Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 823

Chapter 823 Only Have Feelings For Him

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Xia Yanran looked at the figure who had appeared from the corner incredulously.

It was really Yi Fan.

The once sunny and handsome boy now had a deep melancholy air around him. He was wearing a dark-colored uniform, his hair falling over his forehead and slightly blocking his bright eyes.

Xia Yanran never expected that Yi Fan had really become this KTVs top host.

Then the man who was intimate with her was Yi Fan?

Yi Fan also saw Xia Yanran and he came up to her, a friendly smile on his lips. "Yanran."

Xia Yanrans mind was confused.

She said hello to Yi Fan with a numbing in her scalp.

If she was honest, she really did not dare to ask him if it was him last night!

They looked at each other silently for a few seconds. Suddenly, a waiter ran over and when he saw Yi Fan, he handed him an ointment. "Xia Tian, didnt you get scratched on your waist? This ointment works well, you can use it!"

When Xia Yanran heard the waiters words, her heart skipped a beat.

She remembered that last night she also accidentally scratched the top hosts waist when she was being intimate with him in the bathtub.

Could it be that Yi Fan really was the top host last night?

Xia Yanran felt like a mess.

Yi Fan said to the waiter who had handed him the ointment, "Its okay, its just a little wound."

After the waiter left, Yi Fan looked at Xia Yanran, who was about to turn around and leave quietly, and he caught up with her in a few big steps. "Yanran, theres nothing to be embarrassed about. I wont laugh at you for coming here to have fun and you wont laugh at me for working here, right?"

Xia Yanran nodded. "Last night, we"

"About last night, lets just forget it!"

Xia Yanran touched her nose, and smiled stiffly. "Okay, actually, I dont remember what happened."

"Its good you dont remember." Yi Fan took Xia Yanran out of the KTV. "I thought you would look down on me."

Look down on him? She could never look down on Yi Fan.

Everyone had his own pains and choices. He used to be a carefree rich young man, but now he had been forced to be a top host of an entertainment facility. He must be suffering in his heart, why would she mock him?

After all, she was moved by him before she fell in love with Xiao Yi!

"If you dont mind, lets have dinner together tonight!"

Xia Yanran looked at how open he was and she could not continue to be bashful.

Nodding, she replied, "Okay."

That night, Yi Fan took Xia Yanran to a Chinese restaurant. On the way there, no one mentioned anything about last night.

The waiter brought the menu over for them to order.

With a ladies first, Yi Fan handed the menu to Xia Yanran. When she flipped through the menu, it was probably because of her hangover, but she was not that interested in the delicious dishes on the menu. After ordering two light dishes, she returned the menu to Yi Fan.

Yi Fan ordered several more dishes and when the dishes arrived, Xia Yanran realized that they were all her favorite dishes.

Seeing that he was still the Yi Fan who was considerate and caring, Xia Yanran was moved and felt like sighing.

How did such a good man end up in this state?

The sounds of high heels sounded at the entrance and Xia Yanran and Yi Fan were talking and did not pay attention to the entrance.

Until Yi Fans gaze went over her and landed behind her.

Xia Yanran turned and saw a couple coming towards their side and she cursed in her heart.

How could there be such a coincidence?

"Brother Yi, I know you like Chinese food, so I checked it on the internet specially. This restaurant is a famous one in the Capital."

Xia Yanran wanted to look away when Xiao Yis dark gaze hovered over towards her. He looked at her for one to two seconds before his gaze landed on Yi Fan.

Xia Yanran had already turned her head and could not see Xiao Yis expression.

Yi Fan looked at Xiao Yi and Xia Yanran.

One looked normal.

The other unreadable.

Although there was one thing in common, they both pretended not to see each other.

And there was another woman by Xiao Yis side, they walked side by side intimately, and their relationship looked to be more than that between friends.

Although Xiao Yi ignored Xia Yanran, he nodded at Yi Fan, but Yi Fan ignored him.

When he found out that Xiao Yi had snatched Xia Yanran, they were not brothers anymore.

After Xiao Yi and Qin Peipei walked past them, Yi Fan asked, "Yanran, youre not together with Xiao Yi anymore?"

Xia Yanran hummed. "We broke up long ago."

Yi Fans eyes that were looking at Xia Yanran turned dark.

During the meal, Yi Fan did not mention Xiao Yi again.

"Yanran, dont move."

Xia Yanran looked up and her long eyelashes fluttered slightly like the wings of a butterfly. "Whats wrong?"

Yi Fan pulled out a paper napkin and leaned over to wipe a little sauce off the corner of Xia Yanrans lips.

Caught unexpectedly by Yi Fans sudden action, Xia Yanran was in a daze and froze for a few seconds before she leaned her head back. "Ill do it myself!"

Instead of stopping, Yi Fan came closer to Xia Yanrans beautiful face.

Xia Yanran looked up and met with Yi Fans focused eyes.

She was no longer a clueless girl, besides last night they still She felt the affection in Yi Fans eyes.

At the other table.

After Xiao Yi sat down, he leaned against the sofa lazily, his fingers playing with a silver lighter.

The corner of his eye continued to glance at the table in front from time to time.

Seeing Yi Fan leaning over to gently wipe the womans lips, and how they looked at each other affectionately, a trace of maliciousness flashed past his eyes.

After Qin Peipei finished ordering and handed the menu back to the waiter, she took out a checkup report.

"Brother Yi, I have a surprise for you!"

Xiao Yi took the checkup report and looked at it, a devilish smile on his handsome face. "Peipei, youre pregnant?"

Looking at the smirk on Xiao Yis face, Qin Peipeis heart beat faster. "Brother Yi, youre going to be a Daddy. Are you happy?"

"Of course."

Xia Yanran avoided Yi Fans focused and deep gaze and the corner of her eye swept over to Xiao Yi. Qin Peipei had handed Xiao Yi a scan and then caressed her abdomen. After Xiao Yi saw the scan, he smiled at Qin Peipei.

Even if it was her toes doing the thinking, it was clear that Qin Peipei had given a checkup report for Xiao Yi to see.

Looking at Qin Peipei touching her abdomen and Xiao Yis smile, she must be pregnant!

Xia Yanran suddenly lost her appetite and looked at Yi Fan. "Im full. I still have something on so Im going first. See you next time if theres a chance."

Yi Fan got up and paid the bill then ran to catch up with Xia Yanran.

"Ill take you back to the hotel."

"Its okay. Thank you."

Xia Yanran did not know what was wrong with her. If it was Yi Fan last night, her heart was clearly moved, but after interacting today, she found that she could only regard him as a friend.

What was wrong with her?

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