Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 849

Chapter 849 She Decided To Leave

She was so tired.

It was a kind of tiredness that spread out from deep within her heart.

As she looked at Madam Qiaos black and white portrait, she swore in her heart that she would let Uncle get back on his feet and find out the real culprit who had destroyed their Qiao family!

On the day of Madam Qiaos burial, it was drizzling.

An Feng knelt in front of the tombstone and fainted from crying too much. Yan Hua and Bo Yan helped An Feng away.

Nan Zhi stood in front of the tombstone and then looked at Yi Fan who was holding an umbrella over her, saying in a hoarse voice, "Butler Yi, you can go first. I want to be alone for a while."

Yi Fan sighed and said nothing else, leaving after putting down the big black umbrella.

Nan Zhis legs turned weak and she knelt down.

The drizzle made her hair wet and her long and thick eyelashes were also wet.

Nan Zhi closed her eyes, saying with a choked voice, "Grandma, Im leaving with Mom soon. Dont worry, when Uncles mood improves, Ill join him in restoring the Qiao family.

"Xiao Ying whom you hated the most is dead. She was cruel to Uncle, the Qiao family and the baby in her stomach!"

Nan Zhi knelt for a long time before she got up slowly.

Her knees were weak and aching.

Picking up the black umbrella that Yi Fan had put aside, she walked slowly down the steps.

A luxurious black bulletproof limousine drove into the cemetery.

Nan Zhi stood on the last step and looked at the car approaching her. The car door opened and a man wearing a black woolen overcoat strode towards her.

His secretary wanted to hold the umbrella for him, but he waved it away.

Nan Zhi looked at the mans handsome and cold face and her eyes immediately turned red.

Mu Sihan came up to Nan Zhi and pulled her into his arms, saying nothing.

Originally according to the itinerary, he would not be back until the day after tomorrow.

The environment and signal of the place he was inspecting was bad and he only knew something happened to the Qiao family, but Yi Fan did not elaborate.

After repeated questioning, Yi Fan only told him that Nan Zhi asked him not to worry and that she had settled everything.

But he was still worried. He worked through the day and night and rushed back immediately after finishing his work over there.

It was only after getting off the plane that he knew such a serious thing had happened to the Qiao family!

Nan Zhi was strongly embraced by him, and she bumped into his firm and hard chest, his fresh scent mixed with a faint smell of tobacco entering her nostrils and her eyes felt hot, her chest bitter and miserable.

She raised her hands and wrapped them around his body, wanting to draw warmth from him.

"Grandmas gone. Although I hated her when I first met her, I really liked her as my grandmother later."

Mu Sihan held Nan Zhis wet head and lowered his head, kissing her forehead. "Why didnt you let Yi Fan tell me such a serious thing had happened?"

Nan Zhi raised her eyes and looked at Mu Sihans well-defined face. She suppressed the bitterness in her chest and said with a choked voice, "Will my Grandma come back to life if I tell you?"

Mu Sihan knitted his eyebrows.

"Its raining, get into the car first."

Nan Zhi followed Mu Sihan to his car obediently.

Once she got into the car, he took off his expensive overcoat and draped it over her shoulders.

There was a complicated feeling in Nan Zhis heart when she smelled the fresh scent on his overcoat.

He was back and before she left, she needed to tell him about her decision. But, faced with his deep and dark eyes, she dared not speak.

She was afraid to see his cold and angry expression.

"What the hell is going on?" His tall body leaned towards her and feeling the coldness of her palm, he reached out his large hand and wrapped her small one in it.

Nan Zhi lowered her fan-like thick and long eyelashes and looked at their intertwined hands, saying in a bitter voice, "Uncle got addicted to the Die drug and the drug was found in large amounts in the Qiao Corporations cargo ship. Grandma couldnt handle the blow and committed suicide by jumping off a building."

Mu Sihan frowned.

With his understanding of Qiao Yanze, he would not get himself addicted to drugs, let alone traffick them.

"It has something to do with Xiao Ying?"

Nan Zhi sniffed. "It should be. But Xiao Ying died from an overdose of sleeping pills and all the leads went nowhere."

His hand that was holding to Nan Zhis tightened.

As a Crown Prince, he was naturally familiar with the international laws.

No matter in which country, anyone having large amounts of Die drugs in the cargo ship would be sentenced to life imprisonment or death.

Moreover, Qiao Yanzes case had risen to an international level and would be difficult.

It must be a large criminal organization to be able to supply large amounts of drugs to Xiao Ying. They would be able to catch them all if they could find the criminal organization.

But it was not easy dealing with a criminal organization.

Nan Zhi looked at Mu Sihan, who was deep in thought. She knew what he was thinking and she held his hand, saying, "Lets pick up Xiaojie from the training camp later and have dinner together!"

"Youre in a bad mood, you dont need to cook." Mu Sihan looked at her red and swollen eyes, his heart aching. "We can have a meal together anytime."

It was not so easy for them to get married with this happening to the Qiao family.

"I just want to have dinner together tonight." Nan Zhi looked at his well-defined handsome face, tears filling her eyes. "After dinner, I have something to tell you."

"You cant say it now?" Mu Sihan raised his eyebrows.

Nan Zhi shook her head. "Not now."

When they arrived at the training camp, Mu Sihan went in personally to pick up Xiaojie.

Nan Zhi sat in the car and she felt choked up when she saw father and son coming out hand in hand.

Xiaojie was wearing a camouflaged training uniform, a hat on his head and boots on his feet.He had something of a little soliders demeanor.

She did not know what Mu Sihan had said to Xiaojie. Xiaojie suddenly froze and looked towards the car, then ran towards her.

Nan Zhi got out of the car and pulled Xiaojie into her arms.

The little fellow had grown stronger in the training camp.

"Pretty Zhizhi, why are your eyes so red? Did Daddy bully you?"

Nan Zhi carried Xiaojie to the car and sat beside him, shaking her head. "No, your Daddys very good to Mommy. Mommy just misses Baby Jie."

Xiaojie smiled brightly at Nan Zhi. "I miss Mommy too. But Im more fortunate than other children in the training camp. They can only see their parents once a year, but I can see mine many times a year."

Nan Zhis heart suddenly burst with a bitter and miserable feeling of suffocation when she thought of how long it would be before she could see him again. She hugged Xiaojie tightly, her chin resting on the top of his head. "Xiaojie, you must behave and listen to Daddy in the future, okay?"



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