Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 839

Chapter 839 Whose Child Was Little Xingxing?

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Mu Sihan was confused.

He did not usually like to take photos, but after becoming the Crown Prince, he had to be under the eyes of the media and public. That was why he had a cold and serious expression in all of his photos.

He did not know if it was because his country had a different beauty standard, or the current trend was to not smile like him, but his stern photos actually managed to create a hot trend online for a while.

Several netizens thought that he was cool and handsome.

Mu Sihan did not think so personally, and even now, he still did not like to take photos.

Staring at Bo Yan, who, like him, did not like to take photos but was asking him to help him take a photo now, Mu Sihan narrowed his eyes slightly. "What happened?"

"My wife said that my photos would not be as handsome as yours. Help me take one now!"

Bo Yan put both his hands into his pockets, standing straight up as his indifferent expression seemed especially serious and stern. His expression made it seem like he was not taking a photo, but was handling a military exercise instead.

Seeing Bo Yans appearance, Mu Sihan burst out in laughter.

Still, he took out his phone and took a few photos of him.

"Take a look."

Bo Yan glanced at the photos Mu Sihan took, glaring at him coldly. "Youre definitely jealous that Im more handsome than you, thats why you chose the ugliest angle to take photos of me."

Mu Sihan walked in front of Bo Yan, patting his shoulders. "Just admit that your photos arent as nice as mine!"

After Mu Sihan left, Bo Yan opened his phones gallery and found the photo Shi Tou had taken of him during a military exercise, before he sent it to Yan Hua.

In the kitchen.

When Yan Hua heard her phone ring in notification, she took out her phone. Seeing that Bo Yan had sent her a message, she opened it.

What she saw was so unbelievable, she almost dropped her phone.

Nan Zhi hurriedly caught her phone for her.

Seeing the photo of Bo Yan wearing his military uniform and black boots as he stared out of the observatory with a pair of binoculars, Nan Zhi exclaimed, "Huahua, your General Bo looks really handsome in his military uniform! Im about to become his fan!"

Before Yan Hua could say anything, she saw Mu Sihan walking towards the kitchen but Nan Zhi had not noticed.

"I think that Bo Yan is more handsome than Mu Sihan. Soldiers are the most handsome and charming!"

As a result, the people playing cards in the tearoom watched Mu Sihan and Bo Yan reenter the room with dark expressions.

Then, the two of them started playing cards and killed each other ruthlessly in the game.

It continued until Yi Fan led Ye Yanfeng in.

Seeing Ye Yanfeng, Lan Yanzhi asked Mu Sihan softly, "Fourth Brother, you actually invited him too?"

Mu Sihan hummed, before he got up to welcome Ye Yanfeng.

"Its quite lively here."

Mu Sihan shrugged his shoulders. "Do you want to play with them?"

Ye Yanfeng sat on the sofa, crossing his slender legs. "I have something to ask you."

He kept it in for a few days, but ended up not resisting the urge to come and confirm if what he heard at the KTV that night was true.

Mu Sihan sat opposite of Ye Yanfeng. "Sure."

"Did Shangguan Wan and you ever have real feelings for each other?"

Mu Sihan rarely saw Ye Yanfeng being so confused and unsure. In the past, he was as arrogant as anyone could get, never taking anyone else seriously.

"Nan Zhi is the only one for me."

Ye Yanfeng tightened his hold on his knees, a scoff appearing on his handsome face. "She never told me that."

He could tell that he was nothing in her heart.

Mu Sihan leaned back against the sofa, raising an eyebrow at Ye Yanfeng. "I thought that you would go to Yukou Border after that night at the KTV."

Ye Yanfeng huffed coldly. "Am I that crazy about her? I can curl my fingers and so many women would throw themselves to me."

Mu Sihan did not believe him, but he kept silent.

The two of them remained quiet for a while before Mu Sihan moved to get up. Ye Yanfeng coughed once, his expression slightly awkward and proud. "Its no point even if I go find her. We wont be able to stay with each other even if I make her fall in love with me."

Mu Sihans eyes darkened slightly.

"No matter if Shangguan Wan and your marriage was real, the two of you were acknowledged as a couple before. She was the Fourth Princess Consort in the eyes of the public. If she married me, she would only suffer from all the malicious comments thrown at her. The most important thing is that the Queen will never agree to it."

Ye Yanfeng lit up a cigarette, narrowing his eyes as he exhaled out a mouthful of smoke. "I helped you with Ye Qings situation, so I hope that you can arrange a marriage between us after you become the King!"

Mu Sihan stared at Ye Yanfeng. "According to the Royal rules, indeed, you cannot get married to Wan Er."

"If you cannot guarantee this, I dont mind becoming the second Ye Qing to fight for the crown with you!" Ye Yanfeng stood up, staring straight into Mu Sihans eyes, his eyes sharp and cold with a Kings aura.

Mu Sihan smirked. "You have to settle Wan Er and your father before you come to talk to me about this."

Ye Yanfeng put out the cigarette in the ashtray, his expression dark as he spoke, "Whose son is Little Xingxing?"

The expression on Mu Sihans face was clueless. "If youre asking me, then who do I ask?"

Ye Yanfeng did not stay at the Palace for dinner, his expression slightly dark when he left.

When Nan Zhi was done cooking and came out from the kitchen, she happened to see Ye Yanfeng leave with his dark expression.

She walked in front of Mu Sihan, asking softly, "Did you make him angry?"

"Hes angry at himself for not being able to get Shangguan Wan."

Nan Zhi sighed. "Both Wan Er and him are so stubborn, both unwilling to compromise with the other. Itll be very hard for them to be together like that."

Mu Sihan raised an eyebrow at Nan Zhi. "Earlier in the kitchen, you saw Bo Yans photo and said that hes more handsome and charming than me?"

Acting like she did not hear him, Nan Zhi smacked her forehead lightly. "Ah, Ill go and see if the soup is ready. You can get them to play the last round before they get ready for dinner."

Nan Zhi was just about to turn around and enter the kitchen when she heard a pleasing female voice. "Brother Sihan, Im here."

A woman wearing a long red dress walked in.

Yi Fan followed behind her, a female luggage in his hands.

When Mu Sihan saw the woman, he moved forward to hug her lightly. "Welcome."

Nan Zhi stared at the charming, sexy and feminine woman, slightly confused. She couldnt seem to remember seeing this woman before.

Was she a close friend of Mu Sihan?

Not only was Nan Zhi surprised to see Zi Yan, Zi Yan was surprised when she saw Nan Zhi.

In the past, when she saw the Island Masters fiance at Light Island, she thought she looked like an innocent and untouched goddess. But now, when she was actually wearing a Winnie the Pooh pink apron, holding a ladle in her hand. It was as if she had fallen down from the skies and looked a little more soulful.

The two women stared at each other silently.

Mu Sihan walked over, about to introduce them to each other when a scoffing voice interrupted them suddenly. "Miss Zi, why are you here?"

When Zi Yan saw Lan Yanzhi, who had appeared in the living room, she froze for a second. Regaining her senses, she smiled softly. "Brother Sihan invited me over to have fun for a few days."


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