Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 817

Chapter 817 Little Xingxing Was Not His Child

Mu Sihans eyes darkened when he saw that the location was a slightly famous KTV in the Capital.

Turning off his computer, Mu Sihan picked up his coat and car keys and left the office. When Yi Fan saw Mu Sihan coming out, he asked, "Young Master, do you want to go back?"

Mu Sihan handed Yi Fan the car keys and told him the name of the KTV. "Take me there."

When Yi Fan heard the name of the KTV, he was slightly stunned.

Seeing Yi Fans reaction, Mu Sihan raised his eyebrows. "Why? Is there a problem?"

"N-No, its just that the KTV is slightly well-known for its young hunks. Young Master, youre going there for"

Well-known for its young hunks?

Mu Sihans dark impression immediately turned cold.

He let her calm down, not to let her find young hunks!

"Nan Zhi is there."

Yi Fans mouth twitched.

Curse his big mouth. Why did he tell Young Master that KTV was well-known for its young hunks?

Half an hour later, Mu Sihan arrived at the KTV.

Ye Yanfeng had already sent someone to wait at the door. Seeing Mu Sihan coming, that person bowed respectfully and took him to the surveillance control room of the KTV.

In the room, Ye Yanfeng sat on a small sofa with his long legs crossed elegantly, a cigarette between his lips as sat there looking both lazy and charming.

Mu Sihans expression was very cold. "What are you doing here?"

"Having fun with a buddy."

Why was he hiding in the surveillance room peeping at the surveillance footage when he was here to have fun with his buddy?

Mu Sihan stood in front of the surveillance footage and asked the staff to change it to the footage of Nan Zhis room.

Seeing that the three women did not call young hunks over, his expression looked slightly better.

Ye Yanfeng lazily interrupted, "Play back to the part where they were dancing."

The staff played back the footage.

Nan Zhi climbed onto the long table and seemed to have drunk too much, her expression looking slightly drunk. "Next, Ill perform Mu Sihan in bed"

Mu Sihans expression darkened.

"Hahahaha, so the Crown Prince only know one movement in bed? No wonder your woman looks so disgusted."

Mu Sihans eyes were menacing, and he spat out, "Scram!"

After Nan Zhi had finished her imitation, Xia Yanran did it, followed by Yan Hua. The three women were enjoying themselves when the door to the room was pushed open.

Nan Zhi leaned against the sofa and saw a tall man appearing at the door in the dim lights. She thought it was the manager who came again to promote young hunks and she waved her hand. "Do you have a tall, cold-looking handsome young hunk? And must be a hunk of very few words and looks very cold."

Mu Sihans eyebrows twitched.

Damn woman, how dare she find young hunks!

Mu Sihan stalked into the room with a dark expression.

Xia Yanran saw Mu Sihan and she clapped her hands. "Zhizhi, look. The young hunk youre looking for is here."

"He really came according to your request!"

Nan Zhi looked drunkenly towards the man approaching and she found him familiar but her mind was muddled she could not remember who he was.

She could only follow Xia Yanran and laughed. "Its exactly what Ive asked for, but isnt the young hunk a little old?"

Mu Sihans hands clenched into fists and his knuckles cracked.

"If hes older it means that he has experience. Not like your Mu Sihan, always repeating the same gesture!"

"Hahahaha, thats right"

Xia Yanran and Nan Zhi these two women seemed to be beyond drunk.

Yan Hua had only drank juice so she was sober, but the lights in the room were too dim and she never would have imagined that Mu Sihan would appear here. At first, she thought it was a young hunk who looked similar to Mu Sihan.

Yan Hua only saw his face clearly when he was approaching the sofa.

Oh my god!

It was not some young hunk, but Mu Sihan in the flesh!

Yan Hua reacted and ran to Nan Zhi. "Zhizhi, sober up. Its not a young hunk but Young Master Mu!"

"What Young Master Mu?" Nan Zhi smiled. "Oh, the young hunkss name is Young Master Mu!"

Yan Hua saw the storm in Mu Sihans dark eyes and she leaned towards her ear, saying, "Its the Crown Prince, I dont know why hes here, but his gaze looks like he wants to kill somebody. He looks so scary."

Nan Zhi hugged Yan Huas neck and shook her head with a smile. "Huahua, were not afraid. What does it matter to me whether he kills me or not? Im going to dump him and look for a young hunk and kick him away."

Yan Hua gave Nan Zhi a big thumbs up in her heart.

Zhizhi sure was domineering! She was probably the only person who dared to be so presumptuous in front of the Crown Prince!

"Yan Hua, move aside." His icy cold voice sounded, enough to make people shudder.

Yan Hua spread out her arms to protect Nan Zhi, but the next second, she saw Mu Sihan taking out his phone and calling a number. "Bo Yan, your woman is looking for young hunks."

Yan Hua was dumbstruck.

W-When was she looking for young hunks?

Mu Sihan went to the other side of Nan Zhi, his large palms pressing on her shoulders, turning her body around.

"Nan Zhi, look at me."

Nan Zhi looked at the man who looked a little like Mu Sihan. She burped and waved away Mu Sihans hands on her shoulders. "Why are you not listening to me, old hunk? Who asked you touch me? Go, ask the manager to bring someone else here."

Yan Huas cold sweat was already flowing down.

Xia Yanran, who was standing on the table twisting around, said, "I want one too! I want one too!"

Under the dim lights, Mu Sihans exquisite and handsome face was cold and his cold eyes were staring fixedly at the drunk Nan Zhi.

If he did not come, wouldnt she really have called some young hunk over?

And, why did he suddenly become an old hunk?

He was at the prime age of a man. How could those young hunks compare to him in terms of appearance, figure, physical strength or wealth?

Not wanting to listen to her drunken talk, Mu Sihan reached out his arms and carried her in his arms.

But he had just stood up when he was stepped on by the heel of her high heels.

He frowned and had no choice but to let go of her.

Nan Zhis body fell back onto the sofa and she glared at Mu Sihan with disgust. "You old hunk, how can you carry people so casually? I dont want you anymore, get out, get out!"

Mu Sihan did not want to speak with Nan Zhi anymore, but if he left her here, who knew what she would do in her drunken state!

Pursing his lips, he pulled Nan Zhi up from the sofa, but rather than carrying her this time, he hoisted her onto his shoulder directly.

As soon as Nan Zhi moved, he slapped her on the buttocks.

"Yanran, Huahua, save me quickly! Someone is assaulting me!"

The mans cold voice interrupted, "Dont look for Yan Hua to save you, she cant even fend for herself."

Yan Hua, ""

Coming out of the room, Mu Sihan looked at Ye Yanfeng, who was standing in the corridor playing with lighter, a faint smile on his lips.

Walking over, he said something that made Ye Yanfeng reel back in shock.




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