Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 861

Chapter 861 Reuniting 3

Suppressing the mindless panic pulsing in her heart, Nan Zhi pursed her lips tightly under the veil as she stared straight the private plane that was reserved for S Countrys Royal family.

There were so many people in the Royal family, it might not be the one she knew, right?

It might be Her Majesty, or even Ye Yanfeng.

Feng Yao, who had placed his attention outside, noticed that something was strange with Nan Zhi, asking in confusion, "Whats wrong? Are you not feeling well?"

Nan Zhi tried her best to stay calm, shaking her head as she replied, "Didnt you say that there wouldnt be any of S Countrys leaders?"

Feng Yao shrugged, raising a handsome eyebrow. "The information I received a few days ago didnt have S Country included. My Boss might have sent out another invitation and didnt tell me!"

As Feng Yao spoke, he looked into Nan Zhis eyes, seeing her peculiar gaze and wanting to read something from them. However, she was extremely calm and indifferent again. "Could it be that youre related to people in S Country?"

Nan Zhi smiled faintly. "No."

Feng Yao wanted to ask her more, when Nan Zhi pointed at the plane, reminding him, "The door is open."

Feng Yao hurriedly turned around to look out of the window.

Nan Zhis eyes moved out of the window as well.

Within moments, a tall figure entered Nan Zhis sight.

It was not the Queen, neither was it Ye Yanfeng. It was that man that she did not dare and was afraid to meet.

Seeing him walk out of the plane, Nan Zhi felt as if her entire world had frozen in place.

The car was extremely quiet, so quiet that she could only hear her thumping heart.

That man walked down the stairs with heavy steps, while Yi Fan, his secretary and several officials followed behind him. A dark-colored suit wrapped around his tall and handsome figure, the shirt inside white and trim. He wore a navy blue tie, with a diamond tie clip clipped onto his tie.

Even from afar, it was hard to miss his outstanding appearance. Those handsome and well-defined eyebrows and eyes, his tall nose bridge, his thin lips and his sharp chin all looked like they had been carved by God himself, so perfect that there were no flaws.

As time passed, his facial expression became even colder and sharper, and he exuded a cold, dignified but arrogant aura of a King that showed that he was above everyone else.

As Nan Zhi watched him walk down, only four words appeared in her mind, "The King has arrived."

Her white teeth bit down on her lips hard, asking Feng Yao softly, "Do you know him?"

Feng Yao pointed at the sign on the plane. "I dont, but he should be the new King of S Country."

Nan Zhi immediately understood.

So he had already become the leader of a country. It was no wonder why she thought he looked even more mature and like a leader after seeing him this time!

The four years had resulted in a drastic contrast between the two of them. Worlds apart was probably the only way to describe them!

"Hey, Zhizhi, dont you think that the S Countrys King look a little familiar?" Feng Yao narrowed his eyes. "Why do I feel like Ive seen him somewhere?"

Feng Yao probably felt that he looked familiar because he had often seen Yuyu, the miniature version of Mu Sihan.

Nan Zhi did not reply, merely watching as Mu Sihan shook hands with Helian Zhu, who was waiting for him.

Mu Sihan and Helian Zhu chatted a while, and Nan Zhi saw a faint smile appearing on Mu Sihans stern face.

Helian Zhu pointed at the business car parked not too far away, before she led Mu Sihan and his people towards the car.

She did not know if it was because her gaze was too strong, but the man who had only taken a few steps, suddenly turned his head and looked in her direction.

She clearly knew that Feng Yao had shut all of the windows, and that the windows were tinted black so the people outside were not able to see her. However, when she met his cold black eyes, her heart still skipped a beat.

Apart from becoming more mature, the four years did not seem to leave any impact on his face.

Seeing that Mu Sihan had stopped, Helian Zhu glanced in the direction he was looking at as well.

She had long seen Feng Yaos car, however, she had never regarded Feng Yao seriously ever since they were young.

In the Helian family, Feng Yaos ability was less than hers. However, because he was a male, he was taken with more regard by the elders in the family.

"Whose car is that?" Mu Sihan asked with a cold expression.

Helian Zhu replied with a smile. "Its my older brothers."

Mu Sihan furrowed his brows a little, his sharp instinct made him feel like someone was staring at him from inside that car.

"Arent you going to greet your older brother?"

The moment Mu Sihan finished speaking, that car suddenly drove over. Helian Zhu was caught off guard, losing her balance as she fell towards Mu Sihan.

As a gentleman, Mu Sihan caught her shoulders.

Feng Yao, who had driven his car over to Helian Zhu on purpose, smirked. "It seems like that female devil likes that King. Zhizhi, did you see? When she fell into his arms, she didnt get angry and looked slightly shy instead!"

How could Nan Zhi not notice?

He was now a King that was above everyone. To her, he was like a star up in the skies, one that she could never reach.

However, Helian Zhu was different. Her family background was amazing, while she was pretty and capable as well, making her look good with Mu Sihan.

Feng Yao turned back to glance at Nan Zhi.

Only to find that she was looking down, slightly unhappy.

He, who was usually dense, suddenly seemed to understand something as he hit his forehead. "Oh my god, it cant be what Im thinking, is it? Zhizhi, were you a couple with the S Countrys King?"

It was no wonder he felt that the S Country King looked extremely familiar on first glance. It turned out that he looked really like Zhizhis little iceberg, Yuyu!

Oh my god, Feng Yao felt himself going crazy!

F*ck! He had actually fallen for the S Country Kings woman?

Nan Zhi stared at Feng Yao, whose mouth was wide open and gaping like a goldfish. She was the first to calm him down. "Its all in the past, theres nothing between us now."

"How can there be nothing? Your two cute babies are his children!"

Nan Zhi leaned back on the car, her hand pressing against her aching temple as she said with a hoarse voice, "Having the two of them was my decision and had nothing to do with him! Youve seen it just now as well. Your younger sister and him probably have mutual feelings for each other. No matter how we look at it, the two of them suit each other very well."

Feng Yao stared at Nan Zhi for a while, confirming that she wasnt speaking with anger before he asked, "Are you not planning to tell him about them?"

Nan Zhi bit her lip. "I dont plan to for now."

The Qiao familys taint was still present, while Uncle was still in the dangerous crime syndicate group. There were too many obstructions between them.

She had already let him have Xiaojie, she couldnt lose her twins again.

After making that decision four years ago, she knew very well that it would be extremely difficult for the two of them to get together again.

She would not daydream anymore.

Even if they met, they would have to treat each other as strangers. Staying away from each other would be the wisest decision.

Feng Yao could not tell that Nan Zhi was thinking about. If he had to say that she no longer had feelings for the man, it would definitely be impossible. After all, for a woman to be willing to have the mans children, and even rejected the pursuit of other men for four years. She definitely still had feelings for him!






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