Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 832

Chapter 832 Flirting With Her Then Kissing Her

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Xia Yanrans heart was in her mouth.

Her eyes constricted unbelievably.

They were both standing by the cliff. If she struggled, or had any large action, she might fall down anytime and end up with many broken bones.

Xia Yanran did not dare move, merely staring at the enlarged handsome face in front of her.

Her mind blanked out for a second.

The man grabbed her waist with one hand, pulling her closer as she clenched her hands and placed them against his hard and muscular chest. Her skin pressed tightly against his with just a thin layer of cloth between them, their temperatures increasing like crazy.

She should push him away!

This thought grew stronger in Xia Yanrans head, as she tried to turn her head so that he could stop kissing her like that.

However, in the next second, he grabbed the back of her head domineering and without any leeway for rejection.

His thin and soft lips continued to press against hers tightly.

Her tender skin caressed his chin. As he had rushed over last night, and did not sleep at all, stubble had grown on his chin. They were hard and slightly prickly.

He took the chance to push her jaw apart, his scorching tongue entering to suck at her tongue.

They intertwined, swallowing each other.

Xia Yanrans long lashes fluttered as she kept telling herself to not be like this, to not let this continue on.

However, her hands were weak.

Her mind continued to buzz, her tongue hot and numbed from his actions as she felt electricity current flowing through her limbs.

She did not know how long had passed when Xiao Yi suddenly let go of her. In seconds, Xia Yanran immediately returned to reality from the clouds.

She let go of him, running down the mountain.

Why was he so foolish? He clearly knew that she might have contracted AIDs, but he still kissed her?

After running for a while, Xia Yanran suddenly stopped again.

She turned around to glance at the tall figure walking towards her.

Xia Yanran did not want to run away anymore, deciding to talk things out with him.

So she looked up, forcing her tears back.

Xiao Yi walked in front of Xia Yanran, grabbing her shoulders. "Why are you crying? Kissing wouldnt pass the illness to me. Besides, I believe that youll be fine."

Xia Yanran stared at Xiao Yis handsome face, bitterness swarming in her. She took a deep breath before she said, "Why did you do that? Even if kissing doesnt pass it on, nothing is definite. If I really contracted AIDs, you might get it too!"

Xiao Yi stared at her deeply. "Because, youre still in my heart."

Xia Yanran shook her head. "But you already have Qin Peipei. Even if I didnt have AIDs, it would still be impossible for us to be together. Qin Peipei is pregnant with your child and now you cannot break off from her forever!"

Xia Yanran shook Xiao Yis hands away from her shoulders, as she turned around to walk away.

Staring at her curt but lonely back, Xiao Yi clenched his fists tightly, before he chased after her a few seconds later.

"Yanran, I was wrong."

Xia Yanran looked down to see a pair of hands appearing on her waist.

The man hugged her tightly from behind.

He was very strong, and she felt a little pain from his hold. His chest pressed tightly against her back, as he buried his handsome face in her shoulders, his short hair poking her skin painfully.

Xia Yanran took two seconds to react. Wanting to get out of his hold, she tugged his hand.

However, their strength had always been on different levels. No matter how she tried to pull his hands away, he remained unmoved.

Xia Yanran saw the engagement ring on his middle finger, her heart constricting tightly.

"Xiao Yi, its impossible between us. Did you forget everything you told me in Hong Kong? Lets not owe each other anything, and never meet again!"

Hearing these words again caused Xiao Yi to stiffen. His eyes on her darkening completely. "I was wrong, Yanran, I was the one who didnt consider your feelings. I only knew that I couldnt implicate you into my revenge, but I never listened to your opinion"

He turned her around, his fingers lifting her chin up to force her to meet his eyes. "Yanran, although Im engaged with Qin Peipei, I will not marry her."

Xia Yanran spat out coldly. "Asshole."

He slept with her and even made her pregnant, yet he never planned to take responsibility for it! What was the difference between him forcing himself on her without caring for her opinions?

Hearing Xia Yanrans words, Xiao Yis expression darkened completely. "Qin Peipeis child is not mine."


Xia Yanran was confused.

Her long lashes fluttered as she glanced at Xiao Yi in disbelief. "What?"

"Ive never slept with Qin Peipei. The one that slept with her is one of my brothers." Xiao Yi raised an eyebrow, smiling sternly at Xia Yanran. "After Ive been pampered by you, I cannot sleep with another woman anymore."

Xia Yanrans face heated up from his words, as she glared at him angrily. "Cant you speak properly?"

"Then do you want me to speak politely like a young master?"

Xia Yanran bit her lips. "I didnt mean it that way." Not wanting to continue this conversation with him, Xia Yanran asked, "Have you really not touched Qin Peipei before?"

The moment she finished speaking, he grabbed her soft hands. Before she could reply, he pulled her hand towards his zipper.

Xia Yanran immediately pulled her hand back like she had been electrocuted.

"You shameless, perverted man!"

At the thought of him going to her rented apartment and forcing himself on her in Hong Kong, he seemed to only have taken a few minutes, probably not having touched a woman for too long. Xia Yanran felt that he probably hadnt lied to her about this.

Xiao Yi stared at Xia Yanrans expression, furrowing her eyebrows a little as his eyes turned a little darker. "What are you thinking about?"

Seeing his sudden changed expression, Xia Yanran shook her head. "N-nothing."

"Are you thinking about me finishing very quickly the previous time?" He gritted his teeth.

Xia Yanran knew that he had been egotistical from the start, and thought of himself as the master in bed as well. That few minutes was one of the greatest humiliations in his life.

"I wasnt!" Xia Yanran did not dare to look at his expression. "Qin Peipei is a model who is tall and slender. Do you really not have the urge when you face her everyday?"

Xiao Yi lifted his hand to flick at Xia Yanrans forehead once. "Ive been in the triad since young, what kind of beauty havent I met before? Do you really see me as a man that cannot control myself once I see a beauty?"

Xia Yanran hummed coldly, though sweetness was simmering in her heart. "Who knows? Its rare to have cats who wouldnt eat amouse1."

Xiao Yi pushed Xia Yanran against one of the trees around them, his chest pressing tightly against hers. "A woman can find out a lot about a man who hasnt done it in a long time through their semen, do you want to try now?"

Xia Yanran clenched his hands into tight fists, punching the mans shoulders a few times with all of her strength. "You gangster, who wants to check for you?"

"If youre not checking, then how about another kiss?" He stared at her, his breathing extremely heavy and hot against her cheeks.

Xia Yanrans heart was thumping very quickly, but her rationality was still present. "Xiao Yi, are you really not afraid? Iah!"

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