Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 834

Chapter 834 Sweet Night 1

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On the way back to Ning City, Xia Yanran ignored Xiao Yi for the entire ride.

It was not like he would say anything nice.

She had explained to him before about the matter of her virginity, though she did not know if he believed her or not.

The truth was like that, not every girl would have spotting after their first time. When she was growing up, she might have accidentally hit it and caused it to tear accidentally.

Staring at her angry and awkward behavior, Xiao Yis mood surged.

Junyuan had received a call from Xiao Yi, so he had been waiting at home since a few hours ago.

Seeing Xia Yanran come back, he did not welcome her immediately, sitting on the sofa instead as he looked like an extremely strict guardian.

Noting Junyuans dark expression, Xia Yanran walked in front of her, speaking timidly, "Brother, are you angry? Arent I back now?"

Junyuan suddenly took out a feather cane from behind him. This was their Xia family rule. The eldest brother was like a father, and Junyuan would use the family rule on their youngest sister and her whenever they were disobedient and would never hold back.

Seeing this, Xia Yanran jumped in fear.

She hurriedly hid herself behind Xiao Yi.

Junyuans expression darkened even more. Although he looked gentle and calm usually, he was like Hades when he got angry.

"Brother, I was wrong. Ill never lie to you again. Ill tell you everything in the future, alright?"

Xiao Yi stared at the scared Xia Yanran, before he said to Junyuan, "Brother, Yanran admitted her mistake. Please forgive her this time!"

Hearing Xiao Yi called Junyuan Brother so familiarly, both the corners of Xia Yanran and Junyuans lips twitched.

Xia Yanran really respected Xiao Yi from the bottom of her heart. Her older brother was still angry, wasnt he adding fuel to the fire by doing this?

Indeed, Junyuans expression darkened even more as he glared at Xiao Yi. "Whos your brother? Mr Xiao, although you brought Yanran back, I will never agree to Yanran being with you!"

Junyuan knew very clearly what Xiao Yi did for a living. His days were not stable, and although he did not lack money, if he was murdered one day, what was the point of having so much money?

"Brother, I never said I was going to marry Xiao Yi. Why are you saying such things to him?"

Turning towards Xia Yanran, Xiao Yi had a dangerous expression on his handsome face. "Who are you going to marry if youre not going to marry me?"

Xia Yanran blinked at Xiao Yi, signaling to stop talking about this.

It was still too early to talk about marriage. Who knew what would happen in the future?

First, she wanted to enjoy the process of them dating before thinking about anything else. Although they had been together in the past, a large period of it was of him forcing her to do things and she never felt any hint of sweetness back then.

However, it was different now. Her mindset had changed, with her thinking that everything was sweet as long as he was with her.

Junyuan stared at Xia Yanran quietly. Seeing the adoration she had for Xia Yanran exuding from her eyes, he furrowed his eyebrows.

Looking from his appearance only, Xiao Yi was indeed outstanding. He was tall and stylish, like a walking hanger that looked good with any kind of clothing. He was wearing a black shirt and blue pants, making him look even more exquisite and handsome. If he walked out now, who would have known that he was from the mafia?

"Brother, Im hungry. I want to eat the food you made." Xia Yanran pouted, whining at Junyuan. Every time Xia Yanran whined, Junyuan would not be able to do anything but heed to her wishes.

On the way back to Ning City, Xiao Yi had told Junyuan about Xia Yanrans situation.

Junyuan naturally could not bear to really hit Xia Yanran. Seeing her whine to him, his heart immediately softened.

"I estimated the time you would arrive, so I already prepared some food." Putting down the feather cane, Junyuan walked towards the dining room.

After Junyuan disappeared from their sight, Xiao Yi said by Xia Yanrans ear, "I didnt think apart from holding a scalpel, your older brother knew how to cook?"

Xia Yanran said proudly, "Of course, my older brothers knows how to do everything. Hes the best guy ever. In this lifetime, whoever is able to marry my brother must have done many good deeds in their previous life!"

Xiao Yi hugged Xia Yanrans shoulders. "If you marry me, you must have done many good deeds in your last two lives."

Xia Yanran pinched Xiao Yis waist. "Youre just a shameless person."

Before Xiao Yi could say anything, an unhappy voice interrupted them. "What are the two of you doing?"

Hearing Junyuans voice, Xia Yanran immediately pushed Xiao Yis hand away, running towards the dining room first.

After washing her hands, Xia Yanran sat beside Junyuan, while Xiao Yi sat opposite of them.

Junyuan glanced at Xia Yanran, before he glanced at Xiao Yi. "Mr Xiao, after the meal, you should go back earlier to settle your work. Ill take good care of Yanran."

Xia Yanran kicked Junyuan under the table, saying softly, "Brother, he hasnt slept properly for a few days to find me. Ill let him sleep in my room later while I sleep in our younger sisters room."

Junyuan stared at his younger sister speechless.

A grown girl really cant be kept at home!

Noting her feelings for Xiao Yi, there was probably no use even if he objected to them strongly!

"Eat your food properly and stop feeding me dog food." Junyuan took some food for Xia Yanran.

Xia Yanran took a bite, asking Junyuan softly, "Brother, I may be an AIDs carrier while Xiao Yi touched my blood as well. Do you want to take some food for yourself and eat them separately from us?"

Hearing this, Junyuan really wanted to kick this younger sister of his to the Pacific Ocean.

Noting that Junyuan was about to flare out in anger, Xiao Yi hurriedly interrupted. "Yanran, Brother is a doctor, he knows what he can do!"

Junyuan blew up. "Dont. Call. Me. Brother!" If he did not remember wrongly, he was two years younger than Xiao Yi!

Xiao Yi said, "Brother, please eat and dont be angry. Its not healthy for your body."

Junyuan was speechless.

After they were done, Xia Yanran did all she could to convince Junyuan to agree to Xiao Yi spending a night at their house.

Xia Yanran returned to her room and took out a clean set of bedsheets from the wardrobe. When she was changing the bedsheets, someone suddenly grabbed her waist.

A mans firm and strong arms wrapped around her from behind.

Xia Yanran was bending down, her perky behind pressed against the mans abdomen and she could feel his hard belt.

Her soft long hair had been tied into a ponytail, her fair neck flushing.

Xia Yanran used her elbow to poke the man behind her. "What are you doing? If my older brother sees you later, you wouldnt be able to sleep here tonight anymore."

"He went to the washroom."

Xia Yanran was speechless.

The mans large hand caressed her collarbones, before they slowly moved down. Xia Yanran flushed, feeling as if an electricity current had gone through her. She put down the bedsheets, struggling in his embrace. "Stop it."

"Yanran, how about we go to a hotel?"


Xiao Yi turned Xia Yanran around, pressing kisses from her eyebrows, her nose then to her lips. Xia Yanran was extremely scared, her hands pressed against his chest as she used all of her energy to push him away.

However, he was way stronger than her, and in amongst their pushing, she was pushed onto the bed.

He pressed against her, his lips biting her earlobe, making it wet.

A tingle ran through her, and her arms went around his neck as she lifted her leg to rub against his pants.

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