Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 844

Chapter 844 Heartache

Nan Zhi sped up and hurried anxiously towards the Qiao family castle.

The atmosphere in the Qiao family had been shrouded in gloom ever since the failed wedding of Uncle and Xiao Ying.

Since then, Xiao Ying refused to forgive Uncle and Uncle was in low spirits. Nan Zhi thought that it was because of her that they became like this, and she could not help but feel guilty.

When she arrived at the Qiaos castle, Nan Zhi rushed in without even taking her shoes off.

Madam Qiaos cries could be heard from the second floor. "Yanze, whats wrong with you? Yanze, open the door!"

Nan Zhi ran up the stairs and saw that Madam Qiaos forehead was injured, while An Feng stood beside and supported her. Seeing Nan Zhi, An Feng said anxiously, "Zhizhi, we dont know what happened to your uncle. Your grandmother went in to ask him to eat and he threw an ashtray at her. Now hes locked himself inside and wont open the door."

Nan Zhi looked at Madam Qiao, whose hair had turned white because of Qiao Yanze and she frowned, saying to An Feng, "Mom, help Grandma down first and find the family doctor to help treat the wound on Grandmas forehead."

Madam Qiao saw Nan Zhi coming over and she looked like she had found her savior. "Zhizhi, your uncle loves you the most. Go in quickly, he seems to have turned mad!"

Nan Zhis heart skipped a beat and she nodded. "Okay."

"He locked the door and took the spare key away as well."

Nan Zhi pursed her lips and made a decision quickly. "Theres a tree outside Uncles window. Ill climb up to his balcony."

"Be careful, Yanze doesnt seem to recognize us."

Nan Zhis heart jumped into her mouth.

She went downstairs quickly and ran to the backyard.

Nan Zhi climbed up the ladder then onto the tree. After that, she carefully moved to the balcony of Qiao Yanzes bedroom.

The curtains of his room were drawn and Nan Zhi could not see inside.

She pulled on the glass door and luckily it was unlocked.

All she could smell was the pungent mixture of tobacco and alcohol the moment she stepped in. The curtains were drawn tight, and the light around was dim. Nan Zhi took a few steps inside.

A panting sound entered Nan Zhis ears.

She furrowed her eyebrows. She could faintly see a dark figure sitting in the corner.

Those heavy breaths came from his nose.

That heavy and uncomfortable breathing made Nan Zhis heart tighten.

"Uncle, Im Zhizhi. Whats wrong? Are you feeling unwell?"

Nan Zhi approached the figure in the corner cautiously.

But before she could get close, the man said with a hoarse voice, "Get out!"

Those words were as hard and cold as stones bursting out from his teeth.

Qiao Yanze had never been so fierce towards Nan Zhi.

Nan Zhi had a bad feeling in her heart.

Although he had hated Madam Qiao because of Xiao Ying, he was a gentleman and would never hit his own mother.

But he had injured Madam Qiaos forehead.

"Uncle, whats wrong with you? Dont scare me!" Nan Zhi could not see Qiao Yanzes face properly, but she could feel his suffering. He was like a helpless and angry beast that was trapped in an iron cage, and his heavy breaths like the sounds of him roaring!

Nan Zhi rushed to Qiao Yanze and her fingertips were almost about to touch him when she was shoved away by him.

"Leave me alone! Go away!"

Perhaps hearing Nan Zhis voice had made his rationality return a little. He did not want to hurt her, so he could only let her go!

Nan Zhi fell to the ground and she stood up again. "Uncle"

Before she could finish, Qiao Yanze grabbed her arm and pulled her outside.

Through the faint light shone through the glass door, Nan Zhi could see the vein on Qiao Yanzes forehead throbbing, and his expression twisted and his eyes were red and bloodshot like a blood-sucking devil.

His breathing was quick and heavy, his tightly pursed lips were pale and bloodless.

He was trying to endure his pain, but he did not want to hurt her. It was like a tug of war, making him suffer.

"Get out, get out quickly"

Nan Zhis heart almost stopped as she looked at his constricting pupils and his chattering teeth.

Uncle, he was

"I dont want to hurt you. I cant control myself. Go, stay away from me"

He shouted with his hoarse voice.

Nan Zhi looked at the red in his eyes and was shocked.

He unlocked the door, and threw her out ruthlessly. The door was then slammed shut with a bang.

Nan Zhi heard him banging on the wall with his head and shouting repeatedly.

Nan Zhis legs turned weak, but she knew she could not collapse.

If it went on, Uncle would hurt himself!

After An Feng took Madam Qiao downstairs to dress her mothers wound, she returned upstairs in a rush.

She happened to see Nan Zhi being thrown out by Qiao Yanze.

"Zhizhi, whats wrong with your uncle?"

Nan Zhis cold hand held An Fengs hand and she quickly instructed her. "Mom, ask the doctor to bring a syringe of tranquilizer and then call up some bodyguards."

An Feng did not have time to ask Nan Zhi the reason. Hearing her instructions, she nodded and hurried to do as asked.

Nan Zhi pressed herself against the door, constantly listening to the shouting Qiao Yanze inside. All she could do was hope that he still had some rationality left and would not hurt himself!

An Feng soon came up with the doctor and bodyguards.

Nan Zhi stood to the side, trying to keep herself calm and instructed the bodyguards, "Kick the door open."

"Miss Zhi, this" Qiao Yanze was the master of the Qiao family in the future and the bodyguards dared not to kick his door.

"Zhizhi asked you to kick it open, hurry up and kick it." Madam Qiao was helped up the stairs by the butler.

The bodyguards dared not say anything more. They worked together and kicked the door open easily.

"Hold Young Master down and let the doctor inject the tranquilizer!"

After they went in, Madam Qiao came up to Nan Zhi and said with her eyes red, "Whats wrong with Yanze?"

"Grandma, I suspect this is caused by a drug addiction."

When Madam Qiao heard this, her eyes widened in disbelief.

"H-How is that possible?" S Country had a ban on drugs and Madam Qiaos grandfather once made great contributions to the anti-drug squadron. Their family had never touched those things and Yanze had been taught from young and knew what to touch and what not to touch!

Madam Qiao shook her head. "Zhizhi, if youre talking about any other person, I could still believe it, but Yanze would never!"

Nan Zhi lowered her thick and long eyelashes, and pursed her lips. "I hope my guess is wrong."

The sounds of Qiao Yanzes shouts and struggling came from the room. Madam Qiao wanted to go in, but Nan Zhi stopped her. "Uncle has already lost his rationality."

A few minutes later, four strong bodyguards held on to Qiao Yanze and the doctor, with cold sweat on his forehead, injected the tranquilizer into his arm.

Very soon, the room was quiet again.

It was only then that Nan Zhi led Madam Qiao and An Feng into the bedroom.




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