Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 859

Chapter 859 Reuniting 1

Nan Zhi chatted a while with Qiao Yanze about her two cute babies, before she changed the topic. "Uncle, hows the situation on your side?"

Qiao Yanze pursed his lips, his ordinary face hard to read. "Although I managed to get into their management, I still have to work harder to become their core member. But, dont worry, Uncle will do everything to clear our Qiao familys name!"

Nan Zhi tightened her hold on Qiao Yanzes cold hand, nodding. "Uncle, I believe in you. You dont have to worry about us. Both of the kids are very obedient, especially Yuyu. Hes like a small adult. Whenever I look at him, I get reminded of Xiaojie. Its been four years, he should be very big now!"

Seeing the tears swimming in Nan Zhis eyes, Qiao Yanze felt his emotions swarming within him.

Zhizhi had sacrificed too much for him!

After she met Qiao Yanze, Nan Zhi returned to the private kitchen.

An Feng was tending to the flowers and plants in the courtyard while Feng Yao was accompanying the two children in the living room.

From afar, Nan Zhi could hear Tiantians happy laughter.

The little girl was especially like Nan Zhi when she was young. Nan Zhi was equally as innocent and curious, hyper and mischievous. However, after experiencing too many things, she had become quiet and serious, rarely laughing as carelessly anymore.

Seeing that Nan Zhi had returned, An Feng asked softly, "Hows your uncle?"

Nan Zhi nodded. "Hes pretty good. He told me to tell you not to worry."

"Hes at such a dangerous place where he could lose his life anytime with a single mistake. As his older sister, how can I not worry?"

Nan Zhi grabbed An Fengs hand, comforting her. "Mom, Uncle has matured a lot over the past few years. Hell definitely be able to protect himself properly. We have to believe in him."

"Alright." An Feng patted Nan Zhis hand, glancing into the house. "Tiantian really likes Feng Yao. I can tell that Feng Yao really likes you too. Zhizhi, its been four years. Have you ever considered about yourself"

Nan Zhi interrupted An Feng hurriedly. "Mom, Feng Yao is two months younger than me, I dont like a relationship where Im older than the guy. Besides, I feel that being single is quite good. Us women dont necessarily have to depend on a man, right? Besides, you have been single for so many years too."

An Feng was speechless. This brat was even turning the tables and teasing her now!

While Nan Zhi headed into the house, An Feng continued to tend to the flowers and plants.

In the living room, Feng Yao was lying on the floor, while Tiantian was riding him, a hand-made whip with a wooden rod and rope in her hand as she called out happily, "Horsey, giddy up. Horsey, run quickly"

Little Yuyu was sitting in front of a table, reading quietly as he sat straight up, not affected by his sister at all.

Staring at her children, one exuberant and boisterous, while the other was quiet and solemn, Nan Zhi did not know to laugh or cry.

It would be great if they would mix their personalities. One was way too hyper while the other was too quiet.

"Tiantian!" Nan Zhi eyed the little girl, giving her a warning gaze, telling her to not to ride on Feng Yao.

"Mommy, Uncle Feng Yao was the one who let me ride the horsey!"

Feng Yao glanced at Nan Zhi, who looked slightly stern, a winning smile appearing on his handsome face. "I did it willingly. I cannot be happier to be Tiantians ride. Of course, if Zhizhi is willing, I will be even happier"

Before Nan Zhi could say anything, Tiantian pouted, saying, "Uncle Feng Yao, its no wonder why Brother says that you came to visit Mommy for a reason. You only want to be Mommys ride"

Feng Yao coughed awkwardly. "Am I that obvious?" As he said so, he sighed. "Ive had a crush on your Mommy for so long, but I havent even gotten a kiss. Im such a poor thing."

Tiantian got off Feng Yaos back, jumping into his arms as she pecked both of his cheeks loudly. "If Mommy doesnt kiss you, then Tiantian will kiss you."

The corners of Nan Zhis lips twitched. Tiantian was really a naughty little thing, who couldnt hold herself back when she saw pretty boys!

After Tiantian kissed Feng Yao, she leaned into his ear, whispering, "Uncle Feng Yao, you have to be better to Tiantian! If youre good to Tiantian, Tiantian will say good things for you to Mommy!"

Feng Yao stared at the adorable little girl, his heart melting into a puddle. "Alright, how do you want Uncle to be nice to you? Uncle will agree to all of your requests."

"I want to eat an ice cream cone, chocolate, cake"

Feng Yao was speechless. This little elf only sweet-talked him to eat her favourite sweets and ice cream cone!

After the two kids went to sleep, Nan Zhi was pulled into the living room by Feng Yao.

Feng Yao brewed a cup of tea for Nan Zhi, before sitting next to her, looking like he wanted to please her terribly.

Seeing Feng Yao like this, Nan Zhi knew that he had something to ask of her. "What is it? What exactly cant the Young Master Feng do?"

"There really is something I need your help for."

Nan Zhi raised an eyebrow slightly. She really could not think of anything that she could help Feng Yao with.

"My boss is having a meeting with the leaders of several countries at the Tergu Desert in a few days. He knows that I like good food, so he placed me in-charge of this large-scale banquet. However, my younger sister that is always against me, managed to take away the chef I managed to find. I went to find a few more, but I feel that their skills are not good enough, so I would like to invite you to be the chef."

The corners of Nan Zhis lips twitched. "Thats impossible. I can cook a few simple dishes at most. If you want me to cook for the leaders of several countries" She suddenly seemed to remember something and she asked again, "Which countries are they?"

Feng Yao listed out a few countries.

Not hearing S Country, Nan Zhi sighed quietly in relief quietly.

"Good Zhizhi, Pretty Zhizhi"

"Wait, what did you call me?"

"Good Zhizhi?"

"No, the other."

"Pretty Zhizhi."

Hearing this name she hadnt heard in a long time, Nan Zhis emotions whirled around inside her.

In her well-defined almond-shaped eyes, a layer of moisture appeared as she pursed her lips tightly, looking as if she was about to cry.

Feng Yao jumped in surprise from Nan Zhis expression.

What had he said to make her cry?

"Youre so pretty, so youre Pretty Zhizhi, arent you? Surely you arent Ugly Zhizhi?"

Nan Zhi looked up, suppressing her tears that were about to fall. Her hands moved up to cover her face, her voice choked as she said, "Its nothing. You calling me that just reminded me of a person who is very important to me. Its been four years since I saw him, I really miss him a lot."

Feng Yao had known Nan Zhi for so long, but she had never seen her lose control of her emotions before.

Who exactly was the person who called her Pretty Zhizhi? Was it Tiantian and Yuyus father?

It was not that she lacked any suitors. Although he had never told her his feelings, everyone could tell that he liked her.

However, she never got too close with men and never gave anyone any hope.

She had always treated him as a friend openly.

He always thought that her heart was made of steel, and never expected her to have such a soft and frail side.

"Alright, Ill change what I call you."

Nan Zhi controlled her emotions, staring at him with red eyes. "I agree to your request. However, you cannot pay me less in terms of remuneration."

"You money-crazed person!"






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