Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 827

Chapter 827 His Worries

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Xiao Yi did not know how he left. As he sat in the car, he felt like all of his blood had frozen into ice. A coldness passed through his chest, as if his entire body had lost all of its temperature.

The sun was shining brightly, but all he felt was coldness, a freezing, mind-numbing coldness.

As he leaned back on the driver seat, he lit up a cigarette. The fire continued to flicker in between his fingers, the smoke covering his tense features and his deep eyes, before they faded away slowly.

It was as if a century had passed before he put out the cigarette that he had not smoked at all.

He turned on the engine, driving around the city aimlessly.

Qin Peipei called him, but he acted like he did not hear it.

He drove around until night time, when he suddenly saw Yi Fan at one of the roads.

Xiao Yi stopped the car by the road, pushing the door open before he walked towards Yi Fan with large strides.

Yi Fan was holding onto a bottle of water he had not drank from, dazed out and distracted as he walked with unsteady steps. He did not notice Xiao Yi who was coming straight at him.

Xiao Yi rushed in front of Yi Fan, grabbing his collar as he lifted Yi Fan up with all his strength.

Yi Fan regained his senses, smirking as he stared at Xiao Yi whose expression was so dark he looked like he was going to kill him. "Are you only coming to blame me for it now? Arent you caring too little for Yanran?"

Xiao Yi tightened his hands, the veins on the back of his hands twitching as his eyes were scarily dark. "The person who did wrong to you is me, are you even a man to do that to her?"

Yi Fan laughed, his eyes on Xiao Yi filled with a manic derision. "And youre a man? How legitimate were your actions back then? See, now that youre tired of her, you threw her away again. The most despicable person is you!"

Hearing Yi Fans words, Xiao Yis tall figure took a few steps back uncontrollably.

Yi Fan tidied his collar that was crumpled by Xiao Yi, the contempt in his eyes strengthening. "Xiao Yi, the most despicable person is you!"

Xiao Yi stared at Yi Fan, who had lost quite a bit of weight within a few days, saying hoarsely, "Then do you know that I already slept with Xia Yanran before you even knew her? Before you even met her?"

Yi Fans eyes widened immediately.

"I knew her first, when she was at her most youthful period." Xiao Yi pursed his lips tightly, clenching his fists tightly as he waved it at Yi Fans face. "If you want to woo her, you could have used your own capability to do so. But youre sick now, yet you still went to touch her, youre not a human!"

Yi Fan froze for a second, before he broke out into laughter. "You know that Im sick? Yeah, people working in the industry like me can easily contact those types of illnesses if we arent vigilant enough.

"I didnt want to pass it to Yanran either. If she was obedient, I would have worn a condom and never hurt her. But she wasnt, she struggled like I was threatening her life, and she even used an ashtray to hit me! But its good like this too. Now that shes contracted my illness, we can be an underworld couple!"

Cracking sounds rang from the knuckles of Xiao Yis clenched fists.

He moved forward, wanting to punch Yi Fan even more. However, Yi Fan suddenly took out a sharp knife. "Xiao Yi, if you want to contract this illness, then come at me! Be my guest, Im not afraid of you!"

Xiao Yi lifted his leg and speedily kicked Yi Fans knife away. He grabbed Yi Fans collar, punching him a few more times ruthlessly.

It was until Yi Fan was unconscious on the floor that Xiao Yi finally stopped.

Moments later, Xiao Yi called the police, saying that there was a person with AIDs harming people. After the police came to bring Yi Fan away, Xiao Yi got back into his car.

His phone had already turned off from all the calls Qin Peipei had called him.

Xiao Yi drove back to the hotel expressionless.

Once he arrived at the lobby, he saw Qin Peipei, who was waiting for him there.

"Brother Yi, where have you been? Why didnt you answer my calls?" Qin Peipei glanced at Xiao Yi with slight unhappiness.

The two of them had already gotten engaged, while she was pregnant with his child too. Couldnt he be nicer to her?

She was really a masochist. When other men liked her in the past and babied her, she didnt care about them. On the other hand, a man like Xiao Yi who was hard to tame and didnt know how to dote on her, only he was able to capture her heart.

Xiao Yi ignored Qin Peipei, walking towards the elevators with sharp eyes.

Stomping her feet in frustration, Qin Peipei had no choice but to follow behind him.

When they were in the elevator, Qin Peipei kept staring at Xiao Yi, but he did not even look at her.

Qin Peipei started to feel panicked and uneasy. Ever since they slept together, Xiao Yis attitude to her had not been too bad.

With how desolate he looked today, what exactly had happened? Did some vixen seduce him and steal his soul?

Xiao Yi unlocked the door and entered the room.

Qin Peipei hurriedly followed after him.

Seeing Xiao Yi wash his hands in the washroom, the confusion in Qin Peipeis heart got stronger.

"Brother Yi, where did you go today? Arent we returning to Hong Kong later tonight?"

After Xiao Yi finished washing his hair, he used a towel to wipe them dry. It was now that he finally glanced at Qin Peipei. "I went to meet a brother I had broken ties with."

Qin Peipei did not understand, if he was only meeting a brother, then why did he not pick up her calls?

Seeing through Qin Peipeis confusion, Xiao Yi added, "Hes diagnosed with AIDs."

Qin Peipei cupped her mouth in fear.

"Brother Yi, are you joking?"

Xiao Yi stared at Qin Peipei, not a hint of smile on his handsome face, looking extremely serious instead. "Do I look like Im joking?"

"N-no." Qin Peipei could not help but take a few steps back. "Brother Yi, since youve broke ties with him, did you fight him after meeting him?"

"I hit him."

"Ah! Then did you get into contact with his blood?" Qin Peipei started to panic.

"I punched him until he could not stand up again. I touched his blood and it was only then that he told me he has AIDs."

Qin Peipeis heart skipped a beat.

It was no wonder why he never answered his calls, so that was what happened.

"Brother Yi, I-I remembered that Im flying to M Country with two of my friends. Im probably only going back to Hong Kong a month later. How about Brother Yi, you can head back first tonight? After youre back, please go for a checkup at the hospital as soon as you can."

Xiao Yi moved closer towards Qin Peipei. "Arent you going back with me?"

He reached a hand out, as if wanting to pull Qin Peipei into his arms. However, Qin Peipei took a large step back. "I havent had enough fun! Brother Yi, when the checkup results are out, remember to call me! Im going now!"

Staring at Qin Peipei who ran out hurriedly like there was a beast chasing behind her, Xiao Yi smirked coldly.

Xiao Yi returned to his room to tidy his luggage before he went to the airport.

After Xia Yanran returned to Ning City, she hid from Junyuan and went to the hospital herself.

On the flight back from the Capital, her mind was in a total mess. Her blood was slightly cold as well, while she was filled with an endless panic and fear.

What should she do if she really got diagnosed with Yi Fans AIDs?!

Although her relationships had not been smooth, she had never thought to be caught with such an illness!

What could she do?

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