Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 818

Chapter 818 A Ring Slipped Into Her Slender Finger

"Waner and I did not register our marriage, did not sleep in the same room. Also, Xingxing is not my son."

Mu Sihan told Ye Yanfeng these because he had stood on his side in dealing with Ye Qing. During that period, Ye Yanfeng did not hit him when he was down and stir up trouble to serve his needs.

After telling him, Mu Sihan left, leaving Ye Yanfeng standing in the corridor like he was struck by lightning.

His mind was blank.

The lighter in his hand also fell to the ground.

What did he say just now?

Nan Zhi was hoisted roughly onto Mu Sihans shoulder and her stomach was pressed, making her feel uncomfortable.

She pounded on the mans shoulder. "It hurts and it feels uncomfortable being carried like this"

As soon as her voice fell, the man put her down.

She stood unsteadily on the steps of the KTV entrance and she quickly grabbed the mans collar as she was about to fall backward.

Looking at the man close to her, the black eyebrows, tall nose and sexy lips was familiar to her.

She was dizzy and was afraid of mistaking him for another person. She closed and opened her eyes a few times and finally confirmed that this person in front of her was that man who had made her angry to start with.

Gathering courage from the alcohol she drank, she opened her mouth and bit his neck.

The mans body stiffened.

But she continued to bite him hard and he frowned, feeling pain but did not stop her.

"The two of you over there, if you want to get intimate, theres a hotel opposite. Isnt it too unsightly to do this in public?"

A languid voice sounded from behind and Nan Zhi felt that the voice was familiar. She released Mu Sihan and turned around to look at the person behind.

The man was tall and slender, wearing a black leather jacket, his hair was short that it stood in spikes. He had both hands in his pants pockets, looking intimidating.

But he had an extraordinarily handsome face, his skin was so good that even a woman would get jealous.

Nan Zhi narrowed her eyes. She felt that this face was inexplicably familiar.

Xiao Yi recognized Mu Sihan and Nan Zhi at one glance. They had an outstanding appearance and would attract peoples attention wherever they stood.

When Mu Sihan saw Nan Zhi staring at Xiao Yi, his expression turned dark. With a stretch of his long arms, he hoisted her back onto his shoulder.

When he went past the handsome Xiao Yi, he said coldly, "Xia Yanrans very drunk."

After Nan Zhi was stuffed into the car by Mu Sihan, she leaned over the car window and looked again.

"I remember now, hes Xiao Yi!"

When Mu Sihan heard that she remembered Xiao Yi even when she was drunk and not him, he had an impulse to kick this woman out of the car.

Yi Fan started the car and drove it to Crown Palace.

When they were arriving at Crown Palace, Nan Zhis phone rang.

Her finger slid around the screen a few times before she finally pressed the answer button.

But she pressed the speaker button and answered in a daze.

"Zhizhi, Young Master Mu did not do anything to you, right?" Yan Hua asked worriedly.

"What can he do to me? He lied to me for three months and Im so upset. I want to get even with him!" Nan Zhi leaned against the seat, saying fiercely, "The best way to take revenge is by cheating on him!"

Yi Fan almost slammed his foot on the brakes in fright.

Mu Sihans expression had turned very dark.

Yan Huas face was full of sweat. "Zhizhi, Young Master Mu is not by your side, right?"

"Even if he is, Im not afraid! Hes too old, and hes not gentle in bed. Hes always"

Mu Sihan did not expect Nan Zhi would be so talkative when drunk. She was usually a calm and cold girl. How could she be so different when she was drunk?

It was fine that she imitated his actions in bed, but she also said that he was not gentle!

Before Nan Zhi could finish, Mu Sihan took her phone and switched it off.

Nan Zhis almond-shaped eyes glared at the man whose expression was cold and she retorted unhappily, "Why did you take my phone? Was I wrong? Its true that you only have the same position of the man being on top and the woman below. Yanran said that Xiao Yi often changes his pattern"

Mu Sihans eyes darkened and his fingers pinched Nan Zhis chin, his handsome and cold face coming close to her, as his lips grazed her ear, saying in a deep voice, "Youll find out if I can change my pattern when we go back and have a try."

He suddenly approached her, his fresh scent with a faint tobacco smell filled her nose, making her heart pound uncontrollably.

The lights in the car was dim, and his dark eyes were as bright as the stars at night, but they were also cold. She swallowed and her mind sobered up a little. "D-Did I say anything just now?"

Her long and thick eyelashes fluttered, her beautiful face charming and inexplicably moving.

"Dont be angry, hm?" He bit her earlobe and said in a voice that only he and her could hear, "Ill let you be on top tonight?"

"What? Let me be on top?" She bounced back in shock and did not lower her voice, and Yi Fan who was driving in front heard everything clearly.

Yi Fan coughed awkwardly. He looked behind through the rearview mirror and happened to meet with Mu Sihans dark eyes.

"Young Master, I didnt hear anything."

The car had already entered Crown Palace and stopped. Afraid that he would hear anything more, or be affected by the tension in the car, Yi Fan bolted out of the car immediately.

Nan Zhi wanted to get out too but she felt a tightness at her waist and the man pulled her into his arms like he was carrying a child.

She fell onto his strong thighs.

Her long eyelashes fluttered and she had just lifted her eyes to look at him when he lifted her chin forcefully and domineering, his thin lips pressing against hers.

His other hand held her waist, making her unable to move.

The kisses that were with the mans special fresh scent, invaded her tastebuds and nose.

Almost subconsciously, Nan Zhi refused and resisted against him, but she was not his match. He took the opportunity to pry open her mouth, entangling her soft tongue.

Her consciousness was slightly dazed.

Although she said that he was an old hunk, he was not old at all, but at the golden age of men, exuding the charm of mature men from head to toe.

When he kissed her, his dark eyes were glistening with gentleness and her heart softened.

Her consciousness suddenly became clear.

How dare he pinch her!!!

When he was not paying attention, she bit hard on the tip of his tongue.

Their breaths came out in unnatural pants.

With their gazes were intertwined, she saw that a charming smile was slowly appearing in his lips. "Beautiful Princess, are you sober now?"

Hearing the words Beautiful Princess, all the drunkenness in Nan Zhis mind disappeared at once.

She gritted her teeth, glaring at him with red eyes.

He said nothing, took out an elaborate box from his pants pocket and opened it, taking out the ring inside and slipping it onto her slender finger in one smooth movement.

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