Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 854

Chapter 854 He Looked At The Woman With A Dazed Look

In the dark and quiet bedroom, Mu Sihan was looking at the ceiling without any expression.

The curtains had been drawn by the remote control. There was no trace of light in the room.

His eyes were opened and he listened to his own heavy breathing.

His mind was blank but his heart was in pain.

How could he stop it from hurting, from feeling?

He stared blankly at the ceiling for some time and only after a long time did he drift into the arms of slumber.

When he woke up, he felt a soft and warm body in his arms.

He subconsciously embraced the small body.

"Kitten." He called her habitually.

The small body snuggled into his arms and a childs voice sounded, "Daddy, youre holding me so tightly I cant breathe!"

His eyes shot open.

The curtains had been drawn apart slightly, and the gentle rays of white light shone in from the window, landing on him and the little fellow in his arms.

Mu Sihan opened his eyes and frowned when he saw that the person in his arms was Xiaojie and not Nan Zhi.

"Why are you here?" He said expressionlessly. He moved his body and the silk blanket slid off his body, showing his firm and muscular chest.

The strap to his night robe was untied and he got out of bed, tying it up again.

His well-defined face seemed distant under the rays of light shining in from outside.

Xiaojie, wearing a set of small pajamas, half knelt on the bed, looked at the expressionless Mu Sihan and muttered unhappily, "Daddy, Pretty Zhizhi left, but you still have me."

Mu Sihan glanced at Xiaojie. "Youre not going back to the training camp?"

"I am."

"In the future, youll come home once a year, like other children."

Xiaojie jumped down from the bed, hugging Mu Sihans waist. "Pretty Zhizhi asked me to come back more to accompany you!"

Pulling away Xiaojies hands on his waist, Mu Sihan narrowed his eyes that looked dark under the backlight. "No need."

Xiaojie looked at Daddy, who looked really upset after Pretty Zhizhi left. He rubbed his short hair and thought for a while with his head tilted. How could he help Daddy be happy again? What could he do?

There was a widows peak on Xiaojie that was not that obvious, his facial features were delicate and pretty. It was clear he had inherited Nan Zhis good skin and would not get tanned, and his long and narrow dark eyes were the same as Mu Sihans.

Mu Sihan realized that he had vented his discontent with Nan Zhis departure on Xiaojie and he bent down, rubbing his head. "Okay, your Mommy has left. You have to learn well in the training camp and Daddy will work hard for work."

Xiaojie retreated a few steps, his small body suddenly straightened, saluting Mu Sihan with a military salute with his small hand. "Yes, Daddy."

Seeing his rigid and serious demeanor, Mu Sihan lips twitched in amusement.

After Xiaojie returned to the training camp, there was only Mu Sihan left in Crown Palace. Actually, there was not only him, but also Butler Yi, Elder Dong and countless servants But without Nan Zhi beside him, he felt cold and lonely.

Elder Dong counseled him for three days.

It was only then that his anxious and uneasy mood start to improve.

After his morning swim, he went to the bathroom to take a bath. A towel was wrapped around his waist and he stood in front of the wardrobe, picking out an expensive black shirt.

Drops of water were still dripping from his hair.

The face in the mirror was cold and deep-set like it was carved painstakingly by a craftsman, handsome without any flaws.

His slender fingers buttoned up the exquisite buttons one by one. Putting on a black overcoat, he went down the stairs with elegant steps.

The blood of the royal family flowed in him and after being polished by experience and time, there was a superior air on his body naturally, making people want to worship and admire him.

Butler Yi was already waiting outside with the car.

The servants found that the Crown Prince was smiling less these days.

When he reached the office, Mu Sihan was called to the reception room by the Queens secretary.

The Queen was in a meeting with a middle-aged man. The man was in a tailored black suit and a white shirt with a tie. Judging from his back, he was a man from an extraordinary background.

Mu Sihan went into the reception room and the man turned to look at him.

It was a well-defined, refined, gentle and decisive face. He had the stability of men in their forties, as well as the nobility of successful people.

The Queen and the man stood up at the same time.

"Sihan, this is Mr Helian."

Helian Xiao was the richest man in the world. The wealth in his hands could control the economic lifeline of several small countries. Even the president of M Country dared not easily offend him.

His family had a legendary existence in M Country. His ancestors were European nobles, but he was very low-key. The master of the house now was Helian Xiao.

Because of Ye Qing, S Country was in an economic crisis and the Queen had contacted Helian Xiao many times before finally contacting him and inviting him to S Country.

Mu Sihan went forward and shook hands with Helian Xiao.

At that moment, the door of the reception room was opened again and a cold yet pleasant voice sounded, "Your Majesty, Daddy."

A tall and slender figure came in. She was wearing a white shirt with a short black skirt below, her brown curls hung over her shoulders. The moment she came in, Mu Sihans expression was slightly dazed.

Nan Zhi? He thought Nan Zhi was back.

The girl who came in was young and beautiful and had a certain resemblance to Nan Zhi between her eyes.

The courtyard in front of every house in a small town in some European country was planted with flowers, the streets were spotless and the architectural style was unique and full of artistic and romantic flavor.

There were no places where people indulge in sensual pleasures, only freshness and elegance.

Nan Zhi, An Feng and Qiao Yanze had been here for more than two months.

Qiao Yanzes mood had not improved and was only getting worse. He was drinking everyday to drown his sorrows.

Nan Zhi and An Feng took turns to accompany him and console him.

But the hurt Xiao Ying had caused was too deep.

He could not forgive Xiao Ying and could not forgive himself.

He had ruined the Qiao family and was living in pure misery. What was the point of him living?

Nan Zhi was cooking in the kitchen when An Fengs voice suddenly sounded, "Zhizhi, your uncles missing!"

Nan Zhis heart tightened.

She asked An Feng to look over her cooking and she rushed to the bedroom.

But Qiao Yanze was not there.

"Mom, you cook first. Ill go and find Uncle!"

Nan Zhi took off her apron and walked quickly out of the yard. After asking around, Nan Zhi learned that Qiao Yanze had headed for the seaside.

When Nan Zhi ran to the seaside, she saw Qiao Yanze walking towards the sea and the sea water was already over his chest.

If he went forward or a huge wave came, he would probably drown in the sea!

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