Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 841

Chapter 841 Biting Her Lips Ruthlessly

Zi Yan opened the door, wanting to go out.

But once again, her arm was grabbed by the man and he dragged her towards the sink.

Bam! He threw her onto the sink.

Zi Yan knocked her waist and she gasped in pain. But the more painful it was, the brighter the smile on her face was.

"Brother Yanzhi, why are you so angry?" Zi Yans cat-like eyes were slightly crinkled. It was apparent that she had calmed down, there was a playful look in her eyes. "Oh, I know. It must be that Brother Yanzhi still cant forget about me."

She knew clearly what kind of women he hated.

The way she was behaving now was what he hated the most.

"If Brother Yanzhi cant forget," she raised her slender fingers, brushing past his chest charmingly and continued, "Come to the hotel Im staying tonight, since this is Brother Sihans palace and it wont be appropriate."

She had just finished speaking when her delicate chin was pinched by him.

He raised her chin up forcefully and their gazes met.

His tall body stood in front of her, casting a shadow over her, making her heart thump.

Just as she was about to say something, he said, "Yaner, youre right. I cant forget about you."

Zi Yan looked at the affectionate look in his eyes and her body seemed to be frozen.

She was unable to move for a long time.

"Brother Yanzhi, you know we"

Lan Yanzhi held Zi Yans face in his hands, his fingers rubbing her delicate skin and placed his forehead against hers, his voice deep and hoarse. "Yaner, come back to me."

"We can never go back." That deliberate charming smile on Zi Yans face and playful look in her eyes were gone, and there was an indescribable sadness on her face.

Lan Yanzhi did not miss any subtle expression on her face. He rubbed his finger over her the corner of her lips, creating a numb feeling. Zi Yan wanted to avoid it, but the next second, he pressed his lips against hers roughly.

His kiss landed like a storm. He sucked her tongue madly, entangling with hers like the crashing waves.

Zi Yans mind was blank. Her hands were on his chest and her nose was full of his scent, the scent she was so familiar, yet unfamiliar to her.

She did not know what he was thinking and why he was kissing her.

Was he really unable to forget about her?

No, it was impossible!

Towards her, he only had disgust and hatred in his heart.

She knew she had to push him away, but his kiss did not make her feel disgusted at all, but made her realize how much she missed it.

The emotions surging from the bottom of her heart made her confused. Her hands landed on his chest and she could not help but wrap them around his neck, her tongue responding to him.

But the moment she took the initiative, he released her, followed by cold mockery. "Miss Zi, I didnt expect you to be as easy as before. Are you willing to spread your legs as long as a man kisses you?"

Zi Yans heart turned cold.

He kissed her just to humiliate her?

Her heart that was still thumping so rapidly, felt like a basin of cold water had been thrown at it.

It was freezing cold.

"Does your husband know that a married woman like you is so promiscuous?"

Zi Yans eyelashes fluttered, but soon she adjusted her mood, a charming and unconcerned smile on her face. "From the way you talk, its like you know me. But werent you also played by me before? I thought you wanted it so I was merely cooperating with you!"

With that, Zi Yan smiled and pushed Lan Yanzhi away. After arranging her slightly messy hair, she went towards the door.

Lan Yanzhi did not turn back and looked at the womans back through the mirror, spitting out the word, "Shameless!"

Zi Yan paused slightly, then pulled open the door, walking outside without looking back.

Lan Yanzhi put his hands on the sink, the vein on his forehead throbbing, his upturned eyes red like a devil, and he bit his cheeks like he was about to explode anytime.

The people in the dining room were waiting for Zi Yan and Lan Yanzhi.

When Zi Yan came out she had already adjusted her mood. She was smiling and nobody knew what was going on inside her mind.

Not long after, Lan Yanzhi came out.

Like Zi Yan, he had also adjusted his mood.

Mu Sihan glanced at Lan Yanzhi. "Youre not scalded?"

"Im fine. Im going to the club to play[1] in the evening."

Although Ji Chuan was a young hunk in the entertainment industry, he was slow when it came to relationships. He did not know what had happened between Lan Yanzhi and Zi Yan so when he heard Lan Yanzhis words, he asked, "Is Yingying the fairy who became popular on the internet recently? I heard that she wears a white dress and plays the guzheng and looks like a goddess, pure and beautiful."

"Brother YanZhi, why are you liking the pure types again? I remembered you hated those pure types in particular!"

Mu Sihan and Bo Yan coughed, reminding Ji Chuan not to continue talking.

Ji Chuan saw that the atmosphere on the dining table had become somewhat strange. He realized he had said something wrong and quickly clamped his mouth shut.

Breaking the silence, Lan Yanzhi smiled devilishly. "I hated those pure ones previously, but now I hate those who are promiscuous and shameless more."

When Zi Yan, who was eating with her head lowered, heard Lan Yanzhis words, the hand holding the chopsticks paused slightly.

It felt like there was a sponge that was full of water stuffed into her heart, and the bitter water would spill out from her eyes if she was not careful.

Nan Zhi saw the stiffening of Zi Yans hand and she shot a look at Mu Sihan.

Under Nan Zhis pressure, Mu Sihan raised his long leg and kicked Lan Yanzhi who was sitting opposite him.

"Ouch! Who kicked me?"

He missed and instead kicked Ji Chuan, who sat beside Lan Yanzhi.

Mu Sihan made the best of the mistake and said coldly, "Your Fourth Sister-in-law spent the whole day to prepare and cook all this. Eat it properly and after that write a reflection on it."

Ji Chuans mouth twitched. He was here to enjoy food, not be a food reporter!

"Fourth Brother, give me a break. I promise not to talk when eating in the future!"

With the talkative Ji Chuan here, the atmosphere on the dining table became lively again.

Nan Zhi and Yan Hua talked to Zi Yan to ease her embarrassment and discomfort.

After dinner, the men continued to play cards. The women sat in the living room chatting and eating fruits.

Zi Yan did not know if it was because she had taken a long flight or was it because of something else, but she felt slightly tired.

Nan Zhi was sensitive and could see that Zi Yan was listless. She said, "I asked Butler Yi to tidy up a guest room for you. Zi Yan, you can stay here for the next few days."

Zi Yan shook her head and declined gently. "There will be chances next time. Ive already booked a room at a hotel and if theres time, we can still meet. Its nice to meet all of you, Im very happy today."

She was really happy to know Nan Zhi and Yan Hua. They were both kind and down-to-earth women and it was so easy to like them.

[1] The original text is which has the meaning of finding women and its pronounced as yingying.




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