Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 822

Chapter 822 Her Heart Was Stirred

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The morning light shone through the French windows and landed on the beautiful figure on the bed. The woman slowly opened her heavy eyelids, raised her arm to block the glare of the light.

She had drank too much last night. Not only was she having a headache, her temples were throbbing too, feeling like she was falling apart.

Wait a minute!

If her body was aching, then last night

Xia Yanran lifted her blanket and saw that she was wearing a hotel robe. She undid the strap and she was wearing her underwear and bra.

Oh my god!

Who was so perverted to have helped her put on such a private thing?

Xia Yanran held her head that was about to burst open.

She remembered some scenes vaguely. She found the top host of the KTV, he was handsome and had a good figure, and even saved the damsel in distress

After that, he seemed to have carried her to the bathroom and when he was about to leave, she kissed him?

And then, she even pulled him into the bathtub and sat on his stomach.

She had taken off his shirt, reaching her hand towards his belt and continued downwards

Xia Yanran screamed a few times.

She could not think about it anymore!

She had turned into a pervert, doing something like that to a top host!

Damn it!

Where were her morals?

Screaming inwardly, Xia Yanran fell back onto bed and beat at the pillow with balled fists.

Although that top host forcibly stopped himself from touching her, they had kissed and touched each other.

Xia Yanran reached her hands up to her head and grabbed it.

Xia Yanran, youre doomed!

Just when Xia Yanran was about to strangle herself to death, her phone rang.

It was Nan Zhi.

"Yanran, were you okay last night?" Nan Zhi had sent people to find Xia Yanran last night, but when they reached the KTV, the owner said that Xia Yanran had left.

"Zhizhi, other than doing it with the top host, Ive done everything else with him."

Nan Zhi was speechless.

"Im doomed. And I seemed to be slightly moved by him." Xia Yanran pressed the speaker button, then held her face in her hands. "I thought Xiao Yi was the one for me in this life. I was not even moved by Young Master Huo, but I actually felt something for a top host. Ah! I feel like dying!"

Nan Zhi said, "Yanran, are you serious?"

"I really felt moved."

Nan Zhi was speechless.

After her call with Nan Zhi, they arranged to meet to go and visit Xiaojie at the training camp.

The training camp did not allow outsiders to come and go, but Nan Zhi begged Mu Sihan in the morning for a while before he called Xiaojies instructor.

Xia Yanran got out of bed and applied some makeup, changed and prepared to go to the hotel restaurant for breakfast.

She had never expected that she was so wild when she was drunk!

She had spent such a long time but could not remove Xiao Yi from her heart. Her first night in the Capital and she met with someone who could stir her heart, and it was a top host?

Xia Yanran buried her face into her hands.

Standing in front of the elevator, Xia Yanran looked up when the elevator door opened.

When she saw a tall man that was even more handsome than a model, Xia Yanrans legs felt like it was filled with lead, and could not even lift them up.

The person inside was the man she had not expected to see.

Xiao Yi.

He must have come down from upstairs. He was wearing a black V-necked silk shirt with the sleeves rolled up and royal blue pants, showing off his model-like proportions and he looked smart, stylish and charming.

Beside him was Qin Peipei, who was wearing a long black dress. They were looking down at their phones and did not notice Xia Yanran.

Xia Yanran hesitated for a few seconds, but still entered the elevator.

This was not a deliberate meeting, right?

Who knew that it would be such a coincidence that she had come to Ning City and he and Qin Peipei would come too? Let alone, they also had to stay in the same hotel too.

From what she knew, they were engaged.

Xia Yanran went in with no expression.

Actually, Xiao Yi already noticed that it was Xia Yanran the moment the elevator doors opened.

The gold reflective elevator doors reflected everything in the elevator.

Xiao Yi glanced at Xia Yanran from the corner of his eyes. He saw that she had her head lowered, not daring to look back and treated him like a ferocious beast.

Why was it so slow? With baleful eyes, Xia Yanran stared at the elevator buttons, willing for it to go faster.

She really did not want to stay in the same space as the two behind her.

"Brother Yi, Ive not much appetite recently and only feel like eating sour things. I also feel nauseous sometimes. Whats wrong with me?"

Qin Peipeis coquettish voice entered Xia Yanrans ears, making her get the goosebumps.

Wait a minute!

Only feel like eating sour things and feeling nauseous?

Didnt Zhizhi had these symptoms when she was pregnant?

So, Qin Peipei was pregnant with Xiao Yis child?

The elevator door opened and Xia Yanran walked out hurriedly. Although there were few people in the elevator, she had a feeling of suffocation.

She did not want to hear what Xiao Yi was saying to Qin Peipei. She did not want to hear a word about them.

After last nights events, it proved that he was not the only one for her!

Xia Yanran closed her eyes, took a deep breath and tried to ignore the sharp pain spreading from her heart.

After visiting Xiaojie at the training camp, Xia Yanran and Nan Zhi went to Little Apples house.

After having lunch at Yan Huas house, Xia Yanran was a little sleepy and went back to the hotel first.

After she woke up, she received a call from the KTV at around 4 p.m.

The waiter had found a key ring in the room she was in last night.

When she was still with Xiao Yi, they were walking around the night market one night and she asked Xiao Yi to buy the key ring for her after seeing it in a small stall.

She still kept it even after they had broken up.

Xia Yanran wanted to say she did not want it anymore, but she still went to the KTV. Even if she did not want it, she should throw it into the bin herself!

Hailing a taxi, Xia Yanran went to the KTV. After finding the room she was in last night, she saw the key ring on the coffee table.

Xia Yanran came out of the room and suddenly saw a familiar figure turning the corner. Xia Yanran froze and ran after them quickly.

"Yi Fan?"

Xia Yanran ran to the corner but did not see Yi Fan.

She frowned. Did she make a mistake?

"Youre looking for Xia Tian?"

Xia Yanran looked back and saw the waiter behind her. She said, "Im looking for Yi Fan, not Xia Tian."

"The person you saw just now is Xia Tian. Hes our top host. Oh, I remember you, youre the one who called for Xia Tian last night!"

Was Xia Tian the person who made her heart flutter and did intimate things with?

Xia Yanrans hair stood on end.

Although she was moved by the person last night, Xia Yanran did not intend to continue and further develop the relationship.

In a few days, she would be leaving the Capital and return home. She should just treat last night as a little episode in her life!

Just as Xia Yanran was about to turn and leave, the figure who had disappeared around the corner reappeared.

When she saw the mans face, Xia Yanran was stunned.

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