Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 846

Chapter 846 Amidst The Winds Of Change

Nan Zhi did not know how she came out from the detention center.

Qiao Yanze had taken drugs and was charged with drug trafficking.

The Qiao Corporation was under investigation and Madam Qiao could not stand the blow and was admitted into the hospital.

Overnight, the situation in the Qiao family changed.

This was also a heavy blow to Nan Zhi.

After she was reunited with the Qiao family and was protected by Madam Qiao and Qiao Yanze, she had never been involved in the Qiao familys business and knew nothing about it.

There was not even a pillar in the house now.

But she knew she could not collapse.

Standing at the entrance of the detention center, Nan Zhi picked up her phone and called Mu Sihan.

But it did not go through.

When he left, he had told her that she could look for Yi Fan if there was any problem. The place he was going had bad signal and sometimes he had to turn off his phone during meetings, so she could not get in touch with him this time.

Even so, what could he do, even if she contacted him?

Qiao Yanze had already confessed. The Interpol would take him away soon.

S Country was a country that banned drugs and Uncle was to be sentenced to death as large amounts of Die drugs were found in Qiao Corporations cargo ship. As the Crown Prince, Mu Sihan was supposed to set an example and not bend the law for selfish reasons.

She would only make it difficult for him if she told him.

Nan Zhi did not call him again.

The bodyguard saw Nan Zhi coming out of the detention center and hurried forward. "Miss Zhi, weve found the whereabouts of Xiao Ying."

The bodyguard gave the address to Nan Zhi.

Nan Zhi had a ray of hope in her heart.

If she could find Xiao Ying, there might be a chance to turn things around.

"Take me there at once."

Xiao Ying was in the slums.

The alleys were narrow, the ground wet, the walls were mottled and garbage was piled up high and there was a foul smell that seemed to permeate the entire area.

With her bodyguard, Nan Zhi hurried to the door of an old house at the end of the alley. The stairway was blocked by a rusted iron door. It was not closed properly and Nan Zhi pushed it open.

"Its on the fourth floor?"


Nan Zhi frowned and went up to the fourth floor.

She had a strange feeling in her heart. Xiao Ying disappeared after returning from the island and Uncle had been looking for her, but could not find her.

But after Uncle got caught, she sent someone to look and found her almost immediately.

Was there something fishy going on?

Nan Zhi had encountered so many things that she became more cautious.

When they reached the fourth floor, the bodyguard shielded Nan Zhi behind him.

"Miss Zhi, the doors not closed."

Nan Zhi nodded and motioned for the bodyguard to open the door and go in.

The room was very small, a small living room of around 10 square meters, and further in, there was a tightly closed bedroom.

The bodyguard pushed the door open, and he was slightly shocked when he saw what was inside.

"Miss Zhi, she"

Nan Zhi went around the bodyguard and walked a few steps into the room.

She saw a slender figure lying on a small bed.

Her eyes were opened, looking towards the window. Her mouth was foaming and the sheets were wet.

What was most shocking was that she was wearing a red dress, red high heels, which should be what she wore at the wedding banquet with Qiao Yanze.

Her face that was with bridal makeup, was deathly pale.

Nan Zhis heartbeat sped up as she looked at this scene. She shot a look at the bodyguard and he went forward, reaching out his finger to check if Xiao Ying was breathing.

The bodyguard stepped back and shook his head. "She isnt breathing."

Nan Zhis mind went blank.

It was only then that she came to a realization. The reason why the bodyguards were able to find Xiao Ying so quickly was a result of the woman leaking the news herself.

With her eyes scanning the room, Nan Zhi looked at the bedside table. The bottle of sleeping pills was empty.

Nan Zhi closed her eyes, the blood in her body turning cold.

Xiao Ying was determined in doing this!

Seeing a recording camera beside the sleeping pill bottle from the corner of her eye, Nan Zhi walked over, picked it up, turned it on and saw that there was a video recorded.

She clicked the play button.

Xiao Ying, who was wearing a red dress with exquisite makeup, sat by the bed.

Nan Zhi glanced at the dead Xiao Ying on the bed and she felt her scalp becoming numb.

"Nan Zhi, I think youll find this place soon, right?" Xiao Yings red lips curved into a smile and she did not look happy, her eyes glistening with tears. "When you see this video, I should be dead. I think your uncle will be joining me soon.

"But Im not alone at all. Because of you, he did not finish our wedding. Well finish it when were down in hell and you wont be a hindrance anymore!"

After saying that, the screen faded to black.

Nan Zhi put down the recording camera and looked at Xiao Yings body with a frown.

Suddenly, she saw that there was something in Xiao Yings hand and she pried her hand open, taking out a badge from it.

Moving to the window, she looked down at the badge carefully.

It looked like a badge of the charity fund Qiao Yanrong founded when he was still alive.

Seeming to have thought of something, Nan Zhi said to the bodyguard, "Go check if Qiao Yanrongs charity foundation funded Xiao Ying."

"Yes, Miss Zhi."

After the bodyguard left, Nan Zhi called the police. Nan Zhi got into the car with a heavy heart and she called An Feng. "Mom, is Grandma any better?"

"Still the same. She is going through shock and cannot eat or drink."

"Ill make some food and bring it over."

The Qiaos castle was sealed, so Nan Zhi had no choice but to go the Crown Palace to cook.

When she reached the hospital entrance, Nan Zhi saw a group of people and one of them was saying, jumped off the building, and Nan Zhis heart skipped a beat and a bad feeling spread out from her heart.

Pushing aside the crowd, the thermal lunch box in Nan Zhis hands dropped to the ground when she saw Madam Qiao lying on the ground.

She was dazed and did not know how to react.

The doctor and nurses rushed over.

Madam Qiao was still breathing and she was carried onto the stretcher.

Regaining her senses, Nan Zhi ran after the stretcher.

After Madam Qiao was pushed into the emergency room, Nan Zhi stood outside, her hands clasped together and kept praying to God.

An Feng rushed over when she got the news, her tears already falling down her face. "I only went to the washroom, how could" She slapped her face. "I didnt look after your Grandma properly. Its my fault!"

Nan Zhi went forward and held An Feng.

At this moment, she felt lonely and afraid.

In a flash, all the kinship she had finally gotten, disappeared like bubbles.

It was only her and mom left, all alone again.

"I already said this mother and daughter are jinxes. Now see what had happened?" Li Ying and Mr Pei came over. Looking at the emergency room with the red light on, Li Ying started crying. "Sister, you must get through it. If youre gone, what will happen to us?"

Nan Zhi looked at Li Ying, who was wailing like she was at a funeral and she said coldly, "Be quiet. Grandma is still undergoing emergency treatment, why are you wailing like that?"




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