Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 821

Chapter 821 Rolling Into The Bathtub Together

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When he passed through a dark corridor, Xiao Yi saw that Yi Fan was about to enter the room.

As Yi Fan was wearing a uniform and his head was slightly lowered, he did not notice Xiao Yi.

A trace of complexity flashed past his eyes.

He carried Xia Yanran and walked forward in big strides.

Perhaps sensing something, Yi Fan, who was about to push open the door, turned around.

And saw Xiao Yi carrying Xia Yanran disappearing around a corner.

He was able to recognize him as Xiao Yi just by glancing at his back.

The woman he was carrying must be Yanran!

Yi Fan had not been keeping up with news about them. There was still a lingering hatred in his heart.

If it was not for Xiao Yi, Yanran might have been engaged or married to him. He treated Xiao Yi as his brother but he snatched his woman away.

The man was not human!

Xiao Yi carried Xia Yanran to the car.

He sent a text to the KTV owner.

Although he knew that Yi Fan did not want his help, he could not bear to see Yi Fan working here and do nothing.

He invested money in the KTV to make Yi Fan one of the partners.

Xia Yanran looked at the man who had carried her to the car and she frowned. "Hey, this doesnt look like the room I was in before!"

Xiao Yi put his phone down and looked at the drunk Xia Yanran, patting her head. "Where do you live? Ill take you back."

"I live I live" Xia Yanran burped and told him the hotel and room number.

Xiao Yi drove over.

When they arrived at the hotel, Xia Yanran was already asleep.

Xiao Yi frowned, thinking that if it was another man, would she still fall asleep in such an unguarded way?

Staring at her beautiful face for a while, he could not help but reach out his hand, touching her face.

But he had just touched her face when she opened her eyes and slapped him. "Dont think you can take advantage of me while Im sleeping."

Xia Yanran looked at the man close to her and her eyes were slightly blurry with drunkenness. Although she could not recognize him as Xiao Yi, she felt that he looked like Xiao Yi.

She picked up her bag, opened the car door and got out.

Xiao Yi followed.

Xia Yanran walked forward two steps and turned back to look at Xiao Yi.

She stood unsteadily and said, "I wanted to take in a top host like you, but you look so much like Xiao Yi that bastard. I hate him the most so youre eliminated!"

Carrying her bag, Xia Yanran tottered back to the hotel in her high heels. Since he couldnt help but be worried about her, Xiao Yi had no choice but to follow behind her.

When she got to the lift, there were several men standing there.

Xia Yanrans appearance attracted the attention of several of them.

She was not dressed very revealingly. Sporting a red shirt and black pants with the shirt tucked into the pants, the cuffs rolled up slightly revealing her slender and fair arm. Her hands carried a shoulder bag with a chain strap, her long hair tied into a ponytail and she had no makeup on her face. Even dressed in a simple and clean manner, she was full of feminine charm that was hard to disguise.

Xia Yanran was very drunk so she did not notice the mens gazes on her.

Ding. The elevator opened and Xia Yanran went in first.

After the men went in, a few more came in.

The elevator was a little crowded.

The several men who were staring at Xia Yanran just now walked up to her side. One of them deliberately used the back of his hand to brush against the back of Xia Yanrans hand and Xia Yanran felt it. When she glared at him, he gave an expression like it was an accident.

The elevator moved up slowly.

The men deliberately squeezed in front of Xia Yanran and surrounded her. The man who had touched the back of her hand touched her on her perky buttocks.

But before he could touch it, he was stepped on by the high heels Xia Yanran was wearing.

"Stupid b*tch, how dare you step on me!"

The man who was in front of Xia Yanran, suddenly took out a sharp knife. "Follow us out of the elevator later."

The man had just finished speaking when a large hand reached out, grabbing firmly to his wrist.

He twisted it hard and the mans howls sounded in the elevator.

The man glared at Xiao Yi who was almost breaking his wrist. When the man saw that his gaze was menacing, his aura dark and was wearing luxury brands, he did not dare to say anything, and clamped his mouth shut.

Xiao Yi squeezed through the men and went to Xia Yanrans side, holding her slender waist and blocking the men from touching her.

Xia Yanran raised her long eyelashes, looking at the contours of the mans handsome face, his sexy red lips and her heart could not help but beat wildly.

"Top host, youre amazing."

The moment he grabbed the man with the knife with his bare hand was really dashing!

With how he had saved her like a hero just now, Xia Yanran was not so against the top host.

So she took him to her room.

Taking off her high heels, she snuggled into the sofa. The skin on her heel was broken and was slightly painful so she reached out her hand to rub it.

The top host who had followed over knelt in front of her, lifted her feet and helped her rub the injured area for her.

Xia Yanran looked at him curiously. "No wonder you can be the top host. Youre quite good at taking care of women."

Xiao Yi did not correct how she addressed him.

After rubbing her feet for a while, he went to the bathroom to fill up the tub and then carried her into the bathroom.

Xia Yanran looked at the man in front of her with eyes that were blurred with drunkenness.

Damn. This man really looked like Xiao Yi!

But Xiao Yi was absolutely not so gentle and doting!

After she returned to Ning City from Hong Kong, she tried to accept Young Master Huos pursue but after a few dates, she found that she could not put herself into it.

They broke up after a week.

She hated herself. Why couldnt she forget Xiao Yi that bastard?

He had already given the final word, why was she still staying single for him?

The more Xia Yanran thought about it, the more she felt that she had to take the first step and rid herself of this mess.

Xiao Yi had already slept with Qin Peipei and was already dirty. Why couldnt she remove him from her heart?

Yes, she must try to take the first step out.

After the man put her down by the side of the bathtub and was turning to leave, Xia Yanran grabbed his hand.

Xiao Yi had just turned and the womans soft lips with a faint smell of alcohol landed on his.

Xiao Yis body stiffened.

Damn it!

Did she even know what she was doing?

He already had no control in front of her and she still seduced him like that!

Xiao Yi pushed her away, not wanting to hurt her any further.

As Xia Yanran was not standing properly, she fell into the bathtub.

Xiao Yi wanted to leave but when he heard a splash, he hurried over to take a look. He saw that the woman had fallen into the bathtub and was motionless.

Xiao Yi strode forward and grabbed her arm, wanting to pull her up but she was faster, holding on to his arm and pulling him towards her.

Unprepared for the sudden movement, he fell in with a splash.

Their bodies were soaked instantly.

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