Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 850

Chapter 850 Warm Family Of Three

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Mu Sihan instructed the chauffeur to drive back to Crown Palace.

Along the way, Nan Zhi held Xiaojie, her red eyes full of maternal love.

Mu Sihan looked at her face that had turned haggard and thin within the past few days, and his heart was heavy and guilty.

Alone, she had held on to Qiao Yanzes arrest and Madam Qiaos passing on her shoulders. When she needed someone by her side, he was not there.

Nan Zhi could feel Mu Sihans gaze and she looked over at him.

It was obvious that he had rushed back. He was travel-worn, his hair messy and the dark eyes underneath his eyebrows looked slightly tired.

There was a deep sorrowness in Nan Zhis heart.

She looked at him deeply, as if she wanted to engrave his features and outlines of his face deep in her heart.

After looking at each other for a while, she tried to calm herself down, opening her mouth to break the silence. "Lets go to the supermarket!"

"Youre not tired?"

Nan Zhi shook her head. "No."

Before leaving, she wanted to cook a delicious meal for both father and son.

The chauffeur stopped the car in front of a supermarket.

Nan Zhi held down Mu Sihan who wanted to get off. "Wait for us in the car, otherwise with you showing up, itll be difficult for us to come out later."

Mu Sihan shot a look at the chauffeur in front and he handed Mu Sihan a mask and hat.

"How about now?"

Xiaojie looked at Mu Sihan who had put on the mask and hat and he said, "Daddy looks handsome even with a mask."

Mu Sihan patted Xiaojies head. "You learned how to flatter your old man, huh?"

"Flattery always works!"

Mu Sihan was speechless.

Nan Zhi was speechless as well.

The three of them got out of the car and went into the supermarket.

It had been a long time since Xiaojie had been out shopping in the supermarket with his parents. He walked in the middle, holding their hands.

The feeling of happiness spread out from his heart.

Although Mu Sihan wore a hat and mask, his tall figure and outstanding figure still attracted many peoples attention.

Especially beside him was the tall and beautiful Nan Zhi and delicate and handsome Xiaojie.

"Look! That family of three looks like theyve come out of an idol drama!"

"Youre right. The parents are tall, the child will be very tall in the future too!"

"Its so pleasing to the eyes! But the woman looks a little familiar. Is she some star?"

"I think shes even more beautiful than female stars. She must be a noble lady!"

"She has a child but shes still in such good shape. Im so envious!"

Nan Zhi did not care about the discussion around them. Xiaojie was pushing the cart and she walked behind him with Mu Sihan.

"Lets go to the fresh food section!"

Nan Zhi looked at Mu Sihan who was beside her. He did not say anything and the next second, her slender fingers were held tightly by him.

His palm was warm and dry and the moment he held her hand, Nan Zhis heartbeat sped up. Clasping her fingers around his, she held his large hand and smiled sweetly at him.

His Adams apple bobbed and he felt like he was melting, looking at her smile.

His Kitten was still forcing herself to smile in front of him even though her heart must be feeling so awful.

When would she let herself be less sensible?

"Pretty Zhizhi, hairy crab!"

Nan Zhi pulled Mu Sihan over. "Lets buy some back to steam?"

Xiaojie nodded. "Yes!"

After buying the hairy crab, Nan Zhi then bought other food and the trolley started to pile high with ingredients. When Mu Sihan counted, he saw that it was almost enough for ten dishes.

"Is it just for the three of us this evening?" He looked at her, his dark eyes in doubt.

Nan Zhi looked into the mans dark eyes that were like whirlpools and her heart almost stopped beating. She nodded. "Yes, otherwise how many more people do you want?"

"You bought so much for three people?"

"I want to make a scrumptious meal for the two of you!"

Mu Sihan raised his hand and pinched Nan Zhis nose gently. "Fine, as long as my Princess is not tired."

Hearing the word Princess, tears filled Nan Zhis eyes. She almost could not control it and cried in front of him.

After buying the ingredients they got back to the car and Xiaojie could not help grumbling, "I think it was right of me to stay in the training camp. Everytime I come back, you two are always being all lovey dovey."

Mu Sihan shot back at him unkindly, "Its not like you dont have a wife."

"Daddy, I only regard Little Apple as my sister!"

"Oh, did I say Little Apple was your wife?"

Xiaojie looked at Nan Xiaojie angrily. "Pretty Zhizhi, can I still change my Daddy?"

Mu Sihan replied, "Impossible."

Nan Zhi looked at the father and son who would bicker whenever they met and she wanted to laugh, but couldnt.

Returning to Crown Palace, Nan Zhi went upstairs to take a bath and change her clothes before going to the kitchen to cook.

Xiaojie and Mu Sihan came in to help.

They helped to wash and pick the vegetables.

Nan Zhi did not chase them out. She cherished and enjoyed such a rare time of warmth.

Maybe because she had something in her mind, when she was cutting the vegetables, she got distracted and accidentally cut her finger.

Mu Sihan heard Nan Zhis hiss and he hurried to her side. When he saw her injured finger, he put her finger into his mouth without even thinking.

Nan Zhis body stiffened slightly.

Xiaojie covered his face beside them.

Nan Zhi stared at his deep and dark narrow eyes blankly with her beautiful clear eyes.

The finger that was in his mouth felt hot and moist. It did not seem to be in pain anymore.

Looking at his carved-like handsome facial features, her breathing became slightly irregular.

A few seconds later, she pulled her finger back from his lips.

The area where he had sucked felt numb like it had been electrocuted.

Xiaojie ran out of the kitchen and asked Yi Fan for a band-aid.

"Pretty Zhizhi, Ill put it on for you."

Nan Zhi crouched down and let Xiaojie paste the band-aid on her finger.

Looking at Xiaojies serious expression like he was dealing with an important matter, her heart felt bitter and sweet.

Her darling had really grown up!

Her finger was injured and Mu Sihan and Xiaojie did not agree to have her continue to cook.

She smiled and said, "Its not that serious, can you both not be so nervous? Im going to finish cooking, but with the two of you here I cant concentrate. Go out first!"

"Daddy go out, I want to stay with Pretty Zhizhi in the kitchen."

"Brat, youre the one who should go out!"

Nan Zhi looked helplessly at them and stretched out her hand, pushing them both out of the kitchen.

After Mu Sihan was driven out of the kitchen by Nan Zhi, he called Yi Fan aside and lectured him coldly.

"How dare you hide what had happened to the Qiao family from me?" Mu Sihans jaw was clenched tightly, revealing his displeasure. "Hows Qiao Yanze doing now?"

Yi Fan shook his head. "After he was taken away by the Interpol, all news had been blocked. But from what I could find out, he has been taken away."


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