Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 856

Chapter 856 Where Did Such A Pretty And Soft Baby Come From

Hearing that there was good food, Ji Chuan immediately rubbed his hands together.

"Hurry and check where it is!"

"Its about thirty minutes away from our hotel, so its a bit out of the way."

"Thats alright, Im happy as long as the food is good."

To Ji Chuan, Nan Zhi was the best cook who made the best dishes. However, it was a pity that after she left Fourth Brother, he did not have the chance to taste her cooking anymore.

At the thought of it, she still missed it quite badly.

Ji Chuan and his assistant went back to their hotel to place their luggage down before they rushed towards that private kitchen.

Even now, Ji Chuan was a complete glutton, his dreams in the past were not to act, but to become a food reporter.

His social media accounts were mostly filled with pictures of delicious food. He hoped that this private kitchen he was going to wouldnt disappoint him.

After nearly half an hour, the car arrived at their destination.

The private kitchen was a small pink building with two floors, its walls covered with green twines. There was an arch made from vine roses, the rose were in full bloom as guests could already smell the faint fragrance of roses from afar.

There was a swing in the courtyard, while goldfish were kept in a small pond as well. It looked extremely warm and peaceful.

Ji Chuan was about to go in when he saw a small sign hung by the side of the courtyard. "Were closed for today."

Ji Chuans mouth twitched.

He came all the way here, but they were closed? Ji Chuan could feel his stomach rumbling in protest.

Seeing a phone number placed under the sign, Ji Chuan took out his phone to call the number.

It rang two times before the door was opened from inside suddenly.

A small figure ran over.

"Uncle, are you here to eat?"

Hearing the childish, but extremely soft and pleasant voice, Ji Chuan felt his heart melting. He looked down to glance at the small girl that had run towards his legs.

She was about three years old, her facial features exquisite and pretty. Her skin was fair, making her look like she was a princess that had walked out of a fairytale. Her long naturally curly hair rested at her waist, while she wore a pink hair band on her head. Her eyes were round and big, sparkling like they were stars in the sky. Her lashes were like two small brushes, curly and dense. When she spoke, her small mouth opened and closed adorably, making her look extremely adorable. Just one glance at her was enough to melt peoples hearts.

Ji Chuan exclaimed in his heart. Such a cute and adorable girl!

When he saw her, he wanted to see her parents to see what kind of handsome man and pretty woman would be able to give birth to such a small angel!

Pretty people or objects were always able to gain a good impression on people straight away. Ji Chuan was no exception and he adored this little girl terribly the moment he saw her. He crouched down, smiling brightly at her. "Uncle came to eat. What are you doing here?"

The girl blinked her pretty and watery big eyes, giggling. "Im the small boss here If Uncle wants to eat, you have to make a reservation first!"

Ji Chuan raised an eyebrow. "Alright then, Uncle shall make a reservation with the small beautiful boss right now."

"Grandma said." The girl puffed up her pretty cheeks, looking extremely adorable as she blinked. "The reservations are full until the day after!"

This private kitchen had such good business!

Ji Chuan cupped his stomach, acting like he was sad. "What do I do then? Uncle is so hungry Im about to faint."

"Uncle is so handsome! Wait a while, Ill go get my biscuits for you!"

When Ji Chuan returned to the hotel, he flopped on the bed, still holding on the small box of biscuits the little girl had given her.

She was such a soft and pretty little thing. Who would be so lucky to be her parents?

Ji Chuan originally did not want to get married, but after seeing this adorable girl, he suddenly wanted to get married and have a daughter!

She was simply too adorable!

The moment Ji Chuan got busier with work, he temporarily forgot about the private kitchen. After the filming at this town ended, he returned to the Capital.

It had been a long time since their group of friends had met up, so after Ji Chuan returned, he organized a get together.

Four years was enough to change a lot of people and things.

Half a year ago, Fourth Brother had experienced countless traps, assassinations and setups. He had also inherited the King position and become the leader of S Country.

However, from what he knew, although the Queen had stepped down, she still held quite a bit of power. After Fourth Brother had ascender to the throne, there were several more revolts that caused panic amongst the people.

However, Fourth Brother was strong in his actions. He picked out all of the Royal family members that caused the revolts because they refused to accept him, then imprisoned them for life.

Soon after, he did a lot to redevelop the military, holding several military viewing exercises in the Capitals Crown Palace Square and actual military exercises at Yukou Border to show the people and those abroad their countrys military capabilities. The crisis and revolts finally quietened down in the past three months.

In a high-class clubhouse.

Ji Chuan and Lan Yanzhi were the first to arrive at the private room. Ji Chuan ordered several bottles of alcohol first. Seeing that Mu Sihan and Bo Yan had yet to arrive, the two of them played pool for a while.

"Brother Yanzhi, do you think the two of them will come?"

Ever since Nan Zhi left, Fourth Brother had become even colder and harder to read. In the past few years, it was very rare for others to see his smile anymore.

As for Bo Yan

He was originally a cold and quiet person. But half a year ago, his beloved woman, Yan Hua, had left without saying anything.

At that time, Yan Huas body was already very weak. Bo Yan had looked everywhere he could, but wasnt able to find a heart that was suitable for Yan Hua.

There was only that old lady that Chen Qianqian knew. The old lady was not willing to donate her daughter, who was brain dead, to Yan Hua. As such, Chen Qianqian proposed to him that as long as Bo Yan married her, or let her get pregnant with his child, she would help to convince the old lady.

Bo Yan naturally would not agree to it. However, Yan Huas heart surgery could not be dragged any longer

Yan Hua didnt want to see Bo Yan sacrificing himself for her, and did not want to see him marry another woman or let another woman fall pregnant with his child even more

That was why she left without saying a word.

Bo Yan clearly had so much power in the Capital, but he couldnt find Yan Hua no matter what. He did not know where she had hidden herself at, or whether she was still alive.

Lan Yanzhi put down the cue stick, rubbing his hands as he looked pointedly at Ji Chuan. "When the two of them arrive later, you cannot mention their names, got it?"

"I got it, Nan Zhi and Yan Hua, right?"

The moment Ji Chuan finished speaking, the door was pushed open.

Mu Sihan and Bo Yan walked in one after another, both wearing full black. When they walked in, they brought in a cold breeze from outside.

The pairs aura was as cold and indifferent as they could be. Ji Chuan and Lan Yanzhi glanced at each other, before Ji Chuan coughed, hurriedly changing the conversation. "Third Brother, Fourth Brother, do you know who I met when I went to film this time?"

Mu Sihan and Bo Yan sat on the sofa. None of them replied to Ji Chuan, so Ji Chuan touched his nose and chuckled as he said, "A very, very pretty girl."

Lan Yanzhi continued. "Did you get her?"

"Hahaha, shes only three years old!"

Lan Yanzhi was speechless.




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