Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 837

Chapter 837 A Never Before Experience

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The two girls glanced towards Xia Yanran, who was standing on the steps with a bottle of mineral water.

She was wearing a black sweater and denim shorts, making her look youthful and cute. Seeing them glance towards her, she even smiled at them brightly.

Her smile was bright and charming.

Women like that were very popular with guys.

The two girls their places and stopped asking for Xiao Yis Weixin, merely running away in a hurry.

Xia Yanran walked in front of Xiao Yi, throwing the bottle of mineral water on him. "Ive only left for such a short while, but youre already seducing girls?"

The expression on his face was not remorseful at all. "Who asked your man to be so charming?"

Xia Yanran glared at him angrily. "Thats also because you were acting cool!"

Xiao Yi hugged Xia Yanrans neck, leaning down to place a kiss on her pouty lips. "I only did it because of you. Lets go to a hotel, I want to do it."

Why did he always have to be so frank?

Xia Yanran was extremely embarrassed by his words.

Pushing away his handsome face that did not match with his personality, she turned away and asked, "Are you really going back to Hong Kong tomorrow?"

He hummed in agreement.

Xia Yanran could not help but feel sad. However, she could understand the circumstances he was in as well.

For him to be able to come from Hong Kong and open his heart, telling her his thoughts properly, was already good enough.

Besides, he even accompanied her for two days.

She could not ask for too much.

"Xiao Yi, lets go to that mountain you brought me to last time to watch the sunrise!"

Staring at Xia Yanrans anticipating eyes, Xiao Yi could not bear to reject her. "Sure."

They were back at the same place, but her heart was completely different now.

When she came here last time, she hated and despised him, with every cell in her body feeling miserable whenever she was with him.

However, this time, it was different. With him by her side, even the air she breathed in was sweet.

On the way here, Xiao Yi bought a camping tent and sleeping bags. Once they reached the top of the mountain, he set up the tent while Xia Yanran wrapped herself in a female windbreaker, standing as she stared at the scenic view in front of her.

Xia Yanran stared at the sight for a while. When she turned around, Xiao Yi was almost done with the tent.

He had bought a professional tent that Xia Yanran did not know how to set up, so she could only crouch beside him as she watched him.

"Are you tired?" Xia Yanran stared at him, her eyes bright.

"I can still do it seven times a night."

Xia Yanran glared at him. "Youre always so indecent."

Xiao Yi did not say anything more. Once the setting up of the tent was done, Xia Yanran burrowed herself into a sleeping bag and lay down.

Seeing Xia Yanran almost burying her head into the sleeping bag while laying down like this, Xiao Yi shook his head helplessly as he squatted beside the tent.

"Xia Yanran," he called for her moodily.

Xia Yanran hummed. "We still have to watch the sunrise tomorrow morning, sleep quick!"

Xiao Yi stared at the top of her head for a while, his heart itching in annoyance.

This ruthless woman!

Xiao Yi moved up to pull the zipper of her sleeping bag down a little, to which Xia Yanran suddenly opened her eyes, staring at him like she was guarding herself against a wolf. "What are you doing?"

Xiao Yi leaned down to place a kiss on her lips. He did not say anything, but two words. "Good night." With that said, he zipped her sleeping bag back up.

Noting his actions, Xia Yanrans heart thumped crazily.

Compared to the past, Xiao Yi did change slightly.

In the past, if he wanted it, he would never be considerate of her feelings and would force it onto her.

Now however, he had learnt to respect her.

Xia Yanran smiled, her mood lifted up by Xiao Yis actions. With a happy mood, she fell asleep very quickly.

Even though they were in an unknown environment, because Xiao Yi was with her, Xia Yanran managed to sleep very well.

Remembering that she wanted to see the sunrise, Xia Yanran woke up very early.

The skies had lightened up a little when Xia Yanran pushed Xiao Yi, who was beside her. "Wake up to see the sunrise!"

As Xiao Yi had not fallen into a deep sleep, he woke up almost instantly once Xia Yanran called for him and sat up. "Is the sun out yet?"


After they washed up simply, they took out a small chair and sat by the slope.

It was slightly cold up in the mountains in the morning, so Xiao Yi wore his coat and pulled Xia Yanran onto his lap, wrapping the large coat over them.

Slowly, along the peaks of the mountains from afar, a golden shimmer started to cover the skies.

That kind of sacred color was extremely pretty.

Xia Yanran looked away from the skies and towards the man who was hugging her.

He was staring into the distance, his face appearing to be even more handsome under the morning light. With the small distance between them, she could even see the small hairs on his face clearly. His skin was really good, she could not even see a pore. His facial features were exquisite as well, though when he raised an eyebrow, there was an undeniable arrogance as well.

Xia Yanran could not help but admit that the man watching the sunrise so seriously was extremely attractive.

Her eyes landed on his pinkish lips, her hand reaching out from under his coat to circle around his neck.

"Xiao Yi, I brought this."

Xiao Yi stared at the woman in his arms, she was looking up slightly, biting her lips as she stared at him with watery eyes.

Xiao Yis Adams apple bobbed. "What did you bring?"

Xia Yanran pushed a small square item into his hands.

Looking down, Xiao Yis black eyes immediately constricted.

"Youre about to leave later so Im pitying you. Do you want it?"

Xiao Yis abdomen tightened, his eyes on her slowly burning with fire. "Lets go back to the tent."

"No, I want it here."

This woman!

However, it was the excitement of doing it outside that sparked the fire within them.

No one knew who took the initiative first, as the fire burned larger and stronger.

Xiao Yi bit Xia Yanrans lips, licking and sucking them. When Xia Yanran opened her teeth slightly, his tongue pushed into her mouth, entwining with hers in a sensual dance.

Within a short while, she was panting, her head dizzy.

Xiao Yi made her straddle him, as she bared her neck slightly, letting his kisses move down one after another. Her petite hands reached under his coat, finding his firm waist then moved onto his hard belt.

As her fingers moved across his well-defined stomach, the slightly chilled feeling made him feel numb from head to toe.

In this quiet place, only their heavy breathing could be heard.

He placed the small square in his hands by his lips, biting down onto it softly as his fiery but devilish eyes seemed extremely sexy and attractive.

It was the same place, and the same person. But her eyes on him were no longer full of rejection and objection.

Instead, they were filled with fluttering and dazed want and their shared need.

All the blood within him was boiling crazily.

Xia Yanran had never been so bold. To her, this was a new experience.

The beautiful scenery from the slow sunrise made her completely lose herself. It was as if everything else disappeared, and only the two of them existed in this world.

No matter how nice things were, they would still come to an end.

After they left the mountain, Xiao Yi went back to Hong Kong.

In order to not let Second Master Qin raise any suspicion, he never contacted Xia Yanran again after that.

Those two short days they had spent together felt like an unrealistic dream to Xia Yanran, at times, it still felt like she was floating on the clouds.

But now, she had woken up and needed to return to reality.

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