Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 860

Chapter 860 Reuniting 2

Every morning was the noisiest period in the private kitchen.

It was because Princess Tiantian had a morning temperament. She would only wake up after Nan Zhi humored her for a very long time.

It was another new day.

The birds outside were chirping happily, while a faint fragrance was present in the air.

Tiantian was pulled up from her bed by Nan Zhi, crystal water beads hanging on her long lashes. "Mommy, cant you let Tiantian sleep for one more minute? Just one more minute."

Nan Zhi did not have the chance to say anything when Little Yuyu, who was already dressed and had brushed his teeth, walked in. He lifted the Princess blanket, saying coldly, "Get up. Mommys about to go on her work trip. We cannot hold her back."

Staring at the child who was acting like an adult with not a hint of emotion on his face, Nan Zhi sighed in her heart.

The boy was completely like Mu Sihan when he was stern and cold. She could not help but bow down to the power of genetics!

In her mind, a certain man appeared unconsciously.

Four years was not too long, but was not too short either. She originally thought that some people would slowly disappear from her memories.

However, because of this boy, she could not forget him, even if she wanted to.

Every time she saw Yuyu, she would be reminded of that person. When she dreamt of that person in the middle of the night, her heartstrings would still be tugged.

That feeling was like when her Uncle had his drug addiction. She wanted to forget him, but it was so painfully engraved in her heart.

Forcing herself to forget was a very difficult thing to do

"Mommy, why are you zoning out while looking at Brother again?" Princess Tiantian was not afraid of Mommy, nor was she afraid of Grandma. She was the most scared of her stern and serious Older Brother who did not seem to know how to smile.

The moment her brother glared at her, she wouldnt even dare to cry anymore.

Nan Zhi regained her senses, staring at the little princess who was completely obedient to her older brother and laughed. "Mommys going on a work trip for about three days. Ill be back very soon! You have to listen to your teachers in school and listen to your brother and Grandma at home, okay?"

The little princess pouted. "Mommy, I want to go with you too!"

"After Im back, lets go on a trip?"

The princess jumped on her bed, clapping her hands in excitement. "Yay! Mommy, you have to kiss Tiantian before you leave!"

Nan Zhi hugged the soft and adorable princess, placing kisses on her forehead and cheeks. After she kissed her princess, Nan Zhi turned towards Little Yuyu.

Little Yuyu shook his head, pursing his lips tightly. "Girls only like to stick together."

The little princess was hugging Nan Zhi tightly, looking up slightly at Nan Zhi, blinking her big eyes. "Mommy, didnt you say I still have an older brother? When can I see him? The older brother that is only older than me by five minutes is too fierce, I want my other older brother."

Instead of responding to her, Little Yuyu said, "Tiantian, where did you put my robot at last night?"

"I put it in the cupboard."

"I didnt see it, go and find it for me."



Before Nan Zhi had the chance to interrupt the siblings conversation, Little Yuyu had pulled the princess out.

Once they were at Yuyus room, the princess ran towards the cupboard, pulling it open to take out the robot from inside. "Brother is silly, I already said that its in the cupboard."

Tiantian passed the robot to Little Yuyu, but he did not take it. He merely said to the princess sternly, "Didnt you notice that Mommy was going to cry when you mention our older brother?"

The princess was slightly dazed. "I didnt notice that! I only know that Brother is always fierce to me." The princess pouted, not backing down. "Mommy always dazes out when she stares at Brother sometimes, it must be because Brother looks like a big bad guy!"

Little Yuyu was speechless. How did he look like a big bad guy?

The princess glanced out of the room. When she saw that no one was listening to them, she whispered to Yuyu, "Brother, I heard Grandma and Mommy chatting once. Grandma said that you really look like our Daddy."

"We dont have a Daddy."

Seeing that her brother was about to get angry again, the princess stuck her tongue out. "Okay, okay. If Brother say that we dont, then we dont. Anyway, I have Daddy Feng Yao, hehe!"

When Nan Zhi left on Feng Yaos car, the princess who had promised to stay strong and not cry ended up bursting into hysterical tears.

Feng Yao was in the car as well. Seeing the princess cry made him almost cry as well. He only calmed down when the car arrived at the airport.

"Oh no, its getting harder for me to leave the three of you now."

Nan Zhis lips twitched. Why was he the most emotional one?

Feng Yaos private plane was parked in the airport.

Nan Zhi had already known that Feng Yao was rich, but she didnt know that he was this rich. HIs private plane was furnished similarly to a five star hotel, with an observatory at the center of the plane as well, the walls and floor changed to a large panel to allow the guests to see the scenery around them.

"You dont have to be alarmed. My younger sisters private plane is even more luxurious than mine."

Nan Zhi said with a slight smile, "Your younger sister must be a strong lady."

"Not only is she a strong lady, shes also a female devil that sucks others blood. In the past, her world was only filled with work and only work. However, in the recent few years, she seems to have changed a little."

Nan Zhi could tell that Feng Yao both respected and feared his younger sister.

"My younger sister will be there later as well. Who knows the two of you might meet."

Nan Zhi nodded with a smile.

Nan Zhi took a nap on the flight. When she woke up, Feng Yao brought an outfit to her.

"The winds are really strong here, while the locals are a little more conservative. Changing into their clothes would make moving around more convenient."

"I didnt think you would be so considerate."

Feng Yao glared at Nan Zhi. "Did you just realize this?"

Before they arrived at the Tergu Desert, Nan Zhi changed into a black gown, covering herself fully from head to toe, with only her eyes exposed.

After the plane landed safely, Nan Zhi got off the plane with Feng Yao.

"Eh?" Feng Yao had taken a few steps when he suddenly stopped.

Nan Zhi was confused. "Whats wrong?"

"The female devil actually drove here personally. You have to know that she was too lazy to even welcome the M Country President personally back then. I want to see whos so charming for her to come personally!"

Feng Yao brought Nan Zhi to his car.

The siblings were in the same airport, but they didnt even greet each other. Since Feng Yao was not leaving, Nan Zhi could not say anything either.

They waited for nearly two hours when another private plane landed. Under the bright sun, Nan Zhi noted that the luxurious and unique plane had a gold S branded on its exterior, almost blinding her eyes completely.

At that moment, she felt her blood stop flowing.

Her hands resting on her knees tightened into fists unconsciously.






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