Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 831

Chapter 831 Her Heart Was Beating Very Very Quickly

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When she fell on his brick-like firm and strong thighs, Xia Yanran felt her heart beat faster, her heart seemingly thumping out of her chest.

As she panted, she could smell the faint cigarette smell he had on him.

Her nose bumped into his chest. Once she looked up, she would be able to see his exquisite collarbones, and the malt-colored skin exposed by his shirt.

Xia Yanran felt like all of her energy was being sucked away, as she sat dazedly on the mans lap, forgetting momentarily to stand up.

"I know that Im handsome, but please dont look at me like you want to eat me, alright?"

Hearing the mans words, Xia Yanran regained her senses.

She glared at him once more, embarrassed and angry. "Who wants to eat you? You shameless person, let go of me!"

"Youre the one who isnt moving away from my lap, how can I let go of you?"

Xia Yanran struggled to stand up, but her waist was held down tightly by his hands.

Her pretty face immediately flushed red. "Xiao Yi, you are such a shameless person!"

"Dont be shy, if youre not eating me, then how about I eat you?"

What was he talking about?

Xiao Meng and Xiao Liang were still here, did he want to teach the kids the bad thing?

"Go back and eat your Qin Peipei!"

Xiao Yi raised an eyebrow, smirking lazily at the woman in his arms, his slender fingers lifting her chin up slightly. "Miss Xia, the eating Im talking about is eating rabbit meat, what are you thinking of?"

He dragged his last words on purpose, his eyes on her as scandalous as they could be.

Xia Yanran felt like her face was flushing so badly smoke was exuding from her.

When he was feeling naughty, he was extremely naughty!

As Xiao Yi stared at Yanrans flushed cheeks, his sexy Adams apple bobbed, an itch appearing in his heart.

Xia Yanran met his fiery dark eyes, her eyes moving away. "Im not eating your rabbit meat. Ive already eaten, so Im full now."

The moment she finished speaking, her stomach suddenly grumbled.

The mountains were quiet, and there were only the sounds of the fire wood crackling, so this grumbling was not only heard by Xiao Yi, it was heard by Xiao Meng and Xiao Liang as well.

"Sister Xia, stop being so polite with Mr Xiao!" Xiao Meng tore a piece of rabbit thigh and passed it to Xia Yanran.

Xia Yanran was embarrassed and awkward. If there was hole in the ground, she would have gladly gone in and hidden in it.

She was caught in a situation now, not knowing if she should accept or reject it.

Xiao Yi could see through Xia Yanrans thoughts, as he took the rabbit thigh and pressed it against Xia Yanrans lips. "Eat it, no one will laugh at you."

"Let go of me first."

"The floor is dirty."

She would rather sit on the floor than to hug him in broad daylight and in front of Xiao Meng and Xiao Liang. She was not that thick-skinned.

Seeing Xia Yanran pursed her lips tightly, Xiao Yi raised an eyebrow. "Should I feed you?"

The moment he finished speaking, Xia Yanran took the rabbit thigh from him.

Xiao Yi knew Xia Yanrans personality very well, speaking to her nicely and humoring her might not get to her. Instead, he had to speak to him like this to agitate her to divert her attention and make her a bit more spiteful.

Seeing that she was willing to eat now, Xiao Yi stopped hugging her.

Xia Yanran sat by the fire pit, far apart from the others.

Seeing her acting like this, he knew it was because she was scared of infecting others. Xiao Yis heart sank.

At this moment, a melody blown from a leaf rang by their ears and Xiao Yi watched as Xia Yanrans attention was immediately attracted by Xiao Liang.

"Xiao Liang is really awesome! He actually knows how to play a song using a leaf."

Once Xiao Liang was done, he caressed the back of his head shyly. "Sister Xia, I only know how to play this one song."

"Thats still pretty good. If I were to take a leaf, I probably wouldnt be able to even make a sound from it."

Seeing Xia Yanran praise Xiao Liang and smile at him, despite him only being a young teenager, Xiao Yi was not willing to back down as he plucked a piece of leaf as well. "Xia Yanran, you definitely havent seen many things, listen to me playing."

Xia Yanran clearly did not believe him. "Stop forcing yourself. If not, youll only embarrass yourself completely."

Xiao Yi did not speak, his long fingers clasped the leaf before he placed in between his lips, and a nice melody immediately rang in the air.

He was not boasting. He was indeed better than Xiao Liang at playing it, playing a song perfectly and nicely.

Xia Yanran clearly did not expect Xiao Yi to have this skill. She thought that he only knew how to hit and kill people, and was a complete uncouth person.

With the glow from the fire, Xiao Yi, who was sitting on the floor, looked extremely handsome, playfulness exuding from his features and when the song arrived at its most passionate part, he looked down slightly. His lashes were even longer than a females, and everything else became his background. In this day and time, he actually looked so mesmerizing.

Xia Yanran never knew that such a nice melody could be played from a piece of small leaf.

Her heart was filled with sweetness, but there an uncontrollable bitterness as well.

It was no wonder why those woman liked him! He was handsome, and although he had an aura of one in the mafia, the bad boy aura on him easily conquered the hearts of women as well!

However, at the thought of reality

She would only know if she had contact AIDs three months later. If she did, her life could be considered over.

And him

Xia Yanran glanced at the ring on his middle finger.

He was already with Qin Peipei, the two of them having a child together. She could not be selfish for his warmth anymore.

She would never let herself be the third party that she despised.

Xia Yanran suddenly lost all of her appetite. She put down the rabbit leg, not saying anything as she ran into the mountains.

Xia Yanran was halfway to the top of the mountain.

She sat on the grass, wrapping her arms around her knees as she dazed out.

She did not know how long had passed, when a well-defined hand holding a red and ripe fruit appeared in front of her eyes.

Xia Yanran did not move, continuing to stare at the cliff down the mountain. She said very softly, "Xiao Yi, I got injured that day and might have come into contact with Yi Fans blood. I might have contracted AIDS. Leave, and I beg of you, dont come and torture me anymore!"

Xiao Yi sat next to Xia Yanran. "Turn around and look at me."

Xia Yanran ignored him, burying her face into her arms instead.

"Xia Yanran! Do you want to die? If you do, I can push you down right now!"

Before Xia Yanran could react, the man had pulled her arm towards the cliff.

Staring at the bottomless cliff, Xia Yanran felt her legs go weak. She held onto Xiao Yis hand tightly, saying with a pale face, "Are you crazy?"

Other men would say nice things to comfort a woman when they were down.

He, on the other hand, added fuel to the fire!

"So youre afraid of death? If you are, you can f*cking stop thinking so much and be depressed!"

Xia Yanran glared at him with red eyes. "It doesnt hurt for you to say something when youre just a bystander. If you were in my place, could you laugh everyday without a care?"

"Alright, then Ill accompany you."

What was he talking about? Xia Yanran still did not know what he meant, when her chin was lifted by him as he placed a kiss on her lips.

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