Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 857

Chapter 857 Two Cute Babies

Seeing Ji Chuans exaggerated expression, Lan Yanzhi could not help but laugh. "Are you spazzing over a three year old girl? Youre really amazing!"

Ji Chuan glared at Lan Yanzhi. "How am I spazzing? She was so cute, pretty and cheerful, her voice was sweet and soft as well. When she called me Uncle, I really wanted to steal her away!"

Lan Yanzhi poked fun at him ruthlessly. "I couldnt tell that you had the potential to be a kidnapper as well."

Ji Chuan was speechless. He no longer had any desire to chat peacefully with Lan Yanzhi anymore.

Sneaking a glance towards Mu Sihan and Bo Yan who were on the sofa, Ji Chuan plopped down next to them, saying apologetically, "Third Brother, Fourth Brother, I didnt mean to mention those two names on purpose. Please dont be angry! Its easy to get an inflammation when youre angry, and if you get inflamed, your liver might hurt"

Mu Sihan stared at Ji Chuan blankly, saying calmly, "Its alright with me, I dont mind. As for Bo Yan, he would probably get an inflammation and hurt his liver."

Ji Chuan stared at Mu Sihan in surprise.

Before he became the King six months ago, he would still warn him coldly when Ji Chuan mentioned Nan Zhis name.

He had merely went abroad to film for six months, and now he didnt mind anymore? Could it be that the rumors were real?

That Fourth Brother had a new love interest? And it was

Ji Chuan suppressed the strong urge to gossip, wanting to ask about it several times. However, when he saw Fourth Brothers cold and sharp side profile, he dared not ask anymore.

After he became King, Fourth Brothers aura became stronger and more powerful, making people respect, fear and want to address him as their King the moment they saw him!

Ji Chuan still felt more relaxed when he was with Brother Yanzhi. He ran back to Lan Yanzhi, describing the small girl he had seen in great detail.

Meanwhile, Lan Yanzhi kept staring at Ji Chuan like he was staring at an idiot.

The two talkative ones were sitting together, while the two quiet ones were sitting together. The atmosphere in the room was still quite comfortable.

Mu Sihan crossed his slender legs elegantly, leaning back against the sofa as a cigar was held between his well-defined fingers. He narrowed his eyes as he slowly exhaled out a mouthful of smoke.

Bo Yan sat next to him as he downed cup after cup of alcohol without stopping.

"Ive almost searched the entire Capital, but I still dont know where she went." Bo Yans eyebrows were furrowed tightly, as he held on the cup of alcohol, the veins on the back of his hand protruding out. "She said that she didnt want Little Apple and me to be with her till her last moments. I always thought that she was merely saying it. Who wouldnt want their loved ones to be with them when theyre at their most helpless and painful period?"

After Yan Hua resided in the Capital, she had familiarized herself with the roads here. When she left, she picked the places where there werent any CCTVs.

"I dont know how she is doing, all alone outside either." She must have created a fake identity. There were no records of any credit cards, identity cards or passport that had her details.

However, this was not what Bo Yan was the most afraid of

What he was most afraid of, was that she was really gone.

If she didnt change her heart, she might have already left this world from a heart failure.

Mu Sihan patted Bo Yans shoulder. "No news can be seen as good news."

Without any news of her, he could still comfort himself by telling himself that she was still alive.

Bo Yan sighed, looking up as he downed the cup of liquid in his hands.

As Mu Sihan still had a busy schedule the following day, they did not stay until midnight, separating at about ten at night. Walking out of the private room, Mu Sihan took out his phone to send Yi Fan a message.

"Sihan." Suddenly, a cold but pleasant voice rang.

The party all turned towards the woman.

The girl was wearing a black suit, her long hair tied up into a ponytail. Her made-up face was exposed completely, a male and a female secretary following behind her.

Ji Chuan was walking behind Mu Sihan. Seeing that woman who called him, he blinked at Lan Yanzhi beside him, asking him softly, "Is this that infamous Miss Helian?"

Helian Zhu was very capable in the business world. He heard that she had an older brother as well, but he was not as capable as her. Helian Zhu was still very young, but she was already her fathers right-hand man. Most of the investment Helian Xiao had in S Country was being managed by Helian Zhu.

She was a strong woman in the business industry.

When Mu Sihan saw Helian Zhu, he nodded at her. After Helian Zhu said something to her secretaries, she walked over towards Mu Sihan.

Ji Chuan lowered his voice as he spoke to Lan Yanzhi, "Fourth Brother is really amazing. I heard that Miss Helian is very arrogant. Even if its the President of another country, they would be the one who takes the initiative to greet her, but now, shes coming to greet him."

Lan Yanzhi patted Ji Chuan. "Keep your gossipy mouth away!"

With that, Bo Yan and Lan Yanzhi pulled Ji Chuan away.

Helian Zhu walked in front of Mu Sihan, a bright smile on her indifferent face. "My Daddys Surveillance Team found an oil field at Tergu Desert. There are a few countries who are interested to work with my Daddy now, can I ask Your Majestys opinion?"

Mu Sihan placed a hand in his pocket, pausing slightly as his expression was slightly cold and dark. "I have already received your Fathers invitation."

"It seems that my Daddy still likes you."

Helian Zhu reached a hand out to Mu Sihan, smiling slightly. "Then, lets meet at the Tergu Desert."

Mu Sihan shook her hand.

In the warm and quiet courtyard.

A little girl wearing a pink tutu was sitting on the swing, holding onto a strawberry-flavored ice cream cone in her hand as she ate it happily.

"Tiantian, youre eating secretly again!"

A childish but extremely cold voice trailed over. Hearing the voice, Tiantian hid the ice cream cone behind her unconsciously.

Her clear bright eyes stared as a small figure walked out from the house.

The small figure was wearing a checkered shirt and pants with suspenders, his black soft hair having a 30-70% split that was combed neatly. His child-like face was tense and cold, exuding a seriousness and coldness that did not belong to one his age.

Tiantian poked out her small tongue, her head turning from side to side. "Brother, Im not eating anything secretly!"

"If youre not, what are you hiding behind you?"

"I-Im eating it openly! When I took it from the fridge, no one stopped me!" Tiantian blinked her large eyes, looking completely innocent.

Little Yuyu walked in front of Tiantian, reaching a hand out to her. "Give it to me."

"Brother, let me eat one, just one!"

Little Yuyus pretty face was tense, making him look extremely solemn and serious. "No, Mommy said that your teeth have a cavity. If you eat any more sweet things, you will have to go to the hospital to pluck your teeth out."

"Oh I dont want to pluck my teeth out" Tiantian passed the ice cream cone to Little Yuyu, tears circling in her large eyes. "Brother is so fierce. Im going to tell Mommy, Grandma and and"

Before Tiantian could finish speaking, a devilishly nice male voice trailed over. "Baby Tiantian, why are you crying?"

Seeing the person that had just arrived, Tiantian was so excited her tears stopped immediately.



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