Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 825

Chapter 825 In The Nick Of Time

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"If you still have me in your heart, dont do anything to hurt me, okay?" Xia Yanran looked at Yi Fan with her eyes bright and pleading.

Yi Fan stared at Xia Yanran for a while and there was a slightly touched look in his eyes. He released the hand that was grabbing onto Xia Yanrans hair.

Just as he was about to pull her up from the ground, he saw the phone she had hidden behind her.

The screen was still lit.

Yi Fans expression, which had softened, turned dark.

Xia Yanran saw that he had found her phone and quickly shouted the name of the hotel and the room number.

Grabbing onto the phone, Yi Fan smashed it on the ground. He yanked at Xia Yanrans arm and dragged her onto the sofa.

Xia Yanran struggled, the cold sweat on her forehead flowing down. "Yi Fan, what youre doing is against the law. Calm down and dont destroy the image I have of you in my heart, okay?"

"Image?" Yi Fan sneered, a mocking look flashed past his eyes. "Yanran, do you think I have any image left now? You must despise me now, right? Ha, its normal for you to despise me, even I despise myself!"

Xia Yanran shook her head vehemently. "Yi Fan, I dont despise you. Everyone has their difficulties, youre just forced to do that to live. I wont look down on y"

Raising his hand, Yi Fan pinched Xia Yanrans chin, his fingers rubbing on her soft and gentle skin. "Yanran, since you say that you dont look down on me, will you get back together with me?"

"Yi Fan, feelings cant be forced."

"I wont ask for you to date me, lets just have sex, okay?"

Xia Yanran felt disgusted.

Was Yi Fan really the person she was intimate with last night?

"Yanran, you dont want to do it with me?" Yi Fan seemed to have been triggered by something and his expression darkened. "Yet youre willing when Xiao Yi touches you?"

Before Xia Yanran could say anything, she was pushed onto the sofa by Yi Fan.

"Ive already called the police, Yi Fan!"

"Then Ill just be thrown to jail. But now, Yanran, I want you!"

With a hiss, Xia Yanrans pajamas were torn open by Yi Fan.

No!Xia Yanran struggled violently and Yi Fan pressed her body down, making her unable to move.

Yi Fan reached out his hands to take off Xia Yanrans pants.

Xia Yanran was so frightened her heart was in her throat. She reached out her hand and felt for something on the cabinet, anything! Her fingers grasped an ashtray, and she smashed it hard on Yi Fans forehead.

Yi Fan was dazed for a while.

Raising his hand, he wiped at his injured forehead.

He looked at Xia Yanran in disbelief. "Do you know what the consequence is for making me bleed?"

Xia Yanran looked at Yi Fan angrily, the sweat from her forehead soaking her hair and a few strands stuck to her cheek, looking slightly disheveled.

Yi Fans face that was bloody looked strange and penetrating. He smiled eerily and his expression was one of disappointment. "Yanran, it seems like you really have no feelings for me anymore."

"In that case, why should I be polite to you?" With hands stained with his blood, Yi Fans fingers curled around Xia Yanrans neck, strangling her with his own hands.

Xiao Yi was listless after coming back from dinner.

The image of Yi Fan wiping the corner of Xia Yanrans lips and the two of them looking at each other affectionately appeared in his mind from time to time.

He even thought that if he had not taken Xia Yanran away last night, would she have taken Yi Fan to the hotel too since she had called him?

It was none of his business who Xia Yanran was with. He could not think about it anymore!

Xiao Yi showered, drank a few glasses of wine and lay on the bed to sleep.

Qin Peipei, who was in the next room, called him in the middle of the night. Seeing who it was, Xiao Yi pretended not to hear and continued to sleep.

The phone rang a few times before it hung up.

But soon after, it vibrated again.

Xiao Yi did not look at his phone.

This time, it rang for a long time and Xiao Yi picked up the phone to look at it with a dark expression.

When he saw that it was Xia Yanran, his fingertips pressed the answer button uncontrollably.

Pursing his lips, he did not say a word.

Xia Yanrans voice came from the other end of the line."Yi Fan."

Hearing the words Yi Fan, Xiao Yi almost threw his phone away.

But listening carefully, there was something wrong with her voice. He sat up on the bed, his eyes alert.

"Yi Fan, dont be like this. Sober up, okay?"

"Yanran, Im very sober."

Listening to their conversation, Xiao Yi realized that something was wrong. He had no time to change and hurried to Xia Yanrans room in his loungewear.

But it was an unfamiliar woman who opened the door.

After asking the hotel reception, he learnt that Xia Yanran had left.

Just when he was about to check the surveillance cameras, Xia Yanran shouted the name of the hotel and room number.

Xiao Yi drove his car and sped away.

When he arrived at the hotel, he ran up to the tenth floor when he saw that the elevator was not at the first level.

He did not even pant.

Standing in front of the tightly shut door, his legs were trembling. Gritting his teeth, he raised his leg and kicked the door!

Only after kicking it several times did the door finally open.

Seeing the scene inside, all the blood in his body rushed to his head.

Yi Fan was straddled on Xia Yanran, his hands wrapped around her neck tightly and Xia Yanrans legs were kicking around violently, but gradually, her strength was weakening

Xiao Yi strode over, a murderous air around him.

Grabbing onto the back of Yi Fans coat, he hauled him away from Xia Yanran.

Seeing Yi Fans face that was full of blood, Xiao Yi dragged him out of the door. "If anything happens to her, I wont let you off!"

Yi Fan gave a dark laugh. "Shell die soon even if I havent strangled her to death."

Picking himself up off the ground, Yi Fan left the room, distraught.

Just as Xiao Yi was about to chase after him, he heard Xia Yanrans hoarse voice. "Xiao Yi"

Xiao Yi turned and ran back into the room.

Xia Yanran lay on the sofa, her face deathly pale, her lips purple. If he had come a step later, she would probably be strangled to death by Yi Fan.

Xiao Yi helped Xia Yanran up.

"Ill take you to the hospital."

Xia Yanran leaned against Xiao Yis shoulder, shaking her head weakly. "Im fine"

"Youre bleeding?"

"Its Yi Fans."

"Ill get you a glass of water."

Xia Yanran nodded numbly. She put her hands on the sofa and suddenly, her palm seemed to press on a piece of paper.

What was it? She unfolded the paper.

It was a checkup report.

She did not understand the data above, but the final result was

Eyes wide in shock, Xia Yanrans hand shook and the report dropped to the ground.

She looked at her arm. Her skin was broken and bleeding, and there were bruises from Yi Fans violent pinching.

Xiao Yi came over with the water. He looked at Xia Yanran, who was curled up on the sofa and wanted to get close to her, but she shouted in a hoarse voice, "Dont come over!"

Xiao Yi frowned. What was wrong with her?

"Put the water on the coffee table and get out!"

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