Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 852

Chapter 852 Wont Force You Again

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Nan Zhi could feel the stiffness in the mans body, his back was ramrod straight and his hands were cold and tense. She slowly released her hold and walked in front of him.

Looking at his eyes that were dark as ink, her long eyelashes fluttered violently.

"I know my choice will hurt you, but Uncle is too pitiful. I cant abandon him. If I were to break ties with the Qiao family and leave him, I dont know if he would have the will to continue living!

"Sihan, I was kidnapped during Uncles wedding and he did not even hold the ceremony because of me. He was really good to me. I have already lost Grandma, I cant lose my uncle too."

Mu Sihan stared fixedly at the woman in front of him. The tears rolling out from her eyes hurt his eyes.

His face was tensed and his expression was dark as he enunciated every word, "So, you can leave me?"

His words were like a sharp sword, piercing into her heart.

It was so painful that she felt like her heart was breaking.

She could feel his pain, but she was helpless!

"Sihan, Im sorry." Nan Zhi lowered her long eyelashes, her voice choked. "I cant abandon my family for love. Im sorry"

Mu Sihan heard her apology and he was ignited like a firecracker, the rationality and poise he was maintaining completely disintegrated.

His hand grabbed her arm as if he wanted to crush her. "Are you serious?"

Nan Zhi looked at the coldness shooting out from his eyes and her heart trembled, her mouth opening and closing a few times before she said bitterly, "Yes."

Love should adapt to changing circumstances. They all needed time to solve practical problems.

But before that, she did not want to tie him down with any promises.

Mu Sihan released her, shoving his hands in his pants pocket, his fingers clenched tightly into fists. He looked at the woman in front of him, the expression in his eyes changing as his eyes swirled with a myriad of fierce emotions.

He could not believe that she was really going to leave him.

His chest seemed to be grabbed tightly by an invisible hand, making him feel so suffocated that he could not breathe. His carved-like handsome face turned distorted and his deep dark eyes turned red.

But he endured the pain in his heart and said in a deep and hoarse voice, "I know that in this situation, we have to face many difficulties together, but as long as you dont leave, Ill try to do something"

Nan Zhi interrupted Mu Sihans words and turned her head away. "You dont have to do anything, I have already made my decision. When you needed me the most, I accompanied you, so I hope you can understand me. After all, life is not only about love"


At her words, Mu Sihans fist punched hard on the dining table.

Several plates and the bottle of red wine that was half full, fell to the ground, making a crisp shattering sound.

Nan Zhi lowered her eyes, looking at her toes. "Mu Sihan, I hope we can part on good terms."

F*cking screw parting on good terms! Which part of this was good?!

Mu Sihan raised his long leg and kicked the dining table. F*ck!

So this was why. This was why she had taken the trouble to cook, and forced herself to smile just to pave the way for her farewell.

They were silent for a long time.

Mu Sihan suddenly came forward and pulled Nan Zhi into his arms tightly.

"Did you forget you said that you would never leave me again!" He buried his face into her neck and took in the scent from her body. "I wont agree to you leaving!"

Nan Zhis heart was throbbing in pain. She almost could not hold back the tears in her eyes.

Closing her eyes, she pulled away his hand on her waist.

She raised her head, meeting his deep dark eyes, her heart felt like a knife was twisted inside it. "Sihan, maybe were really not suitable for each other. Were always encountering this and that when were together and on tenterhooks everyday. I dont want to be a Princess, I feel very tired. Please let me go. If I stay, Ill only be unhappy!"

Mu Sihan looked at her determined expression and his pupils constricted. "You can abandon me so easily, but what about Xiaojie? Hes your son, can you really bear to leave him?"

If it was before, Nan Zhi would definitely have taken Xiaojie with her.

But now, he was used to the royal life and was doing outstandingly well in the training camp. He had grown up, became sensible and would understand her in the future!

"Mu Sihan, you dont have to say anything more. I believe youll take care of Xiaojie when Im not around."

Nan Zhis voice had just fallen when her face was held by his large and strong hands. He put his forehead against hers, his breath heavy and his eyes red.

He said nothing, lowered his head and pressed his lips against hers.

He invaded her mouth, sucking her tongue hard, like he was fighting for power against her in a hidden war. He was aggressive as if he wanted to eat her up.

Nan Zhis scalp turned numb and her breathing was chaotic, but her rationality was still there. She clenched her hands into fists, reminding herself that she could not sink into his kiss.

She could not be so selfish anymore.

Lifting her hands, she pushed him away.

Mu Sihans tall body retreated several steps by her push.

The strength in his body seemed to have been drained away. He fell to the chair, looking at the determined woman in a dazed manner.

He had his hand on his forehead, a bitter smile appearing on his thin lips. "I cant make you stay, can I?"

Nan Zhi did not speak.

But in a moment like this, silence spoke more than a million words.

The bitter and mocking smile on his lips deepened.

He did not look at her anymore, only looking at a spot in the garden and said in a deep and hoarse voice, "You have your difficulties and thoughts. Im just keeping an empty shell if I force you to stay by my side.

"Ive been pushing you too much and you always felt that I didnt respect you enough. Alright. This time, I will respect your decision."

His eyes became redder, but there was no expression on his handsome face, just like a frozen lake with no ripples. "You have thought it through and no one will wait for anyone. I wont wait for you again if you leave!"

Nan Zhi heard his words and her heart was numb with pain. How could she not know that after leaving her, he would find a better woman? The world would only continue to spin. It was her that chose to give it all up, so she would bear all the consequences!

Her teeth chattered and her lips trembled, it was only after a while that she replied. "I know. If you meet someone suitable, get together with her. Sihan, I hope you will be happy."

A cold smirk appeared on Mu Sihans lips, the coldness that flashed past his eyes enough to make her shiver. "I dont need you to worry about my happiness. Since you want to leave, get out now!"

With that, he stopped looking at her, as if he would tear her into shreds if he looked at her again!

Nan Zhis heart was filled with panic and confusion. She bit her lip hard, looked at him one last time and lifted her legs that were heavy as lead and left with heavy steps.

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