Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 851

Chapter 851 Im Here To Say Goodbye To Him

Mu Sihan raised his slender fingers and pressed between his eyes.

If Qiao Yanze was taken away from S Country by the Interpol, the sphere of influence was not in his control.

"Did you check on Xiao Ying? There should be a big criminal organization behind her!"

"Yes, but Xiao Yings background is clear. The other party left no trace and now that Xiao Ying is dead, it is impossible to find out."

Yi Fan sighed. "In fact, Young Master Qiao is also partly responsible for this. In the beginning, Madam Qiao opposed the two of them, but he fell deep into Xiao Yings love trap. She slowly got him addicted to drugs and he did not know that he had signed documents that would ruin his family. He was so experienced in love, why did he fall into Xiao Yings trap?"

Xiao Yings face flashed past Mu Sihans mind.

She looked pure and delicate, like a flower.

It was precisely that Qiao Yanze was experienced in love that he had seen too many charming, sexy and independent women.

Although Xiao Ying looked innocent, she was a girl with a strong personality and it attracted his attention. Plus, it was very difficult to see that Xiao Ying had ulterior motives, it was not surprising that she had captured Qiao Yanzes heart.

"Help me find out where the Interpol took Qiao Yanze. Also, I dont believe that all clues leading to the person behind Xiao Ying are gone. Keep looking!"

"Yes, Young Master."

After Yi Fan left, Mu Sihan stood in front of the French windows and smoked a cigarette.

He did not know if he was thinking too much, but seeing Nan Zhi cooking and preparing so many dishes, it felt like she was planning to have a last dinner with him.

He hoped he was wrong.

Nan Zhi asked Yi Fan to set a table in the garden and the surrounding trees were hung with small lights.

As the sky darkened, the small colorful lights embellished the surrounding environment in a very warm and romantic way.

Nan Zhi put the dishes on the dining table. A few steps behind, Xiaojie was following and helping her to carry things diligently.

Nan Zhi went to the wine cellar and took a bottle of red wine.

Mu Sihan went upstairs to take a bath and changed into leisure wear. When he came down, Nan Zhi had arranged everything, opened the red wine and poured the wine into two tall wine glasses.

Today was the day of her grandmothers burial and she should not be in the mood to do all of these preparations. The churning feeling in his stomach grew.

Mu Sihan clenched his jaw and walked behind Nan Zhi, pulling her into his arms, his lips close to her ear. "Whats wrong? What do you want to say to me? I will definitely do something about your uncle, but I may not be able to get him out for the time being."

Nan Zhi looked sideways at the man behind her. There were tears in her eyes and she wanted to kiss his lips and in her haste, she accidentally touched his firm jaw and only kissed his lips on the second try. The tip of her tongue prying open his mouth and slid in slowly.

He had never been able to stand it when she flirted with him and was ignited.

But he knew very well that it was impossible for him to touch her today.

Resisting the urge to carry her upstairs, he released her. "Lets talk while we eat!"

Xiaojie ran out. "It smells so good. Pretty Zhizhi, can we start?"

Nan Zhi smiled. "Of course!"

At the table, Xiaojie talked about some interesting things that had happened in the training camp and although it was tough everyday, he felt very happy.

Because it was something he liked to do.

Nan Zhi did not expect that the little fellow would adapt to the royal life so easily.

They ate the delicious dishes for nearly an hour.

After Xiaojie entered the training camp, he gradually became more independent. Although he would occasionally fight with his daddy over Pretty Zhizhi, it had significantly reduced a lot.

After dinner, he left the table to give space to Daddy and Pretty Zhizhi.

When it was only Nan Zhi and Mu Sihan left in the backyard, their gazes intertwined.

Nan Zhi looked at the man sitting opposite her. This was probably the last time she would be looking at him so closely!

Mu Sihans dark gaze kept falling onto Nan Zhis face. Although there was a smile on her lips, he could see that she was forcing it out.

She was not happy.

Because of the Qiao family or maybe something else.

"I heard that you met the Queen?"

It was only after his repeated questioning that Yi Fan finally told him.

From his understanding of the Queen, with this happening to the Qiao family, she would definitely not allow Nan Zhi to marry into the Royal family.

Did she say something hurtful to her?

Perhaps she wanted to back out?

Nan Zhi looked down, her teeth chewing on her bottom lip. "Sihan, Im here to say goodbye!"

Say goodbye?

Mu Sihans cold eyes narrowed and his face became tensed. "What do you mean by goodbye? Why are you saying goodbye to me?"

Mu Sihan stood up and went to Nan Zhi, grabbing her slender shoulders.

He was using a lot of strength and Nan Zhi felt that her bones were about to be crushed by him. But she did not push him away and let him hold her.

There was no smile on her face and her expression had turned cold. "Sihan, Im tired."

Mu Sihan knitted his eyebrows.

"The Queen gave me two choices. If I stayed with you, I must break ties with the Qiao family and leave my uncle. If I want to save my uncle, with the current situation of the Qiao family, it is impossible to be involved with the Royal family anymore, so I cant be with you."

Mu Sihans eyes were slowly turning red, his hold on Nan Zhis shoulders tightening and his gaze was cold. "Dont tell me you want to abandon me and Xiaojie and leave."

"Yes." Nan Zhis eyes were brimming with tears. To be honest, she was reluctant to part with them and when she thought that she would be separated from them, her heart felt like it was stabbed. But she had no choice.

Mu Sihan looked at Nan Zhis determined gaze and his knuckles were turning white from holding her shoulders tightly.

He swallowed and only found his voice after a while. "Ill go and see the Queen now!"

He released her, and had just stepped forward when his waist was hugged by Nan Zhi from behind.

"You cant change anything if you go to the Queen. The Queen had already found someone to fake Uncles death and arranged for him to be in a place that cannot be found.

"Sihan, you should know better than anyone that with the Qiao familys involvement with the Die drug, we cant be together openly if I dont change my identity. Its better to separate than to be entangled with each other so painfully!"

Over the past two days, she had thought a lot.

She even selfishly wanted him to wait for her. When Uncle got back on his feet and proved his and the Qiao familys innocence, she would go back to him.

But who knew how long it was going to take?

Would she make him wait for a year, or two, or even longer?

How could she be so selfish?

In this world, there was no relationship that would not be separated by time and distance. Besides, his status was noble and before he succeeded to the throne, the Royal family would surely push for him to marry again.




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