Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 842

Chapter 842 Arms Around His Neck

Nan Zhi tried to keep her from leaving, but Zi Yan insisted on going back to the hotel. Having no choice, Nan Zhi went to the tearoom to tell Mu Sihan.

When Lan Yanzhi, who was playing cards, heard that Zi Yan was leaving, he raised his eyebrows with a cynical look. "If she wants to leave just let her leave. Letting her stay in the palace, you might lose valuable things!"

Nan Zhi frowned. "Yanzhi, how can you say that of Zi Yan?"

Lan Yanzhi smiled indifferently. "She has a past record."

Zi Yan came over to tell him she was leaving and she heard Lan Yanzhis words.

There was a sharp pain in her heart when she thought of the past.

But there was nothing she could say.

She had really hurt him deeply back then.

"Brother Sihan, Sister-in-law, Ill be leaving now."

Hearing Zi Yans voice, Nan Zhi turned around hurriedly and walked towards her.

Lan Yanzhi did not look at Zi Yan and lowered his eyes, a mocking smile on his lips.

Since Nan Zhi could not get Zi Yan to stay, she asked Yi Fan to take her to her hotel.

But still, Zi Yan declined.

"I want to walk around alone for a while."

Nan Zhi could not say anything else. "Then at least call me after you reached the hotel."

Zi Yan carried her suitcase and walked alone in the street.

After a while, a luxurious Lamborghini sports car roared past her. The wind from the sports car blew up Zi Yans dress and she drew her legs together, her hands pressing down her dress.

A few seconds later, the sports car came back at the same fast speed.

It stopped beside her, the car window lowering down and Lan Yanzhis handsome face wearing a pair of sunglasses appeared.

"Leave. Return to Light Island and dont ever show up in front of me in the future."

Zi Yan looked at his cold and heartless look and felt a slight pain in her heart.

Taking a deep breath, she smiled. "Brother Yanzhi, they said that when the love is deep, the more the hate. Is it because you still care about me in your heart that youre being like this?"

Lan Yanzhi snorted unkindly. "Zi Yan, how dare you? Who was the business spy who caused the Lan Corporation to go bankrupt? Youre a woman who does everything she can for benefits, do you think I would be as stupid as I was then, getting played by you?"

Zi Yan nodded at Lan Yanzhi. "Brother Yanzhi, since you hate me, I wont appear in front of you again."

Taking out her phone, Zi Yan booked the earliest flight out of the Capital. After booking the ticket, she showed Lan Yanzhi. "Ill leave in an hour."

Lan Yanzhi said nothing more. He closed the car window and the sports car sped away.

Zi Yan looked at the sports car disappearing from her sight and she felt that all the strength in her body had been sucked away.

She was icy cold from head to toe.

After Zi Yan and Lan Yanzhi left one after another, Bo Yan, Yan Hua, Ji Chuan and Amy also left soon after.

Mu Sihans mental illness had improved a lot and he no longer had hallucinations or lost control. However, his split personality would appear when he had a fever, so Elder Dong could not determine if the other personality had already disappeared. So he stayed at the palace with Mu Sihan.

After the guests left, Elder Dong was restless so he went to the back garden to take care of the plants. Nan Zhi tidied up the kitchen and Mu Sihan walked over, hugging Nan Zhis waist from behind.

Nan Zhi turned to look at him and he immediately gave her a peck on the lips.

Nan Zhi looked in exasperation at the man who wanted to hold her as soon as the guests had left. It was hard to imagine that he was a Crown Prince respected by tens of thousands of people.

In private, he was like a little boy.

Nan Zhi knew that she was unable to push him away so she let him hug her. She voiced out her doubts while she was washing the dishes, "Whats the matter between Yanzhi and Zi Yan? I can see that they still have each other in their hearts."

"I dont know exactly what happened between them, but from what I know, the Lan family going bankrupt had something to do with Zi Yan."

The bowl in Nan Zhis hands fell into the sink with a loud clatter.

She turned and looked at Mu Sihan.

Mu Sihan carried Nan Zhi up to the kitchen counter, his belt pressing into her waist. There was still foam on her hands, so she had to put her arms on his shoulders. But he pushed his luck, his chest pressed against her and she had to lean towards the kitchen counter.

Her exquisite figure was arched into a charming angle with agile flexibility.

"Mu Sihan, Im talking to you!" They were pressed together intimately, their skin rubbing against their clothes, making her heart numb and her legs turn weak. "Knock it off. Be serious."

Mu Sihans handsome face that was without flaws came close to Nan Zhi, his hot breath spilling onto her delicate skin, his voice deep and sexy. "Im not sure what exactly happened. Because of that, Yanzhi imprisoned Zi Yan for a year before he released her. From what Yanzhi said himself, they parted on good terms."

"He imprisoned Zi Yan for a year and they still parted on good terms?"

Mu Sihan bit the tip of Nan Zhis nose, a warning look in his dark eyes. "You said Bo Yan is more handsome than me and I havent settled things with you yet. Now youre so concerned with Yanzhis love life. My Princess, what do you want to do, hm?"

Before Nan Zhi could say anything, her delicate body was suddenly lifted up by Mu Sihan.

Nan Zhi let out a soft cry in fright.

Fortunately, the servants in the palace were on vacation, otherwise how improper were they being?

"Put me down. My hands are still dirty."

The man seemed to have not heard her words and carried her like a child, one hand supporting her pert buttocks, the other around her waist, as they went up the stairs.

She was 1.7 meters in height, although she was slim, she was not very light.

But he could carry her with one arm.

Nan Zhi used her arm to pat his shoulders a few times, but the man was indifferent and had no intention of putting her down.

"Elder Dong and Butler Yi will see."

"Youve worked all day, let me pamper you." He spoke without any shame.

Nan Zhi rolled her eyes. "Just who is pampering who?"

Her ear was bitten by him, and he nibbled it gently with his teeth. When his tongue tip brushed past the sensitive part of her earlobe, she almost gasped.

An electric current ran straight from the sole of her feet to the top of her head.

"You dont feel it every time, hm?" From her earlobe, his kisses landed at the corner of her lips, his voice deep and husky as he teased her, "Who was the first to be high every time"

She did not let him finish and kissed his sexy lips with her face flushed red.

Almost immediately after she kissed him, he kissed her even more deeply, the tip of his tongue prying open her mouth and invading inside.

Nan Zhi could not breathe and soon turned weak by his kiss. She could only wrap her arms around his neck, her slender legs also wrapped around his powerful waist, so that she would not fall.

They kissed fiercely, lost in the throes of passion and heat.

Before their consciousness turned muddled, a fleeting thought brushed past her mind. They were together most of the time recently, but why did she not feel tired of him at all?

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