Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 845

Chapter 845 It Changed Overnight

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The bedroom reeked of cigarettes and alcohol.

Nan Zhi pressed the switch and the dark room became bright immediately.

Qiao Yanze, who had been injected with a tranquilizer, had fallen asleep.

The bodyguards carried him to bed.

His forehead was bleeding from knocking against the wall, and the red liquid made his thin and haggard face look slightly frightening.

Nan Zhi could not help recalling the shock when she first saw Qiao Yanze in Ning City.

That devilish handsomeness, unruliness were full of charm.

But the person lying on the bed now

A lot of stubble had grown out from his jaw, there were dark shadows under his eyes and there was barely any flesh on his thin face.

He looked distraught, disheveled and haggard.

Seeing Qiao Yanze looking like that, Madam Qiao leaned over the bed and cried. An Feng also cried silently, with tears sliding down her cheeks.

Nan Zhis eyes turned red and she sniffed, but she forced herself to be calm.

"Grandma, let the doctor take Uncles blood for a test."

Nan Zhi went to the bedside table and picked up Qiao Yanzes phone.

Seeing the number he had been calling, there was an indescribable anger in Nan Zhis heart.

Her intuition told her that Xiao Ying had something to do with Uncle becoming like this.

Nan Zhi called the number.

But it showed that it was turned off.

The doctor took Qiao Yanzes blood back to test and the result was obtained very quickly.

"In Young Master Qiaos blood, there is indeed a drug called Die." The doctor frowned and continued, "Die is an intense drug developed by drug dealers and is a drug that is hard to quit. Rumor has it that several hundred kinds of drugs have been blended together to form it and is highly toxic. It is a forbidden substance in our country and one could be sentenced by having more than ten grams."

The blood in Nan Zhis body turned cold.

Madam Qiao could not accept this and was furious. "There must be a mistake. Yanze knows that this kind of thing must not be touched. Once touched, he would die. How could he?"

"Madam, the test results would not be wrong!"

Madam Qiao wanted to say something when the butler reported, "Madam, Miss Zhi, Young Master is awake."

Nan Zhi held Madam Qiaos hand. "Grandma, lets go and see Uncle."

Qiao Yanze leaned against the head of the bed, his eyes dull, and his complexion haggard. Hearing people come in, he lifted his eyes and looked towards Madam Qiao and Nan Zhi.

As Madam Qiao looked at Qiao Yanzes disheveled look, tears kept falling from her eyes.

"Yanze, what on earth are you doing? Isnt it just a Xiao Ying? Are you trying to ruin yourself just because you didnt get married?"

Qiao Yanze pursed his bloodless lips and looked at the gauze on Madam Qiaos forehead, saying hoarsely, "Mom, Im sorry."

"I dont want you to apologize. You know we Qiao family never touch those things, why are you so silly?"

"Mom, I want to talk to Zhizhi for a while."

Madam Qiao looked at Qiao Yanze helplessly and in pain. She then left, wiping the tears from her eyes.

When Qiao Yanze and Nan Zhi were the only ones left in the room, Qiao Yanze patted the side of the bed. "Zhizhi, come here."

Nan Zhi sat by the bed with her eyes red.

Qiao Yanze looked at Nan Zhi carefully. "I frightened you, didnt I? Did I hurt you?"

Nan Zhi sniffed and felt like crying.

How did her good Uncle end up in this state?

She would never believe that he had sunk so low and gotten himself addicted to drugs.

"Does it have something to do with Xiao Ying?" Nan Zhi asked, her voice slightly trembling.

Qiao Yanze lifted his head slightly, looking at the ceiling and fell into a trance.

"Ive been thinking a lot the past few days. Maybe she wasnt true to me." Especially when he had not smoked recently and he thought through about many things after two or three episodes of his drug addiction had acted up.

"Zhizhi, maybe the Qiao family will be doomed in my hands."

Nan Zhis eyelashes trembled and her throat felt like there was a thorn in it, it was so painful that it was a while before she found her voice. "Uncle, what nonsense are you talking about?"

"I lured a wolf into our house!" Qiao Yanze raised his thin hands and held Nan Zhi tightly. "Promise me that youll take care of your Grandma in the future."

Hearing Qiao Yanze saying like it was his last words, panic ran across Nan Zhis chest. "Uncle, dont say that"

Before Nan Zhi could finish, Qiao Yanzes phone rang.

He released Nan Zhis hand and picked up his phone. After the call, Qiao Yanze smiled with his face grey.

That smile was mocking and full of clarity.

"Zhizhi, Ive deposited a sum of money under your name in Swiss Bank. It should be able to provide for you, Sister and Mom."

The tears that were swimming in Nan Zhis eyes fell. "Uncle, what are you talking about? If this family does not have you, it will be incomplete. Please dont do silly things. Well try our best to get rid of your drug addiction. Although the process will be very difficult"

What she was afraid of was that Qiao Yanze was hit by a blow and got depressed. Then the Qiao family would really be doomed.

"Its too late."

Nan Zhi wanted to ask Qiao Yanze what had happened, when the sounds of police sirens sounded downstairs suddenly.

Nan Zhis heart jumped to her mouth immediately.

"Uncle, what are you still hiding from me?" Was it not just being addicted to drugs?

Qiao Yanze closed his eyes. "Its my fault. Its all my fault!"

Soon after, several tall men in uniform came in.

They showed their identification to Qiao Yanze. "Are you Mr Qiao Yanze? Were Interpol. We found a large amount of Die drugs in the Qiao Corporations cargo ship at XX pier in M Country. Now, please come with us."

The blood in Nan Zhis body turned cold when she heard the Interpols words.

There were Die drugs in Qiao Corporations cargo ship? And in large amounts?

Qiao Yanze got out of bed and the Interpol handcuffed him.

Nan Zhi stepped forward, preventing them from taking Qiao Yanze away. "There must be a mistake, my Uncle would never do such a thing!"

"The goods could not leave the Capital without Mr Qiaos signature and personal seal. We have already found the documents signed by Mr Qiao. Mr Qiao, please cooperate and leave with us immediately."

Qiao Yanze looked at the agitated Nan Zhi and nodded. "It was me."

Nan Zhis body suddenly retreated several steps.

Qiao Yanze was detained by the Interpol and left the Qiao family.

Nan Zhi fell to the ground and Madam Qiaos heart wrenching cries could be heard downstairs.

After Qiao Yanze was taken away, a serious event happened in the Capital. Qiao Corporation was seized overnight by the court and all employees and members of the Qiao family were subjected to court investigation.

As the Die drugs were found at the pier in M Country, this incident had risen to become an international case.

Nan Zhi asked Bo Yan for help to let her meet Qiao Yanze, who was temporarily detained at the Capital detention center. He admitted that he had signed and stamped the document.

When Nan Zhi heard this, her heart sank heavily to the bottom.

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