Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 830

Chapter 830 You Like Me So Much To Actually Give Yourself To Me

Xiao Yi was standing not too far from Xia Yanran.

He was wearing the set of clothes she saw back at the hotel in the Capital. He was wearing a black silk v-line shirt, a pair of blue tight pants, his shirt tucked into his pants. He was not wearing any belt, and his legs looked even more slender and rigid than usual. The v-line shirt exposed his exquisite collarbones and chest a little.

As he stood there, he had his arms around himself, looking down at her as she sat on the ground. There was a seriousness and darkness on his handsome face that she did not understand.

To be honest, it was rare for Xia Yanran to see a man wear blue so nicely, looking clean cut with some wild charm.

Seeing her look up, he raised an eyebrow, half-smirking at her. "Do you not want to see me that much?"

Xia Yanran glared at him, her pretty face tensed.

Did he expect she would be happy to see him?!

Standing up, Xia Yanran was planning to leave. However, because she had sat for too long, her calves had turned numb and tingly.

Her body shook unstably. Just as she was about to fall into the clear creek, the tall man suddenly appeared, reaching his arms out to grab her slender waist..

The temperature of his large hands seeped through the thin fabric on her, clinging to her skin tightly as if it was lava scalding her.

Xia Yanrans body jolted in surprise.

Before she could say anything, the man said naughtily, "You can just say it if you want to give yourself to me, why are you so shy for?"

Whenever he spoke, Xia Yanran had the urge to kick him all the way to the Pacific Ocean!

She pulled his hands away, picking up her washing objects as she said coldly, no longer looking at him, "I dont know why youre here for. However, I dont want to see you. If you know me, you should leave now! If not, Ill ask the villagers to throw you out!"

The corners of Xiao Yis lips twitched. "Are you the leader of this village? For them all to listen to you?"

Although Xia Yanran was not the leader, in the times she came to this village, she donated money, repaired the roads and even gave financial aid to students from poor families.

She was very familiar with the villagers, which was why she was not afraid of people coming to bully her even if she slept in the cave alone.

"If you dont believe me, you can try!"

Her personality was too strong and straight, liking to do everything herself. Did she really think of herself as a female warrior?

Xiao Yi continued to stare as she ran back towards the cave, sighing helplessly.

This woman

After Xia Yanran ran back to the cave, she flopped on the bed with her back to the entrance.

The emotions that she calmed down the night before with great difficulty, turned messy again from Xiao Yis appearance.

Wasnt he on a holiday with Qin Peipei in the Capital?

Why did he come here for?

Did he know about Yi Fan contracting AIDS?

It must be like that.

If not, with his personality, he would never appear in front of her again.

Did he come over to comfort or sympathize with her?

Xia Yanran buried her face into the pillow, her mind in an absolute mess.

Xia Yanran did not know if Xiao Yi had left, so she read a book on her bed, trying to steady her nerves. She continued to read for two more hours, yet Xiao Yi did not come over. He had probably left.

Him coming here did not mean that he liked her a lot.

He was not someone who could give up everything for his feelings.

After all, she was the same.

Besides, Qin Peipei was pregnant with his child now. He was a person who would be responsible for their child, and would never leave Qin Peipei again.

Xia Yanran put down the book in her hands, not willing to think about it anymore as she closed her eyes to sleep.

When she woke up again, Xia Yanran smelt barbecue.

It had trailed in from outside of the cave, smelling incredibly good and making her start to salivate.

Xiao Yis sudden appearance made Xia Yanran lose her appetite for breakfast. Now that it was almost noon, it was natural for her to be hungry.

She did not know who was so rude to actually eat barbecue outside!

Xia Yanran sat on the chair, taking out a piece of ham from her luggage.

There was nothing to be envious of, she had meat to eat as well!

Outside of the cave.

Xiao Yi set up a fire pit, he had hunted a wild rabbit in the morning.

After he skinned it properly, he propped it up above the fire to grill it.

Xiao Meng had brought her younger brother over, so Xiao Yi got them to sit by the fire pit and look at the rabbit meat cooking, while he went on to search for some fresh fruits on the mountain.

Once the rabbit meat was done cooking, Xiao Meng asked Xiao Yi. "Mr Xiao, why arent you asking Sister Xia to come out to eat it? Did you have a fight? Actually, Sister Xia really, really likes you."

Xiao Yi raised an eyebrow. "Why do you say so?"

"Ever since you left, Sister Xia has come over many times and has helped our village out so much. Sister Xia is a good person. At first, the son of our village head fell for Sister Xia, but Sister Xia said that she cannot keep other people in her heart, so he was sad for a very long time!"

Xiao Yi stared at the cave for a while. "Go and call her out."


After Xiao Meng went into the cave for a while, Xiao Mengs younger brother stared at Xiao Yi. "Brother Xiao, if you dont like Sister Xia anymore, I want to woo her after I grow up."

Xiao Yi glanced at the boy who was day-dreaming, saying with a laugh, "After you grow up, she will be old already. Will you still like her if her face is covered with wrinkles?"

When Xia Yanran was pulled out of the cave by Xiao Meng, she happened to hear Xiao Yis words. She glared at him. "Do you know how to talk properly? Why would my face be covered with wrinkles after Xiao Liang grew up?"

Seeing that Xia Yanran was out, Xiao Yi laughed naughtily. "I said it wrong, you might have gone down to meet Hades by then!"

Xia Yanran could not help but roll her eyes, almost fainting from anger at Xiao Yi.

"Mr Xiao, how can you talk to Sister Xia like this?" Xiao Meng defended Xia Yanran.

Xiao Yi smirked. "Look at how miserable she looks. Maybe, before the three month dateline is up, she might get depressed and commit suicide."

Xia Yanran clenched her hands into tight fists, rushing in front of Xiao Yi angrily.

"Arent you going to leave?"

Xiao Yis hands held the back of his head, looking down at Xia Yanran as a playful smile appeared on his handsome face. He looked as uncaring as one could. "Miss Xia, is this your territory? If I didnt remember wrongly, I was the one who discovered this cave first, right? Youre the one who seized my territory, yet Im not asking you to leave!"

Xia Yanran gritted her teeth. "Alright, if youre not leaving, Ill leave!"

With that said, Xia Yanran turned around.

Before she could walk away, someone grabbed her slender wrist.

Xia Yanran did not have the chance to react before she fell unstably into the mans firm chest.

Xia Yanran was so embarrassed and angry she wanted to scream at him.

Especially when she heard his teasing by her ear. "Oh, arent you leaving? Why are you gifting yourself to me? Alright, Xia Yanran, if you cant bear to part with me, why do you have to say words that you dont mean?"

Xia Yanrans expression turned red and white from Xiao Yis words.

Xiao Meng and Xiao Liang, the sister and brother duo, were sitting by the side, laughing at them secretly while cupping their mouth.

Seeing Sister Xia and Mr Xiao together made them feel like they were watching an idol drama!

The man was handsome while the woman was pretty, and they looked really pleasing to the eyes together!







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