Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 847

Chapter 847 Helpless

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"Saying that me and my mom are jinxes, I would say that it is you. Your family is always taking advantage of Grandma. Now that something happened to the Qiao family, are you truly sad or are you faking it?

"Youre crying so loudly, but please go and take a look at yourself in the mirror. Theres not even a hint of a single tear!"

Li Ying looked at the sharp-tongued Nan Zhi, and her expression changed, too angry to say anything for a while.

Li Ying then threw herself into Mr Peis arms. "Hubby, look. How dare a wild brat speak to me like that? Now Sisters life is in danger, Yanze is locked up and possibly will not be able to come out again. The Qiao family will be counting on you and Xuaner, so you have to stand up for me!"

Even before, Mr Pei could not stand Nan Zhi. She was a junior but was so rude and never respected them.

He went towards Nan Zhi, and raised his hand, wanting to slap her to teach her a lesson, but before he touched her, his hand was pushed away by An Feng.

An Feng was usually gentle but it did not mean that she could stand others bullying her daughter!

"Uncle, you have no right to hit Zhizhi. Im the eldest daughter of the Qiao family, and while Im still standing here, who dares to even touch a finger of Zhizhi?"

A dark look flashed past Mr Peis eyes. He was about to say something when the door to the operating room was pulled open by the doctor.

Nan Zhi and An Feng had no mood to care about Mr Pei and Li Ying and they hurried over.

"Hows my mom?"

"Hows my grandma?"

The doctor shook his head gravely. "The patient has asked An Feng and Nan Zhi to go in."

Li Ying and Mr Pei came forward, asking in unison, "She didnt ask us to go in?"

The doctor shook his head.

Nan Zhi and An Feng went inside the operating room quickly.

Madam Qiao lay on the operating table, already at deaths door.

Nan Zhis eyes filled with tears and countless memories filled her mind.

From Madam Qiaos graceful and noble appearance when she first met her, to her disgusted face when she disliked her, her regret when they got reunited, and the care she had given her when she was welcomed into the Qiao family

Although she did not grow up with her, she felt the care and love a grandmother had for her granddaughter.

Grandma and Uncle doted on her so much, but in a blink of an eye, they

Nan Zhi knelt on the ground and hot tears fell uncontrollably. Coldness spreaded from the sole of her feet all the way to her body.

"Grandma, why were you so foolish?" Nan Zhi sobbed through her tears.

Madam Qiao covered Nan Zhis hand with An Fengs and said weakly, "Feng, Mom has done you wrong. Ever since your father left, Ive wanted to follow him. I might have been dead if I hadnt known that my daughter was still outside somewhere.

"Zhizhi, youre a strong and intelligent child. Promise Grandma that you will take good care of your mother, and your uncle. He made a serious mistake this time and I dont know if he can come out, but"

Madam Qiao choked on her breath and coughed, and blood rushed out of her mouth.

"I have a jewelry box in the cabinet of the ward. Theres a bracelet inside. Take it to see the Queen and tell her Im gone and hope that she can save your uncle. Show her the bracelet

"Feng, Zhizhi, dont cry. I can see your grandfather now and be free"

Nan Zhi looked at the feeble Madam Qiao and she sobbed.

"If your uncle can be saved, I think he will be depressed. Zhizhi, you must help him."

Nan Zhis lips trembled. "Grandma, I will, I will. Please, dont go, dont go"


The equipment suddenly made a sharp sound.



Madam Qiaos eyes became dazed, and her eyes closed slowly.

Her hand that had turned so cold, slipped from Nan Zhi and An Fengs hands.

Hearing Nan Zhi and An Fengs shouts, Mr Pei and Li Ying ran into the operating theater.

A trace of coldness flashed past Li Yings eyes when she saw the dead Madam Qiao.

She would not tell anyone that she had once seen Xiao Ying changed Madam Qiaos medicine. She had secretly taken one pill to check. If one took too much of the medicine, their mental state would become worse and could not take any blows or else they would have a mental breakdown.

Qiao Yanze got addicted to drugs and even trafficked them, this was a heavy blow to Madam Qiao! She could not stand the blow and it was not surprising that she would jump off the building to commit suicide.

But she had not expected that the Qiao family would become so miserable.

What a turn of events!

Nan Zhi found the bracelet Madam Qiao had told her about.

Yi Fan rushed to the hospital when he learned of Madam Qiaos passing.

"Miss Nan, my condolences. Ive contacted the secretary Young Master has taken with him. Young Master is in a meeting and his phone is turned off. He will only be available at night."

Nan Zhi wiped the tears in her eyes and said, her voice choked, "Butler Yi, if Sihan comes back, will he be able to save my uncle?"

Yi Fan frowned and sighed. "Your uncle has already confessed and Xiao Ying committed suicide, so there is no longer any evidence, nor witnesses. Young Master will still be able to think of something if it is within the country, but it has already become an international case"

Nan Zhi nodded. "I understand. My uncle will be taken away soon. Even if Sihan rushes back overnight, it will be too late and it might implicate him. Butler Yi, my uncle really did not break the law. Xiao Ying is a weak woman and would not be able to do such a big move. There must be someone behind it all."

Butler Yi knew what Nan Zhi meant. But with Xiao Ying dead, it would not be easy to find out who was the person behind this and might also take a long time. It was time they didnt have. Qiao Yanze had committed a serious crime and might be sentenced to death before they found out the culprit behind everything.

"Before my grandmother died, she asked me to go see the Queen. Butler Yi, please help me arrange an audience with the Queen!"

Yi Fan nodded. "Ill contact the Queens secretary general."

In the Queens office.

Nan Zhi met with the Queen.

The Queen had learned about what had happened to the Qiao family and when she saw Nan Zhi, she raised her hand, gesturing for her to sit down and speak.

Nan Zhi explained the purpose of her visit.

"Im surprised and sorry that this had happened to the Qiao family. Ive watched Yanze grow up, but even if the prince commits a crime, he must be punished like any ordinary person. Ive asked the Interpol, and your uncle has already confessed. Theres nothing I can do about this matter."

Nan Zhi knew that with no evidence, it was useless to say that Qiao Yanze was framed, so she took out the bracelet Madam Qiao had given to her. "Your Majesty, before she died, my grandmother asked me to give this to you."

The Queen was surprised. "Your grandmother has passed away?"

Nan Zhi nodded with her eyes red. "She jumped off the building two hours ago and efforts to revive her were futile She has passed on."

The Queen looked at the bracelet and was silent for a long time.

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