Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 820

Chapter 820 Want To See The Live Version Of Porn?

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Mu Sihan grabbed Nan Zhis hand that was poking his handsome face and put it by his lips, kissing it. "Shall I grant your wish right now?"

Nan Zhi glared at him with her face burning. "No way, Im talking about three months later."

"I think youre looking to be smacked" He pressed her down again.

Nan Zhi did not push him aside and wrapped her hands around his neck, their eyes meeting and they looked at each other from deep within each others eyes.

Her eyes were shy, yet filled with affection for him.

His eyes were cold but affectionate to her.

She buried her face in his chest.

At this moment with him here, it was warm, gentle and peaceful.

This beautiful and warm atmosphere lasted for nearly a minute.

Nan Zhi pushed Mu Sihan away. "I was taken away by you, then what about Yanran and Huahua?"

"I called Bo Yan."

"Thats even worse. Bo Yan would definitely take Huahua, but Yanran is more drunk than me." Nan Zhi wanted to get up from the bed but she was pulled into Mu Sihans arms the next second.

"You dont have to worry, there will be someone to care for her."

Nan Zhi was still worried. She wore her clothes, went to Mu Sihans car to get her phone and called Xia Yanran.

The phone rang for a while before it was answered.

"Zhizhi, are you worried about me? Dont worry, I want this feeling of drunkenness. I let Bo Yan take Yan Hua back. I called a lot of young hunks and they are all handsome with good figures!"

"Hehe, you know I always wanted to start over, but I cant take the first step. Tonight I want to completely indulge myself. Dont come and look for me, let me let go of myself for a while!"

Before Nan Zhi could say anything, Xia Yanran hung up.

Xiao Yi came with Qin Peipei for a vacation.

They recently held an engagement ceremony and Qin Peipei liked the sea on this side of the Capital so she suggested to come here.

She had a gathering with her friends in the evening but Xiao Yi was not interested so he went to this KTV to look for the lackey who had been with him before.

The lackey was one of the owners of the KTV.

He heard that there were many young hunks who were handsome with good figures.

Before Xiao Yi came, he never expected Xia Yanran to be here too. They had not seen each other ever since they separated in Hong Kong.

He knew that Xia Yanran had returned to Ning City and had gone back to Hong Kong again.

Xiao Yi thought of how he had told her that they owed each other nothing and not to meet again. He suppressed the urge to see her and went to his friends office.

They chatted over tea.

During their chat, his friend talked about a female customer tonight.

"She looks young, but I didnt expect her to be quite rich. She was picky too, she was not still not satisfied with the newcomers of our shop."

"But she gave a high price so I could only use my biggest move."

Xiao Yi was not interested in gossip and said, uninterested, "You have even more handsome ones?"

His friend took out a picture from the drawer and put it in front of Xiao Yi. "Look at this."

Xiao Yis eyes swept over the picture.

He did not look closely at first but after seeing the face of the person clearly, Xiao Yis handsome face darkened."

Wasnt this Yi Fan?

After Yi Fan found out about the two of them being together, he broke off all contact with Xiao Yi.

Six months ago, he learnt that something had happened to the Yi familys business and contacted Yi Fan, but Yi Fan refused his financial help.

Xiao Yi did not expect Yi Fan would come to the KTV as a top host.

"Brother Xiao, whats wrong? Why is your face so dark?

Xiao Yi was not in the mood to drink tea anymore and a slightly menacing look appeared on his face. "Where is he?"

"Ive arranged for him to serve the woman who paid a high price."

"Room number."

The friend looked at Xiao Yis expression and asked cautiously, "Brother Xiao, is he someone you know?"

"Dont talk nonsense, which room is it?"

The friend told him the room number.

The female customer Xiao Yis friend was talking about was Xia Yanran. She waited in the room but she did not see that so-called top host coming.

Getting up, she left the room and walked towards the washroom with shaky steps.

When the manager saw Xia Yanran leaving, he stopped her hurriedly. "Miss, the top host will be here soon."

"Can I go the the washroom first?"

"Of course, of course. Theres one in the room."

"Am I not allowed to go to the public ones?"

"Youre our god, you can go anywhere you like."

Xia Yanran pushed the manager away and staggered to the washroom.

Coming out from the cubicle, Xia Yanran stood in front of the sink, turning on the tap to wash her face.

Forget it, why was she looking for a top host?

It was better to go back to the hotel and have a good sleep!

Xia Yanran lowered her eyes, drying her wet hands.

Suddenly, there was a scream in her ear.

Xia Yanran frowned and saw a woman who had just came out of the cubicle and was arranging her skirt, with her face red like she had just gotten a scare.

Xia Yanran felt that something was wrong behind her, as if someone was looking at her with a gloomy gaze.

She turned her head sharply.

Under the lights, a tall figure wearing a leather jacket was standing not far behind her with a strong aura.

A pair of eyes staring fixedly at her, like it wanted to pierce through her.

Xia Yanran looked at the man with her head tilted to the side for a while.

Why did this person look so much like Xiao Yi?

But Xiao Yi would not be here.

Was he the top host the KTV had found for her?

He was indeed good-looking, from his face to his figure. No wonder when women saw him, they would scream and blush.

Seeing the woman who had came out of the cubicle staring at him, Xiao Yi shouted coldly, "Arent you going to leave? Do you want to see a live version of porn?"

The women in the washroom ran out.

When Xia Yanran saw this, she also wanted to run out but the man strode towards her and blocked her path.

Xia Yanran looked at his dark and aggressive appearance and blinked. "Top host, are you going to do that thing in the washroom?"

Top host?

Xiao Yis mouth twitched.

"Although youre good-looking, you should have served a lot of customers, if you have AIDS wouldnt you implicate me instead?"

Xiao Yi was speechless. If he f*cking had AIDS, he would have infected her long ago!

Seeing that he was silent and only stared at her, Xia Yanran crossed her arms and rubbed them. "Why are you glaring at me?"

"Im perfectly healthy." His expression was dark and he gritted his teeth.

"Oh, oh. If youre not healthy how can you be the top host?" Xia Yanran held his arm and smiled brightly, "Lets go back and have a drink in the room."

As Xiao Yi looked at the woman who really regarded him as the top host, his eyes turned dark and he suddenly reached out his long arms, carrying her.

When he picked her up, Xia Yanran gave a shout of surprise and wrapped her arms around his neck, saying with a smile, "Waa, the top host here is bursting with masculinity!"

Gritting his teeth, Xiao Yi stopped talking and went out of the KTV with Xia Yanran in his arms.

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