Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 824

Chapter 824 The Man Who Snuck Into Her Room In The Middle Of The Night

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Xia Yanran felt that she was really doomed.

Young Master Huo was humorous and handsome, his background was impeccable too. After pursuing her for half a year, she was still not moved by him.

Yi Fan was her first love and was the person she wanted to stay with for a lifetime. But there was no ripple in her heart when they met again.

It must have been because she was drunk that she felt moved.

Xia Yanran insisted that she did not want Yi Fan to take her back and she took a taxi back to the hotel. After packing her luggage, Xia Yanran came out of the hotel and reserved a room in another hotel.

The Capital was so big, if she did not stay in the same hotel, she would not meet him again!

Xia Yanran was a little tired after a long and eventful day.

After video calling Nan Zhi and Yan Hua to arrange on where to go, Xia Yanran went to have a bath.

Lying on the bed, she fell asleep soon after.

She was awakened by the sound of the doorbell in the middle of the night.

Xia Yanran rubbed her eyes and walked to the door barefooted. "Who is it?"

While talking, she stood on tiptoes and looked through the peephole.

There was no one?

She frowned in puzzlement.

Did she hear it wrongly?

The doorbell did not ring again and Xia Yanran went back to bed.

Her eyelids were very heavy and soon, she fell asleep again.

It was late in the night.

Xia Yanran, who was in deep sleep, did not notice the door to her room was being pushed open.

A man in dark clothing walked in with slow steps.

A wall lamp with yellow light was left turned on in the room. The man walked to the bed, looking at the woman with obsessive eyes.

The gloomy gaze gradually became one that was addicted, greedy and slightly manic. There was a thin blanket covering her body but his gaze seemed to penetrate every inch of her skin.

The light fragrance from her body lingered around the air.

Bending down slowly, the man closed his eyes, sniffing from her neck to her face, slightly absorbed. She was still the same as before, making him crazed and captivated.

Xia Yanran. She was the woman he had once dote on!

Raising his slender fingers, he could not help touching the skin on her face. Her skin was fair and smooth without any flaws.

He had once cared for her like the worlds greatest treasure and tried to move her heart.

And when he had captured her heart, Xiao Yi took her away from him, forsaking their brotherhood.

Forcing her to break up with him!

Although he hated Xiao Yi, he also hated Xia Yanrans lack of self-love.

Xiao Yi had tortured her like a devil but she still fell in love with him.Did she have Stockholm Syndrome?

Since Xiao Yi could get her using such despicable means, why couldnt he?

He had nothing left, living like a walking corpse and would leave this world in the near future.

Why was he the one fated to be alone? Why couldnt he bring her with him?

As Yi Fan looked at Xia Yanrans beautiful face and lifted the blanket, he lay his tall body beside her.

Xia Yanran felt that there was someone approaching, but her eyelids were too heavy and she could not open them.

Feeling a pair of hands reaching towards her pajamas and unfastening the buttons, Xia Yanran tried to break through her hazy consciousness.

She opened her eyes.

Seeing the man lying near her, Xia Yanran screamed in fright.

Swallowing thickly, her mind turned blank.

"Yi Fan, why are you here?"

When Yi Fan looked at Xia Yanrans panic-stricken face, a hurt flashed past his eyes. "The room manager of this hotel is my customer. I said that my cousin is staying in this room and that she was having a fever, and called me here but did not answer when I pressed the bell so she gave me the room card."

Xia Yanran looked at the madness in his eyes and her heartbeat sped up.

Was Yi Fan a little abnormal?

"Yanran, didnt you call for me last night? You also want to get rid of the harm Xiao Yi brought you, dont you? Lets start over, and never be apart again."

His voice was strange. Xia Yanran shook her head, her body moving to the side of the bed. "Yi Fan, we agreed to forget about last night. I have no mood to be in a relationship now, go back!"

She touched the phone under her pillow and hid it behind her.

Yi Fan had no intention of leaving and he smiled, coming closer to Xia Yanran. "Yanran, dont be afraid. Im very experienced now and will be very gentle."

When Xia Yanran heard Yi Fans words, she could not help but feel disgusted.

She had never thought that the sunny and warm boy would become so revolting!

Her body was pushed to the edge by him and she fell. It did not hurt too much as the carpet cushioned her fall and she stood up quickly, unlocking the phone behind her back and dialed the first number in her address book.

Yi Fan also got out of bed and approached Xia Yanran.

He unbuttoned the buttons of his shirt one by one. Xia Yanran saw that there were a lot of burn marks made from cigarettes on his firm chest.

"Yanran, do you despise me? Werent you also burnt by Xiao Yi before? Those perverted people always seek fun through torturing people. Yanran, were both poor people. We should be together and share warmth from each other."

"Yi Fan, dont be like this. Sober up, okay?"

"Yanran, Im very sober. Youre the one who isnt. Xiao Yi already has another woman, but you still cant forget about him, am I right? Or do you like being tortured? You wanted to break up with me but Xiao Yi was so perverted to you and you still fell in love with him!"

Xia Yanran looked at Yi Fan whose eyes were red. In this state, she knew that he would not listen to her advice, and she ran towards the door, feeling the danger.

Just as she opened the door, a large hand reached out from behind her, shutting the door with a bang, then Xia Yanran felt a numbing pain in her scalp.

Yi Fan had grabbed her long hair, dragging her into the room.

There was an intense pain in her scalp and Xia Yanran gritted her teeth, forcing herself to calm down.

The more she panicked, the worse things would be.

She had to calm down.

Yi Fan must have met a lot of perverts in his work after becoming the top host, to the point it had wrecked havoc to his psychological health.

She could not provoke him!

All she needed to do was to stall. She had to hold out until the person to save her arrived!

"Yi Fan, Yi Fan, youre hurting me! Actually, you were wrong on one point. I dont like Xiao Yi anymore, seeing the burn marks on your body, I remembered how Xiao Yi treated me last time and I only have hate and not love for him!"

Yi Fans hold on Xia Yanrans hair loosened a little.

Xia Yanran swallowed and continued, "Yi Fan, I still remember how well you treated me before"

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