Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 840

Chapter 840 Accidentally Spilling Soup On His Pants

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Zi Yan stared at Lan Yanzhi. His hands were in his pocket, and there was a slight bitterness swelling in her heart as she stared at his opening and closing mouth.

They had already been separated for a very long time.

She thought that he had already let go of some things. But seeing him act like this, it seemed like he still had a very strong opinion against her.

She did not want to come to the Capital at first, but ever since they met again at Light Island, she could not control her legs at all.

Even though she knew that it would cause him to despise her even more, she still came.

Noting the flash of hatred in his eyes, Zi Yan smiled brightly. "Brother Yanzhi, do you not welcome me?"

When she asked this, her lips were trembling slightly.

Lan Yanzhi stared at Zi Yan, his handsome eyebrows furrowing together unconsciously. Zi Yan could clearly feel the temperature in the air drop several degrees.

It seemed like he did not welcome her at all.

Mu Sihan could feel the silent tension between them, and he kicked towards Lan Yanzhi. "Go in and play with your cards."

Lan Yanzhi hummed coldly, no longer saying anything as he turned around to leave.

Zi Yan remained at where she was, feeling incredibly awkward.

"Brother Sihan, Sister-in-law, I should leave." Even though she had become very strong over the last few years and had prepared herself to become strangers with Lan Yanzhi, his hurtful attitude still hurt her.

Some couples that had broken up would even act like they didnt know each other when they met. They would never be like him, hurting her whenever he spoke.

Nan Zhi could already tell something from the exchange earlier. She hurriedly pulled Zi Yans arm. "Why are you leaving when you just arrived? I heard from Sihan that there was a girl who helped him on Light Island, he was referring to you, right?"

"If it wasnt for your help, I dont know when Sihan and I would meet again!" Nan Zhi smiled at Zi Yan. "I cooked personally tonight, so please stay and eat with us!"

Staring at the friendly Nan Zhi, Zi Yan calmed her emotions down as she blinked. "Sister-in-law was like an untouched fairy in my heart in the past. I thought that you had never done any chores, and did not expect you to be so capable!"

Nan Zhis smile widened. "Dont praise me so much, if not Ill float to the skies with all your praises."

Nan Zhis personality was so nice, so it was easy for Zi Yan managed to familiarize herself with Nan Zhi within a short time. She took the initiative to go into the kitchen to help out, unwilling to listen to Nan Zhis request to let her rest.

The three women placed the dishes on the dining table.

The card game in the tearoom had stopped and the group came into the dining room.

When Amy saw the large table filled with delicious-looking dishes and the tantalizing smells emanating from them, she exclaimed out loud, "Oh my god, they look so delicious! Were both women, but why are we so different? Seeing the food Zhizhi cooked makes me feel like Im useless trash!"

Elder Dong commented without holding himself back. "Im glad you know that."

"Teacher, how can you criticize your student like this? Keep some face for me!"

Once all of the food was on the table, Nan Zhi got Yan Hua and Zi Yan to go sit down while she ladled some soup for everyone.

Zi Yan was not willing to sit down, so after Nan Zhi scooped the soup, she helped bring them to the table.

When Amy saw Zi Yan, she exclaimed once more, "Theres another fairy now! Who does this fairy belong to?"

As Amy said that, Zi Yan was bringing the bowls of soup to everyone and was ready to place the last bowl of soup in front of Lan Yanzhi. Her hand shook when she heard what Amy said.

Some of the soup spilled onto Lan Yanzhi.

Lan Yanzhis expression immediately darkened.

Seeing that a large area of his pants were wet, Zi Yan hurriedly put down the bowl. She was unable to find any tissue on the dining table, so she hurriedly ran over to the kitchen to bring out a cloth. She crouched down to help him wipe his pants. "Im sorry, Brother Yanzhi, I didnt do it on purpose."

The soup was so hot, spilling it on him must have been painful!

The soup happened to trail along the sides of his left thigh and down. Zi Yan was merely afraid of scalding Lan Yanzhi, and did not notice if her actions were appropriate. She did not notice the gaze Lan Yanzhi gave her, as well as those given by the rest of them.

Lan Yanzhi looked down at her. The red dress Zi Yan was wearing was slightly sexy, as she crouched down, he happened to be able to see a hint of cleavage from where he was sitting.

He looked away, then glanced at her wiping his pants with the cloth, her fingers accidentally grazing against his sensitive spot. He immediately felt his chest tighten as irritation rose within him.

He grabbed Zi Yans arm, pulling her up in annoyance.

"Stay away from me!" Lan Yanzhi suddenly stood up, telling the rest curtly to start eating first before he walked towards the washroom.

No one noticed the veins on the back of his hands popping up, apart from Zi Yan. She furrowed her eyebrows. Was he scalded really badly? He must be in so much pain!

"Brother Sihan, Ill go take a look at him." Zi Yan ran after where Lan Yanzhi had left towards.

Everyone else on the dining table stared at each other.

Amy coughed, breaking the silence and awkwardness in the air. "Ah. So shes Young Master Lans fairy."

Right after Lan Yanzhi entered the washroom, Zi Yan arrived as well.

Lan Yanzhi stared at the woman behind him through the mirror. "Miss Zi, I didnt know that you would still be so thick-skinned after so many years? What do you want to do by following a man into a washroom?"

Zi Yan bit her lips, staring at where Lan Yanzhi had been scalded. "Are you badly scalded? Lets go to the hospital!"

Lan Yanzhi turned around to stare at Zi Yan, his expression slightly dark. "Stop acting in front of me. Didnt you spill that hot soup on my pants on purpose?" His voice was hard, as if he had squeezed those words out.

Zi Yan trembled slightly, her eyes darkening as she shook her head. "I didnt do it on purpose."

Lan Yanzhi scoffed with laughter.

His expression, his words and his attitude were all like a sharp sword that stabbed into Zi Yans heart ruthlessly.

She thought that she would no longer be hurt by him, but she had underestimated herself.

"Since youre alright, then Ill go out to eat." She smiled softly at him.

Seeing her smile, Lan Yanzhis eyes constricted immediately.

Her smile was especially glaring to him. All he wanted to do was to tear her smile apart!

Zi Yan walked to the door. Before she could pull the door open, a strong force appeared behind her suddenly.

She was forced to turn around, her back pressed against the door.

Lan Yanzhi stood in front of her, his eyes glaring at Zi Yan fiercely, as if he wanted to break Zi Yan apart and swallow her up.

Zi Yan pursed her lips tightly, looking into his fierce eyes in stubbornness.

"Miss Zi, have you forgotten what you have done to me in the past? How dare you appear in front of me again? Or, was your current husband unable to satisfy you and you want me to"


Zi Yan raised her hand to slap Lan Yanzhi.

"Lan Yanzhi, listen properly, I came over for a holiday for a few days and it has nothing to do with you! If you dont want to see me, I can leave now!"

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