Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 858

Chapter 858 : Never Thought Of Continuing Their Relationship

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The man who had just walked into the courtyard was wearing a leather jacket with tattered jeans and a blue diamond stud on his ears. He was handsome and charming and exuded a devil-may-care attitude.

In his arms were two boxes of toys, one of which was a Barbie doll that Tiantian liked, while the other was a puzzle that Little Yuyu liked.


Hearing Tiantian call the man Daddy, Little Yuyu corrected her calmly. "Tiantian, thats Uncle Feng Yao."

"Uncle Feng Yao said that hes Daddy." Tiantian smiled prettily, her small, fair legs running towards Feng Yao.

Feng Yao reached a slender hand out to carry Tiantian, it was so easy for him that he felt like he was carrying a doll.

With how he was carrying her with one hand, it was easy to tell that he carried her often. After all, arm strength was needed to carry a child like this.

Seeing Tiantians red eyes, Feng Yao raised an eyebrow. "Was your Brother fierce to you again?"

Tiantian pouted, nodding. "Brother didnt let me eat my ice cream cone, but Tiantian really wants to eat it!"

The moment Tiantian finished speaking, a soft and gentle voice sounded together with the clacking of high-heels. "Tiantian, your Brother is right."

A woman wearing a red shirt and black pants walked out of the house. Her brown curly hair from the past had been dyed black and cut short. The ends of her hair rested at her shoulders, the ends slightly curled in as it made her look extremely feminine and pretty.

Seeing the man who was carrying Tiantian in the courtyard, Nan Zhi smiled at him.

Feng Yao was the first customer she had gotten after opening this private kitchen. Once they got familiarized with each other, he would come over often.

Back then, after she saved Qiao Yanze from the sea and fainted, they discovered that she was pregnant.

Caught in such a chaotic time, she still remembered her hesitation, not knowing whether she should get an abortion. After all, the circumstances she was in was not suitable for her to have a child.

Besides, when she gave birth to Xiaojie, his father was not with her.

Did she want to let her unborn children be in the same situation again?

However, the ultra-scan showed that there was not only one child, there were two babies within her. If she aborted them, she would be hurting two small lives.

So in the end, she still gave birth to the two babies selfishly.

Tiantian and Yuyu were nonidentical twins. They did not look alike, while their personalities were completely different as well.

Tiantian was hyper and playful, while Yuyu was cold and mature. He was even colder and more expressionless than his Older Brother Jie, making him look extremely like Mu Sihan.

Not only were their personalities similar, he looked like him as well.

He was basically a mini Mu Sihan.

Every time she saw Yuyu, Nan Zhi would think of that man.

Regaining her senses, Nan Zhis face scrunched up a little when she saw that Feng Yao had brought toys over again. "Young Master Feng, how many times have I told you to stop buying things when you come over? Youre always spoiling them!"

"These are not very expensive anyway. If they want, I can even bring the entire toy store over to them!"

Sighing in exasperation, Nan Zhi felt helpless against the man. Nan Zhi did not know what Feng Yao did, only knowing that his family owned a mine and he was very rich. He would even bring his friends over occasionally, and everyone would treat him as the king amongst the group of friends.

"Mommy, its because Uncle Feng Yao likes me!" Tiantian was a small intelligent elf. In front of Nan Zhi, she did not dare all Feng Yao Daddy.

Nan Zhi glanced helplessly at the small, yet confident little girl, waving her hand at her. "Alright, go and wash your hands with your brother. Lets get ready to eat."

Tiantian got down from Feng Yaos hold, smiling as she followed behind the cold Yuyu and entered the building.

When Nan Zhi and Feng Yao were the only ones left in the courtyard, Feng Yao walked in front of Nan Zhi, his smile mysterious. "The two kids arent the only ones with a gift. You have one as well!"

Feng Yao reached his pretty hand behind Nan Zhis ear, snapping his fingers once when a fragrant gardenia appeared in his hands. "How were you able to get a gardenia at this time of year?"

"To be honest, I grew it myself."

The corners of Nan Zhis lips twitched, a smile appearing on her lips as she took the flower. "Thank you."

Her relationship with Feng Yao had become better after she lost a lot of blood when giving birth.

At first, she really hated Feng Yaos playful personality. He would flirt with her all day and would never be serious, making a lot of people think that they had an unusual relationship.

However, on the day she was giving birth to the twins, she really experienced death.

The blood bank in the hospital just happened to have a lack of blood that day. Qiao Yanze had not completely abstained from his drug addiction and could not donate his blood, while An Feng had slight anorexia and could not donate blood since she was Nan Zhis direct kin. At such an important time, Feng Yao ran over to save her life and her childrens lives.

After the two children grew up, Tiantian especially liked Feng Yao. Nan Zhi also slowly noticed that Feng Yao only had a playful mouth, but was actually an innocent big boy in his heart instead.

"When are we eating? Im about to starve to death!"

"Im going out for a while later. You can eat with my Mom and the kids first!"

"Alright, come back early! I have something important to tell you!"

On the 15th of every three months, Nan Zhi would go out for a while.

She changed her clothes, making up to make her appear like an old lady before she took a taxi to a church.

Once she arrived at the church, there already was a man wearing a black coat sitting in the first row of benches.

Nan Zhi walked over and sat next to the man.

The man turned around, and what Nan Zhi saw was an extremely ordinary face.

The man was Qiao Yanze after wearing his disguise.

Qiao Yanze spent two years to completely get the DIE addiction out of his system. The pain he had suffered was completely unimaginable.

Every time his addiction acted up, it would be akin to entering the gates of hell and barely making it back.

The DIE drug was the strongest drug in the world. If it wasnt for Qiao Yanzes strong determination, he would have long committed suicide from the pain.

After he got the drug out of his system, Qiao Yanze secretly investigated the origins of the DIE drug. A year ago, he found the large crime syndicate that produced the DIE drug.

It took a year for him to fight his way into the management of the crime syndicate. In order to not reveal his identity, he disguised himself and rarely contacted Nan Zhi. The uncle and niece arranged to meet at the church once every three months.

Nan Zhi knew what Qiao Yanze wanted to see the most. She took out her phone, opening her gallery to show him Tiantian and Yuyus latest photos.

Staring at the pretty girl in the photo, Qiao Yanze have a pleased smirk. "Our little Princess is becoming more adorable." He stared at the photo for a while, before he turned to Yuyus photo. He sighed softly after a few seconds. "Hes looking more and more like his Daddy."

Qiao Yanze stared at Nan Zhi, guilt appearing in his eyes. "Zhizhi, if it wasnt for Uncle, you would have gotten married to him again. Yuyu and Tiantian could have grown up in the Royal family as well, and be surrounded with their Daddys love and company."

Nan Zhi grabbed Qiao Yanzes hand, shaking her head. "Uncle, please dont say things. From the moment I made the decision, I have never regretted it. What can I say? After so many years of being together and separating with each other so many times, Mu Sihan and I probably are not fated to be together!"

After all, four years was able to change a lot of people and things.

She always remembered him saying that he wouldnt wait for her. So, she had never thought of getting back together with him.

There was no use dwelling in the past.

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