Zhi and Yan Hua could not force her.

They drove to the hotel to let Xia Yanran put her luggage away before taking her to a seafood buffet.

After eating, Xia Yanran proposed to go to KTV to sing their hearts out. They had not met for a long time so activities at night were essential.

In the luxurious KTV room.

Wine was a poison.

And the three women understood this.

It was rare for Xia Yanran to come here for a vacation so they ordered a dozen glasses of beer.

Nan Zhi and Xia Yanran drank a few glasses and when they saw that Yan Hua also wanted to drink, they quickly stopped her.

"Huahua, youre not well. You cant drink." Nan Zhi poured a glass of juice for Yan Hua. "If Bo Yan knew that you drank alcohol, he would never let us off!"

Yan Hua was amused by Nan Zhis tone. "Hes not that scary!"

"Hes like a wife slave. If there was nothing going on in the force, I think he would stick around you for twenty-four hours."

Yan Hua laughed. "Okay, Ill watch the two of you drink."

"We want to listen to the popular singer sing while we drink." Xia Yanran raised her glass.

Nan Zhi touched her glass with hers. "Agreed."

Yan Hua had a helpless expression. "Ill give in to you two."

Yan Hua picked several songs and sang while sitting beside Xia Yanran and Nan Zhi.

The atmosphere in the room was very good.

When Nan Zhi and Xia Yanran drank a little too much, the door was pushed open. A man in his thirties, who looked a little feminine when smiling, stood by the door and when he saw the three women on the sofa, he smiled so much his eyes became slits. "Ladies, do you need any assistance in drinking and singing?"

The man spoke so intimately that they understood immediately that assistance meant toy boys.

Xia Yanran whistled. "What kind?"

The smile in the mans eyes deepened. "We have a few newcomers recently, fresh and tender. They are even better looking than the popular stars!"

"Haha, why dont they go be stars when theyre better looking than popular stars? You must be lying. Go, go, go. Dont disturb us when were having fun!"

After the man was chased away by Xia Yanran, the room became lively again.

Xia Yanran and Nan Zhi drank a lot and there were no outsiders in the room so they began to dance together.

Yan Hua was now singing a ballad.

After a slow dance, a fast-paced song sounded.

Nan Zhi and Xia Yanran pulled Yan Hua and they danced together.

Nan Zhi was in a bad mood and she drank beer and sweated it out. She leaned on the low table and muttered, "Men are pigs, they only know how to take advantage of women."

Perhaps she was really drunk, Nan Zhi suddenly looked up and towards Xia Yanran and Yan Hua. "Ill imitate how Mu Sihan looks in bed, ha!"

Yan Hua and Xia Yanran laughed. "Do it! After youre done Ill imitate Xiao Yi and Huahua imitate Bo Yan."

Although the matter with Ye Qing had come to an end for the time being, he had done a lot of damage to the interests of the Royal family and the country over the past three months.

All these things needed to be solved by Mu Sihan.

After Nan Zhi left the resort, he also returned to the office.

When he received Ye Yanfengs call, he had just finished a video conference. Rubbing his eyes, he said in a deep and hoarse voice, "What do you want?"

Ye Yanfeng was a person who was both good and bad, and never did the right thing at the right time. Mu Sihan would not have a good impression of Ye Yanfeng and think that he was a trustworthy person, just because he stood on the same line with him regarding the matter with Ye Qing.

Even brothers could kill each other, not to mention the ambitious Ye Yanfeng.

Ye Yanfengs voice sounded from the other end of the phone. "Your woman is going to make me die of laughter. So youre like that in bed, unchanging eh? Your woman is starting to find you unpleasant!"

Mu Sihan furrowed his eyebrows, his handsome and deep outline tensed. "What do you mean?"

"What do I mean? Just come over and see for yourself."

Without waiting for Mu Sihan to say anything, Ye Yanfeng hung up.

Soon after, Mu Sihan received the location from Ye Yanfeng.

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