Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 838

Chapter 838 A Domineering Kiss

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At S Country.

After Nan Zhi forgave Mu Sihan for the white lie about Ye Qing, the two of them invited a few friends to Crown Palace.

Bo Yan, Yan Hua, Lan Yanzhi and even Ye Yanfeng had been invited to come over for dinner.

Nan Zhi cooked personally.

Mu Sihan chatted with them for a while in the living room, before he entered the kitchen. Staring at the slender figure busy in front of the kitchen counters, he walked over and hugged her from behind.

Nan Zhi turned her head sideways to glance at the man behind her. His face was very close to hers, her senses surrounded by his refreshing and charming scent.

Almost unconsciously, Nan Zhis heart started to speed up a little. Staring into his deep black eyes, she said with a laugh, "What are you doing? If you let people see this, it wouldnt be good, would it?"

On the outside, he was the Crown Prince that was above everyone else, cool and fierce and never smiling to anyone.

However, in front of her, he would be like a child that had never grown up.

As long as he was not working and had free time, he would stick to her.

"This is my place, who would dare say anything?" He was still as domineering and thick-skinned as before.

Nan Zhi used her elbow to poke his chest. "Go out quick, Im about to start cooking."

"Its not like there arent any cooks in the Palace, why are you making yourself do so much work?"

Nan Zhi did not agree to Mu Sihans words, replying, "We can only show our sincerity by cooking personally."

Mu Sihan burrowed his well-defined handsome face into Nan Zhis neck, smelling the fragrance on her. He said unhappily, "Its been so long since I managed to eat the food you made, but theyre able to eat it the moment they come. Im going to punish you tonight."

After the two of them got together, they had a certain level of chemistry already.

Naturally, Nan Zhi understood what he meant by punishment.

"Youll eventually die from it."

"If I can die under the Zhi flowers, Ill be a pervert even when Im a ghost."

Nan Zhi glared at him in annoyance. "Stop it, really. Go out quick. Stop distracting me."

Mu Sihan pressed his chin on Nan Zhis shoulder, his hot breath spraying onto her skin and she could smell the faint cigarette smell on him. If it was any other person, she would definitely find the smell unbearable. However, on him, together with his refreshing scent, it became a unique scent that was so sexy she could get drunk on it.

Ever since the two of them got together, she had never smelt other womens perfumes on him. He was especially self-disciplined for his private life. Although he liked to stick to her and would always be so shameless, he never touched other women and this made her especially happy.

He continued to stare at her pretty and exquisite face. Although he was unwilling to go out, he did not speak either, merely pressing his sexy lips on her cheek and ear, kissing them repeatedly.

Wherever his lips touched before felt like an electricity current had flowed within her, tingling her to the point her scalp was turning numb.

"Stop it."

"Kiss me and Ill go out." His large hand pressed down her slender waist tightly, making her back press against his chest. Seeing the heat and invasive eyes, her heart thumped crazily, her breath losing its rhythm.

She never known there would be a man like this to teach her what a fluttering heart meant.

She tiptoed slightly, turning her head to the side to kiss his lips. "Will this do?"

"How is this a kiss?" He raised an eyebrow, smirking at her.

"Dont take things too far. We have guests, how can you come over and stick to me instead of accommodating them?"

The moment Nan Zhi finished speaking, he kissed her fiercely.

His domineering way was exactly the same as before. He pressed her against the counter, the kiss becoming more ravaging as he teased her lips apart.

His scorching tongue pushed past her teeth, brushing across her teeth before it entered her mouth to twirl with her tongue. Her body started to numb and lose energy, letting him to what he wanted to her.

"Tsk tsk, do we have to wait another hour before we can start cooking?"

A teasing voice trailed over from the door.

Nan Zhi glanced at the door, only to see Lan Yanzhi with his hands crossed in front of him, eyebrows raised as he stared at the scene in front of him with keen interest.

Nan Zhi pushed Mu Sihan away awkwardly. "I told you to go out."

On the other hand, Mu Sihan was very calm as he walked in front of Lan Yanzhi, kicking him once. "Who told you to peek at us? Go and dig your eyes out."

Lan Yanzhi shrugged his shoulders. "Fourth Brother, youre being the classical hoes over bros."

"Im happy to be that."

"Alright, both Bo Yan and you have your women now. You guys are so capable youre agitating a single man like me everyday!"

After Mu Sihan and Lan Yanzhi left the kitchen, Yan Hua ran over and whispered quietly to Nan Zhi, "When Young Master Mu was in here just now, I didnt dare come in at all. Zhizhi, your lips are red and swollen. Did you"

Nan Zhi said, slightly embarrassed, "Hes always like this, especially thick-skinned."

"Young Master Mu is young and capable, hes also the Crown Prince while his charm is the highest in S Country. So many women wants to become his Princess Consort!"

Of course Nan Zhi knew about this. When their relationship was first revealed, she had been scolded by many of his girlfriend fans. It was only afterwards when he revealed his strong stance about her, saying that anyone who dared to scold her would have their accounts banned immediately, that they stopped.

"Whenever the Crown Palace uploads a photo of the Crown Prince, it will reach more than twenty thousand likes, with all the women licking his photo."

Hearing this, Nan Zhi burst out in laughter from Yan Huas words. "In that case, did I save the galaxy in my past life?"

"Of course!"

"Huahua, if you praise him like that, be careful of your General Bo being jealous."

Yan Hua helped Nan Zhi put the vegetables she had cut into the plate, laughing as she said, "Bo Yan doesnt like to take photos. But, I think that he wouldnt look as good as Young Master Mu even if he did.

From the corner of her eyes, Nan Zhi saw Bo Yan, who had unknowingly stood by the kitchen door. She hurriedly tried to signal with her eyes to Yan Hua, though the latter did not understand it as she continued to say, "My assistant is a super fan of your Young Master Mu. Whenever the Royal familys official media uploads his photo, she will scream out loud like she was crazy in the office, "So handsome, so handsome! I really want to marry him!"

Noting the expression of the man at the entrance getting darker, Nan Zhi clenched her fists and coughed, telling Yan Hua softly, "Huahua, someone is jealous."

Yan Hua turned around. When she saw Bo Yan staring straight at her with dark and cold eyes, her lashes fluttered softly.

Bo Yan turned around to leave.

Yan Hua poked her tongue out at Nan Zhi. "The jealous king is online now."

Nan Zhi burst into laughter from Yan Huas words.

In the tearoom.

Mu Sihan, Lan Yanzhi, Elder Dong and Ji Chuan were playing cards.

Bo Yan walked over with a dark expression, glancing at Mu Sihan. "You, come out."

Mu Sihan was confused.

Amy, who had been watching them play from the side, said, "Bo Yan is calling you. You can go speak to him, Ill help you play for a few rounds."

Mu Sihan got up and followed Bo Yan into the gardens.

"What happened? Did you eat some gunpowder?" Mu Sihan raised an eyebrow at Bo Yan.

"My wife praised you."

Mu Sihan froze for a second, before he smirked. "Yan Hua praised me? Ha, that means that Im really charming!"

Bo Yan eyed the arrogant and narcissistic Mu Sihan in annoyance. He took out his phone and passed it to Mu Sihan. "Help me take a photo."

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