Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 819

Chapter 819 Wife To Be On Top In The Future

Nan Zhi looked at the ring that appeared on her finger suddenly and she subconsciously wanted to take it off.

The mans deep and cold voice interrupted her action from above her head. "You dare to take it off?"

Nan Zhi pouted and glared at him with even redder eyes. "You still dare to be fierce with me!"

Despite him blocking her, she pushed open the door and got out in a huff.

Mu Sihan looked at the womans angry figure and he had no choice but to open the car door and chase after her.

Nan Zhi did not leave but went inside the palace.

She met Butler Yi in the living room and there was some awkwardness in their eyes.

"Miss Nan, Young Master didnt mean to not tell you so dont be angry with him. Although he acted like a child on purpose without telling you, these three months were the happiest days of his life because you were by his side."

Nan Zhi lowered her eyes, looking at the ring on her finger with a faint smile on her lips. "Im not blaming him anymore, its just that if I forgive him like that, what if he pushes his luck in the future?"

"I wont." The mans deep and magnetic voice sounded from behind.

Nan Zhi turned and looked at him, but still ignored him and ran up the stairs quickly.

Mu Sihan stood on the spot, stunned.

This woman could be so pleasant to Butler Yi but to him

"Young Master, women need to be coaxed. Are you still not going up to coax her?" Yi Fan reminded him.

Mu Sihan strode towards where Nan Zhi had disappeared towards. He finally caught up with Nan Zhi at the door of the guest room.

Striding forward, he hugged her from behind.

Nan Zhis heart tightened uncontrollably.

After she sobered up, she thought of what she did at the KTV and the words she had said to Yan Hua in the car.

Oh my god. Not only had she imitated how he was in bed, she had also said all of that Did he see and hear all that?

She could not drink anymore in the future, it was really embarrassing to get drunk and act like that!

As he hugged onto her from behind, she struggled and said with her face slightly red. "Let go of me first!"

Didnt he find her smelly, with her whole body reeking of alcohol?

"You have to tell me if you have any plans in the future, okay?" He bit her ear, his warm breath entering her ear like an electric current, making her feel numb.

"Yi Fans right. These three months were the happiest time of my life." He thought that there was no woman who could stay by his side when he became retarded, and yet, she had stayed by his side, taking care of him and accompanying him with all her heart and soul!

Only this woman in front of him!

"Stop sweet talking to make me happy." Nan Zhi groused as she patted his hands that were around her waist. "You know how much I hate to be lied to. You lied to me for three months and even though its excusable, I dont intend to forgive you so quickly. You have to return all the times you took advantage of me during the past three months!"

Mu Sihan suddenly had a bad feeling.

Sure enough, her next words sent him straight to hell.

"Youre not allowed to touch me for the next three months."

Mu Sihan, ""

Making him able to see her but not touch her. This was too ruthless!

Mu Sihan turned Nan Zhi around to face him and he narrowed his eyes. "Do you mean it? Ive been keeping you fed properly for the past three months and if you dont eat for three months, can you take it?"

Nan Zhis face turned red from his obscene words and she pounded on his shoulders with her fists clenched. "Go away. I dont want to see you now."

Mu Sihan did not force her this time and turned to go downstairs. But he had taken a few steps when he suddenly bent over, pressing his hands on his head.

When Nan Zhi saw this, her heart skipped a beat.

She quickly went up to him and she asked hurriedly when she saw that he was frowning and in pain, "Whats wrong?"

"I suddenly have a headache and my heart aches too. It might be the after effects of the car accident the other time."

Nan Zhi saw that he was really in pain and she got a little anxious. "Ill ask Butler Yi to call for an ambulance"

She turned, wanting to go downstairs to call Butler Yi.

When she felt a tightening at her waist.

Before she could react, her slender body fell into a warm and firm chest.

Looking at the man holding her tightly, she immediately realized that he lied to her again!

"You just said that you wont lie to me, but you lied again!"

He took her hand and pressed it on his left chest, his dark eyes seeming to see right through her. "I didnt lie. It really hurts here if you dont want to see me."


She had only just said a word when her pink lips were pressed by his.

Her body stiffened.

His warm breath with a strong masculine scent invaded her nose and her heart jumped, but she was not infatuated. She thumped her fists at his body and he did not care, but held her even tighter.

Those kisses became deeper, domineering and forceful, making her unable to breathe properly. He only slowly released her when she was almost out of breath.

Their faces were very close, his forehead resting against hers and he looked at her with a deep and dark gaze.

Her long eyelashes fluttering, she looked at the cold and handsome man in front of her. Even if she was angry, she could not ignore him anymore.

The hands hitting him gradually turned to holding his collar tightly.

His kisses fell again.

While she was dazed by his kisses, she was carried to the bed by him.

His sexy lips were close to her and never left. His large palm reached into her shirt and caressed her soft and flat waist.

As his fingers danced around, her body felt like an electric current had went through, making her feel so numb that her toes curled up.

He used his knees to open her legs and undid his belt.

The words she said at the KTV floated into his mind and he picked her up and flipped her over, making her half kneel on the bed.

She glared at him in embarrassment. "Mu Sihan!"

"DIdnt you say I only know one position?"


After a long time, Nan Zhi felt that her waist was about to break. Picking up the pillow, she hit the man who was torturing her.

He had a thin layer of sweat on his forehead and his sideburns were soaked with sweat. He looked like a panther that was fed fully, his expression lazy and filled with satisfaction.

As he pulled the angry woman into his arms, he kissed her red lips again. "Ill go to the Qiao castle to ask for your hand in marriage. If the elders have no objections, well go and register our marriage. Then well discuss the details for the wedding with our two families after Ive finished dealing with the matters on hand. The other time I proposed to you without a ring and this time I put the ring on you without proposing. Although its not romantic, I feel more at ease seeing the ring on your finger."

Before Nan Zhi could say anything, he continued, "Ill give you a wedding that will attract the attention of the world!"

As Nan Zhi looked at the mans deep dark eyes, she lifted her hand that was wearing the ring, poking his well-defined face. "Next time, I want to be on top."

Mu Sihan was speechless.




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