Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 826

Chapter 826 Aids

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Somewhat taken aback, Xiao Yi looked at the woman who had turned hostile so suddenly. His face turned dark and he put down the glass of water, shouting, "Why the f*ck are you embarrassed for? If I didnt come in time, youll be meeting with Hades now!"

Xiao Yis heart was still beating hard at the thought of how she had almost died under Yi Fans hands.

Even though he had started fighting at a young age and was used to bloodshed, but the scene just now was even more frightening than being stabbed with a knife!

As Xia Yanran looked at Xiao Yi, she took in his fierce expression and did not shout back, looking down with a calm expression, her long eyelashes casting shadows on her pale face. "Treat it like Im embarrassed then."

What was that supposed to mean?Xiao Yis hands clenched into fists and he cursed. His tall body paced around the room angrily.

He did not know what to do with this woman. Taking in a breath, his face turned gentler and he walked up to her. "Let me see if youre injured."

He had not touched her, yet her body shrank away towards the sofa.

"I told you to stay away from me! Other than my neck, Im not injured anywhere else!" Xia Yanran bit her lip, not daring to look at his expression. "Go back and accompany Qin Peipei! I dont need you here!"

Hearing Xia Yanrans words, Xiao Yi almost exploded in anger.

When he got angry, his face became even more gloomy, like the sea before a storm, the low pressure oppressive and filled with hidden danger, making it difficult for people to breathe.

An extremely dangerous and cold air was spreading in the air.

If this were someone else, Xiao Yi would have left.

But this was a woman he could not scold or hit.

Xiao Yi put his hands on his waist, the tip of his tongue touching against his cheek. After a while, he said, "Did I f*cking owe you in my previous life? Your skill of kicking someone to the kerb when theyve outlived their usefulness is increasing!"

But no matter what Xiao Yi said, Xia Yanran ignored him.

Xiao Yi looked at the woman who was treating him like he was not there and he gritted his teeth. "Fine, Ill f*cking leave. Dont regret it!"

Xiao Yi stormed to the door with an overpowering aura. And yet, his legs that were about to step out, could not help but stop again.

He turned and looked at the woman.

She was still not looking at him, her expression blank.

Xiao Yi was so angered by her that his temper seemed to deflate in an instant.

Turning around again, he made a beeline for the bathroom and soaked a towel in some warm water.

"Put this over your neck."

He had just finished speaking when Xia Yanran picked up the glass of water on the coffee table and threw it at him.

The glass landed by his feet and the water soaked his pants.

What the f*ck was up with this woman?

Xiao Yis chest heaved up and down a few times, as if only by forcefully suppressing his emotions could he control the impulse to kill the woman.

"I was too nosy. I realized youve always been so heartless, Im leaving!"

Throwing the towel on the sofa beside her, Xiao Yi turned and strode away.

This time, he did not look back.

The door was slammed shut.

Xia Yanrans eardrums were almost bursting.

The tears she had been holding back, fell uncontrollably.

With trembling fingers, she took out the checkup report hidden in the sofa.

It seemed Yi Fan had received the checkup report from the hospital this morning. The words at the bottom stated that he was infected with AIDS.


There was a small wound made by him on her and his blood had touched her. She was probably infected.

Xia Yanran shivered violently.

She did not expect an accident to happen so fast.

Perhaps it was her retribution!

Last night she should not have indulged and looked for young hunks

Perhaps she was too affectionate to Yi Fan which gave him the illusion that she liked him.

It was her fault, it was all her fault!

Xia Yanran slowly rose from the sofa and threw the report into the bin. Then she lay on the bed, her body cold and weak.

Xiao Yi strode to the elevator.

The hand that was about to press the button to go down, retracted back again.

If it was before, he would definitely not turn back and would have left immediately.

But when he thought of the shock she had gotten tonight, he could not move his legs.

She had nearly died.

Somehow, his legs took him back to Xia Yanrans room again.

The door was damaged by his kick and was not locked. He stood at the door, leaning against the wall and did not go in.

Xiao Yi stood outside for as long as Xia Yanran was in bed.

Xia Yanran woke up at five in the morning. She did not sleep at all.

Apart from some fatigue, she was surprisingly calm.

She went to the bathroom and took a bath then packed her luggage.

Opening the door, she went out.

The man who was leaning against the wall in a daze straightened his body when he heard the movement.

Seeing Xia Yanran coming out, he frowned. "Where are you going at such an early hour?"

Xia Yanran looked at Xiao Yi with a mild expression. "None of your business."

F*ck! Xiao Yi wanted to swear again.

Xia Yanran dragged her suitcase and walked towards the elevator.

Looking at her retreating figure, Xiao Yis expression was dark. She took the elevator down while he took the stairs.

They did not meet again.

After Xia Yanran paid for the damaged door and items, she took a taxi to the airport.

Not wanting to worry the girls, she sent a text to Nan Zhi and Yan Hua. "Something came up at work. Im taking the earliest flight home."

After sending the text, she turned off her phone.

Xiao Yi never saw Xia Yanran again in the Capital.

Over the next few days, he accompanied Qin Peipei for several days. They were returning to Hong Kong soon.

Before leaving, Xiao Yi thought of Yi Fan and went to the KTV.

When the KTV owner saw Xiao Yi, he received him warmly. After Xiao Yi explained why he was here, the owner sighed. "Its a pity. The other time you invested a sum of money and I asked Yi Fan, but he refused to become a partner. He then resigned the next day and hasnt been back for days."

Xiao Yi frowned. "Do you know where he lives?"

"Yes, Ill give you the address."

Xiao Yi took the address and found the place Yi Fan had rented.

It was a simple and small apartment.

When Xiao Yi went there, the landlord was cleaning. "Youre looking for Mr Yi? He has moved away. He looked like a boy who likes to be clean and tidy but look at what he did to my house!"

Xiao Yi said nothing and pursed his lips, wanting to go out when he suddenly saw a medicine bottle thrown in the rubbish bin.

Xiao Yi bend over and picked up the medicine bottle.

"This medicine is written in English and I dont understand it, nor do I know what kind of illness this boy has at such a young age!"

Although Xiao Yi was not well-educated, he used to follow around Second Master Qin in Hong Kong and spoke fluent English, so he could understand the instructions on the medicine bottle.

This was the medicine for AIDS patients!

Xiao Yis handsome face instantly had a broken expression. There was no light in his eyes, only gloom and coldness.

The landlord was frightened when he saw Xiao Yis expression. "Sir, are you okay?"

Xiao Yi said nothing. All he did was turn around and leave.

With his mind racing a million miles a second, he couldnt think, couldnt breathe. Heavy steps filled with lead took him away one bleak step after the next.

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