Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 843

Chapter 843 So Sweet So Sweet So Sweet

Nan Zhi was carried upstairs by the man from the kitchen.

The French windows were open, letting in cool breeze. Struck by the chill of the night air, Nan Zhi shivered. Before she could say anything, her lips were pressed against by his.

"Itll be hot soon."

The lights were not turned on in the room, only the pale white light of the moon shone in from outside.

Two figures were entangled in front of the doorway of the bedroom. Nan Zhi was pressed against the door by Mu Sihan, her earlobe nibbled on by him and the numb feeling seemed to spread through all her limbs. She clutched his shoulder and murmured, "Let me wash my hands first."

The man then carried her into the bathroom.

Nan Zhi came down from him, turned on the tap and washed her hands clean.

The next second, she felt the ground leave her feet and she was being carried by him again. She grabbed him by his neck and threw herself into his kiss once again.

Her initiative made him unable to control himself, and his kiss became deeper, his large palm caressing her waist and then pinching her.

Nan Zhi was slightly in pain and she had her arms around his neck, feeling the hot temperature on the mans body.

"Why is your body feeling so hot?"

"I had some wine in the evening." He knocked his forehead against hers, his deep and husky voice full of desire. "And I missed you."

Nan Zhis heart fluttered and she lifted her neck to let him bury his face there and kiss her.

It was very quiet in the bathroom, with the occasional chirps from the birds that stopped on the branches outside, but very soon they flew away.

Their breaths were intertwined and everything was just right.

Nan Zhi used to hate the smell of alcohol and tobacco on men. But these smells on Mu Sihans body were extremely charming.

It was a charming, mature and masculine scent.

It was full of manliness.

Her hands touched his short hair. It was sweaty and was slightly damp. Her fingers threaded through them fondly.

"Here or in the room?" He bit her lip, asking with his breath heated and fervent.

Nan Zhi replied softly, "Room."

The past three months Ye Qing had stayed in his bedroom. When he came back, he sealed the room and changed the masters bedroom.

It was according to her favorite decorative style.

With that, he carried her into the bedroom and she was thrown onto a big soft bed.

He stood by the bed, his figure handsome and tall. Raising his long fingers, he unbuttoned the buttons of his perfectly tailored shirt.

Looking at his gradually emerging strong chest, abdominal muscles, apollos belt and hip bones, Nan Zhis eyelashes fluttered violently.

Her breath tightened and her slender fingers grabbed the sheets under her.

The mans tall body leaned down.

His scarlet sexy lips landed on her eyelids and Nan Zhi shivered all over, as if she had been electrocuted, she felt numb and her eyes watered.

Her earlobe was her most sensitive area and he sucked at it with his lips, increasing his strength.

Nan Zhis fingers clung to his shoulders, her breath unstable. "It tickles, be gentler Dont"

Since that time when she had gotten drunk at the KTV and said that he only knew one style, he began to show her all kinds of styles.

He only let her go when she begged him every time.

Nan Zhi slowly opened up to him under his kisses, the sound coming out of her mouth was captivating. The window was not closed and Mu Sihan quickly covered Nan Zhis lips, afraid that people would hear. "We havent even started, keep it in, hm?"

Nan Zhi could not help hitting him a few times.

This bastard, his words could make her face turn red every time.

He stood by the bed, his hands by the sides of her head and peered at her closely. "Tomorrow Im going to Africa to inspect a project. It might be a week until Im back."

They had been together almost everyday and she could not help feeling reluctant and sad when she heard that he was going abroad for a week.

She only felt what it was like to be in love these past few days.

Every day she opened her eyes, the first thing she wanted to see was him and every day before sleeping, the last thing she wanted to see was also him.

"Dont miss me too much."

Nan Zhi glared at him. "I wont."

He gave a low laugh, his lips lifting up slightly sexily.

He suddenly got up, closed the windows, pressed the remote control to close the curtains and played soft music in the room.

He then pressed his body against hers and bit her lips. "You can shout as loud as you want now."

There was a smirk in his deep dark eyes, unlike how cold and serious he was in public, he was like a bad man now.

The sky was getting darker outside.

But it was romantic and beautiful inside.

After a round of sex, Mu Sihan still had work to settle.

He carried Nan Zhi to take a bath and then went to the study.

As Nan Zhi lay on the bed, she looked at his departing figure filled with an unprecedented sweetness and satisfaction.

After looking at her phone for a while in bed, Nan Zhi thought of something and she took out the mans shirt from the closet and put it on.

The study was connected to the bedroom with a door. Nan Zhi pushed the door open, walking inside. "Sihan, I forgot to tell y"

Before she could finish, Nan Zhi stopped, shocked.

He was having a video conference.

The screen on the wall showed that there were more than a dozen men in suits sitting in a large office.

They were people who could only be seen on TV.

Nan Zhi was in a daze.

With a snap, Mu Sihan picked up the remote control and turned off the TV screen.

His dark and sharp gaze landed on the woman standing by the door.

She was wearing one of his black shirts, her legs were exposed. Her legs were fair and smooth and the shirt only just covered her slender thighs. The black shirt made her skin look even fairer, the two different colors creating a very strong visual impact.

It only served to stimulate ones eyes in the most appealing way.

Mu Sihan strode over, grabbed the womans waist and pressed her against the wall, kissing her roughly.

He only released her when she was almost out of breath.

Nan Zhi stuck out her tongue. "What if we were seen?"

"I will dig out their eyes."

Nan Zhi wrapped her arms around his neck and pouted. "Its my fault. I should have knocked first."

"Youre not allowed to sleep tonight."

When Mu Sihan came out of the study and went into the bedroom, the woman who said that she would wait for him in bed had already fallen asleep.

She had been busy the whole day, how could he really not let her sleep for the whole night?

Lowering his head, he kissed her forehead and said in a low voice, "Good night."

The next morning, Nan Zhi sent Mu Sihan to the Royal Airport.

After seeing him leave in the private plane, she drove back to the Qiao castle.

Halfway through, she received An Fengs call. "Zhizhi, where are you?"

"Im on my way home to see you and Grandma!"

"Then come back quickly, something has happened at home."

Before Nan Zhi could ask what had happened, there was a scream on the other end of the line and the phone was hung up.

Nan Zhis heart was in her throat and she pressed her foot harder on the accelerator.




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