Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 833

Chapter 833 I Dont Love You I Hate You. I Hate You So Much

He kissed her once more.

His whole body leaned towards her. Xia Yanran could not help but lean against the tree, their bodies pressed together tightly.

She was soft and flexible.

While he was firm and hard.

He kissed her with everything he had.

She was forced to look up, her senses tingling as she could not help but swallow her saliva.

His large hand reached behind her neck, his fingers caressing her smooth skin repeatedly.

Disregarding her struggles against him, he placed a kiss on her neck, then buried his face there, taking a deep breath of her scent.

Xia Yanran froze, not daring to move.

She stared at the mans short black hair, a fire seemingly starting to burn in her heart. She wanted to raise her hands to hug his head several times, but she did not have the courage to do it.

All she knew was that he did not despise her and was not afraid.

However, she was afraid.

If she had really contracted Yi Fans AIDs, being so intimate with him might pass the illness to him too. How could she do that to him?

"Xiao Yi, dont be like this."

Xiao Yi looked up from Xia Yanrans neck, his eyes dark and deep, interlaced with an endless heat, as they gazed as her. He pushed the hair resting by her cheek away, before his lips landed on hers once again.

This time, his kiss was like a crazy storm, wanting to swallow her cleanly and completely. A familiar, but at the same time, unfamiliar taste was present in his mouth, as his large hand caressed the corners of his eyebrows.

She stared at the man in front of her. His eyes were so dark they were like a pair of wormholes, able to suck her in the moment she looked into them.

Xia Yanrans mind slowly muddled into a mess. She clearly knew that she could not continue like this, but her body reacted first.

Their tongues intertwined with each other like they in a frenzied dance. Her reaction made his blood boil, as he attacked her even more ferociously.

Xia Yanrans tongue turned numb from his actions, her energy seemingly sucked away by a large needle as her arms curled around his neck unconsciously.

The hairs on the back of his neck were short and hard. When her fingers touched them, they were slightly prickly.

It had been a very long time since they kissed so contentedly. Xiao Yi felt his abdomen tightening, his large hands slowly slipping down from her waist to her perky butt, making her press against him more closely.

Xia Yanrans breathing turned harder, the oxygen within her seemingly sucked away by him.

All of her rationality disappeared.

Even if she continued to say things against his wishes in front of him, her body could not lie. He only released her when she was almost out of breath.

Her soft lips were full and red, like a ripe peach that looked extremely delicious.

He pulled her hand up and kissed it.

"Yanran, remember this. No matter if youve contracted AIDs or not, I will always accompany you."

Xia Yanran did not have the chance to react when he suddenly pulled her finger into his mouth and bit it hard.

Xia Yanran sucked in a breath from the pain. "Xiao Yi, what are you doing?"

Xiao Yi did not say anything, letting her finger go before he bit his own index finger.

Comprehending what he was trying to do, without thinking, Xia Yanran immediately ran away from him.

However, Xiao Yis legs were long and he managed to catch up to her with a few steps.

Xia Yanrans eyes filled with tears, pulling her hand behind herself as she kept shaking her head. "Xiao Yi, you dont have to do this, really!"

Xiao Yi did not speak, merely pulling her hand forcibly.

Xia Yanran would rather die than dare give her hand to him.

"Xiao Yi, are you crazy? I beg you, you really dont have to be like this!" Xia Yanrans eyes turned completely red, her emotions churning within her. "Ill live properly for the next three months and wont give up on myself. Let go of me!"

If normal people knew that she might be an AIDs carrier, they would stay far away from her. This fool, on the other hand, not only kissed her, he even touched her blood

How could he be so foolish?

Xia Yanran cried as she begged, but he did not listen to her.

They tugged with each other, the two of them intertwining with each other for a while before she lost strength fight to him.

He pressed their injured fingers together.

No Xia Yanran fell onto the floor weakly.

She could only watch their blood touched each others.

Xia Yanrans heart tightened, and her eyes fluttered shut, her tears falling silently.

Xiao Yi crouched down beside Xia Yanran. Seeing her face covered in tears, he caressed her face. "Alright, are we in the same boat now? Dont be afraid. If youve really contracted it, Ill be with you."

Xia Yanran pushed him away harshly, opening her tear-filled eyes as she glared at him fiercely. "Who told you to do this? Xiao Yi, you crazy person!"

As she spoke, she ran into his arms.

Clenching her hands into tight fists, she punched him with all of the energy she could muster. "Youve always been such an a**hole since the moment I knew you! You never ask for my opinion in everything you do!"

Xiao Yi kissed Xia Yanrans forehead. "Dont you love this a**hole anyways?"

"I dont love you, I hate you! I hate you so much!"

"You can continue to lie!"

Xia Yanrans eyes were red and swollen from all her crying, and she knew that she was definitely looking extremely ugly right now.

When they hiked down the mountain, she did not dare look at Xiao Yi, choosing to walk in front of him as she rushed down.

Staring at her back, Xiao Yi never felt better or happier.

Xia Yanran knew that Xiao Yi still had some things to settle in Hong Kong, yet he worried about her staying in the cave alone, so she compromised and agreed to return to Ning City.

"Junyuan is a doctor. If you go back to stay with him, he will know how to take care of you. Besides, we cannot confirm if youve contracted AIDs yet, Ill only not worry if Junyuan is with you and taking care of you."

Xia Yanran nodded. "I hope that I didnt contract it. If not, Id be implicating you too."

The moment she finished speaking, her butt was slapped ruthlessly by him. "I did it willingly. If you say things like this again, you can see how Ill punish you."

Xia Yanran was speechless.

After telling Xiao Meng and Xiao Liang about the brief situation, Xia Yanran tidied her things and got on Xiao Yis car, before they returned to Ning City together.

When she came here alone, she felt like her world was going to collapse.

She was completely confused and helpless.

However, because of Xiao Yi, she felt like she had been injected with a new vigor.

He was the one who gave her strength and courage.

Xia Yanran sat at the front passenger seat as she stared at Xiao Yis handsome side profile. She could not help but ask, "Xiao Yi, be honest. Back then, you bought my virginity because you fell in love with me at first sight, didnt you?"

Xiao Yi raised an eyebrow at Xia Yanran. "You had your virginity?"

Xia Yanran blushed. There was no blood after her virginity was taken, and because of this, he had tortured her quite a bit in the past.

Grr. Chatting with him was completely uninteresting. He was basically a killer of all conversations!

Turning her head in anger, Xia Yanran didnt want to talk to him anymore.

"Yanran, are you dumb?" Xiao Yi reached a hand out from the steering wheel to grasp her head, forcing her to turn towards him. "Didnt I still want you for so many years whether you were a virgin or not?"





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