Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 853

Chapter 853 Gone

Mu Sihan looked away, suppressing the urge to look at her. But the moment she turned and left, his dark, bloodshot eyes still fell on her.

If he gave the order, she would not be able to leave Crown Palace.

But he could not say a word.

His deep eyes that were watching her slowly disappearing back gradually became a distant speck.

As her figure disappeared, the last ray of light in his eyes also turned dark.

Indifference, coldness and gloominess appeared in his eyes.

Nan Zhi walked into the living room from the back garden with heavy steps.

Her mind and her chest felt empty, lost. She had no other thoughts, she only knew one thing clearly.

It was over between them.

He would not wait for her and like her anymore.

Wasnt this the ending she wanted?

She was really going to lose him.

Their relationship had been on and off since they got together, and this time was probably the last.

Nan Zhi raised her head slightly, forcing the tears that were about to fall back into her eyes. She was cold all over, a piercing cold that chilled her to the bone.

But she had no other way.

Xiaojie was standing not far away and seeing Nan Zhi coming towards him, there was disbelief in his big eyes.

Nan Zhi sniffed, her legs weak but she could only clench her teeth and hold it in, not letting herself collapse.

Xiaojie walked up to Nan Zhi.

Nan Zhi squatted down, her fair and slender fingers caressing his head. "Did you hear what Daddy and Mommy said?"

Xiaojie nodded.

He already knew about Great-grandmothers death, Granduncles incident and that the Qiao family was no longer the brilliant star with its untouchable status like before.

"Darling, Im sorry. Mommy cant be by your side for the time being" Nan Zhi raised her hands, holding her face as tears fell from between the gaps of her fingers.

Xiaojie pulled Nan Zhis hands away, his small hand wiping the tears on her face. "Pretty Zhizhi, Ive learned to be independent in the training camp, and the training is strict, so I cant always stay with Daddy and Mommy. You go and accompany Granduncle, I wont blame you.

"I dont know what happened between you adults, but I know that Pretty Zhizhis heart must be suffering more than anyone else making this decision!

"Great-grandma is not around anymore so Granduncle must be very sad. He doted on Pretty Zhizhi and me the most. Pretty Zhizhi must guide him well when youre taking care of him!"

Nan Zhi did not expect Xiaojie to say such a thing to her and her eyes were blurred by tears. Pulling Xiaojie into her arms, she said, her voice choked, "Darling, thank you."

Xiaojie patted Nan Zhis trembling back and said in a crisp and child-like voice, "Pretty Zhizhi, dont worry. Ill look after Daddy for you. He loves you so much, he only said those words because youre leaving. Anyway, I wont let him find a stepmother for me. If he really finds one, you can find a new stepfather for me!"

Xiaojie had just finished speaking when a tall figure appeared in front of them.

Mu Sihan had come in from the back garden.

They did not know if he heard their conversation as there was no expression on his handsome face. He had one hand in his pants pocket, his gaze indifferent and icy.

He did not look at her. After coming in, he turned and went up the stairs.

Nan Zhi looked at his cold back and her heart tightened. She almost chased after him, but something held her back.

He did not walk very fast, and looked as if his mood was not affected. But she could feel the coldness and indifference emanating from him.

She wanted to leave and he did not want to keep her back.

But if she left, he would not wait for her.

Calm, but also decisive.

Wasnt that what she chose?

"Pretty Zhizhi, Ill be here. Dont worry and go and take care of Granduncle!"

Nan Zhi kissed Xiaojies forehead. "Take good care of yourself and dont overwork yourself during training. If you have time, come back and accompany your Daddy more!"

Xiaojie nodded.

Nan Zhi stood up, covered her mouth and ran outside the palace. Xiaojie chased after her a few steps but stopped.

If he went after Pretty Zhizhi, it would only make her more upset.

Nan Zhi ran for a long distance, panting and her hair soaked in sweat.

She dared not stop for a second, fearing that if she stopped, she would rush into the palace and hold Mu Sihan.

How could she bear to leave him and Xiaojie?

She loved him so much that everytime she said she wanted to leave him, her heart was even more pain and miserable than him!

But she had no other way.

After running for a while, a black SUV drove over from the darkness and stopped beside Nan Zhi.

"Miss Nan, Im sent by Her Majesty to pick you up."

Nan Zhi wiped the tears from her face and nodded. "Okay."

Getting into the SUV, Nan Zhi looked out of the window, looking at the slowly disappearing Crown Palace. She put her forehead against the window and tried to calm her turbulent mood.

Mu Sihan and Xiaojie

They were the people hidden deep in heart that she could never forget.

The SUV stopped at an inconspicuous pier.

The chauffeur looked at the listless Nan Zhi and reminded her, "Miss Nan, because of Young Master Qiaos special status, your mother and him are in the storage room of the cargo ship. Sorry to put you in such inconvenience."

Nan Zhi nodded. "Its alright. Thank you."

The chauffeur handed a document bag to Nan Zhi. "This is Young Master Qiaos new identity. Her Majesty said that since you have chosen this road, you have to keep your promise to her, otherwise the closest people to you will be implicated."

Nan Zhi took the document bag and nodded. "I understand."

When she arrived at the storage room of the warehouse, Nan Zhi saw Qiao Yanze lying on the bed, covered in wounds. She asked An Feng, "Mom, Uncle he"

"When I saw him, he was already beaten up, and he isnt in a good mood. He was awake for a while just now, but didnt eat or drink, he only sat there looking dazed. I called him but he ignored me." An Feng looked pale and haggard too. She looked at Nan Zhi, who followed them to suffer after the Qiao family got into trouble and her heart ached. "Have you spoken to the Crown Prince?"

Nan Zhi nodded. "Yes." Touching Qiao Yanzes forehead, Nan Zhi found that he was having a fever and said hurriedly, "Mom, lets not talk about me anymore. The most important thing for us to help Uncle get better."

Mu Sihan stood in front of the French windows in his bedroom, watching the darkness engulf the night outside.

After a long time, he suddenly lowered his head and laughed bitterly.

Stubbing out the cigarette in his hand, he lay on the bed, turned off the lights and plunged himself into the darkness.

The temperature indoor was just right, neither cold nor hot, but he felt unusually cold.

She was gone. She had really left!



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