Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 862

Chapter 862 Reuniting 4

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Nan Zhi glanced out of the window again, but she could no longer see Mu Sihan and his entourage anymore.

Four years had passed by like a dream.

He was still him, everything seemingly unchanged, though at the same time, it seemed like everything had changed all over again.

Strangers once more.

Looking down again, Nan Zhi couldnt stop the empty, yet slight aching in heart.

Tergu was a city built in the desert, the business and development of the city center was not incomparable to that of a developed country.

The Helian family had built a castle here, and Feng Yao brought Nan Zhi to the castles large kitchen. There were already several cooks and kitchen staff inside.

Seeing that Feng Yao had brought a woman over, they were all filled with scorn.

"Young Master Feng, what can a woman cook? Did you do so much to end up hiring such a small character who does not even dare to reveal her face?" One of the sous-chef said boldly. The sous-chef was rather famous in the culinary world. Apart from the top chefs in the world, he despised everyone else and often looked down on them.

The moment the sous-chef spoke, several other chefs nodded as well. They were all well-known chefs as well. How could they become the assistants of an unknown woman?

Before Feng Yao could say anything, a cold, mocking laughter trailed over. Accompanying it, high heels clacked on the floor as Helian Zhu walked in with an old man behind her.

The sous-chef that despised Nan Zhi immediately changed his attitude when he saw the old man. "Its Mr Henry! Youre my idol and the god in the culinary world!"

Henry nodded at that sous-chef in acknowledgement.

Helian Zhu brought Henry in front of Feng Yao, before glancing briefly at Nan Zhi behind him. Nan Zhi was still wearing her face veil, so no one could see her properly. Helian Zhu looked away and said to Feng Yao, "I managed to invite the Culinary God. Henry will be the head chef for the banquets in the next two days."

Feng Yao glanced at Helian Zhu, smirking coldly. "Father arranged for me to be in charge of the banquets. Surely you arent taking this away from me as well?"

Helian Zhus expression darkened. "Im not taking it away from you, its just that youre not capable at all. Look at the chef you got, do the others respect her? You said yourself that this banquet is for the leaders of several countries. If theyre unhappy with the food or if anything happens, wouldnt I need to help you clean up the mess again?"

Nan Zhi stared at Helian Zhu, who was fierce and didnt give her older brother, Feng Yao, any respect at all. She didnt plan to interfere in their family matters, but wasnt Helian Zhu being too condescending?

"Miss Helian, Young Master Feng got me to be the chef because he felt that my skills are able to meet the demands of the leaders. Arent you being too judgmental by putting us down before giving us any chance to demonstrate our ability?"

Nan Zhi had studied broadcasting. No matter if it was Chinese or English, her words were enunciated properly and comfortably, an aura that was impossible to ignore exuding from her in a few words.

Before Helian Zhu could reply, the chefs all burst into raucous laughter. They were laughing at Nan Zhis words. Wasnt this woman too confident in herself!

She even dared to praise herself in front of the Culinary God, Henry!

Helian Zhu clearly did not believe Nan Zhi. She did not want to waste time speaking with her either, merely saying, "Feng Yao, I dont care if you play around usually, but you shouldnt take such an important occasion so casually! The main chef will be Henry, while all other uninvolved people can stay away from the kitchen!"

Feng Yao scoffed. "I say, Zhuzhu, my friend is right. Youre being too judgmental. I know very clearly about the skills of my friend. Besides, Im in charge of the banquet this time. Zhuzhu, if you want to take credit, you have to get permission from our Father Boss first!"

Seeing that Feng Yao was not listening to her, Helian Zhus expression darkened. "Alright, Ill go and get Daddy now."

"Theres no need." Henry, who had yet to speak, suddenly said, "If Young Master Feng thinks that this ladys skills are better than mine, how about we have a live match? If I lose, Ill be her sous-chef willingly!"

A culinary god to become a sous-chef? It was completely out of the question!

Feng Yao glanced at Nan Zhi, who nodded. "I accept!"

Time ticked away slowly, and a tantalizing fragrance slowly emanated from the kitchen. Feng Yao, Helian Zhu and the other chefs had all gone out.

Only Nan Zhi and Henry were left in the kitchen.

The people sitting outside all could not help but swallow at the fragrance.

"It must be Mr Henry who is able to make such a fragrant smell," the sous-chef remarked snidely.

Helian Zhu smirked, extremely confident in Henrys skills.

Although Feng Yao looked calmed, he was slightly worried inside. Zhizhis skills were good, but Henry was the Culinary God after all. Could Zhizhi really beat him?

In the end, the two chefs made two dishes and two desserts.

After Helian Zhu and the chefs tasted the food, they all nodded in appreciation.

"Feng Yao, Henry is the Culinary God after all, I dont believe that the person you brought can beat him."

When it was Nan Zhis turn, she placed her dishes on the table. The dishes were covered with lids, so no one knew what she had made.

Helian Zhu was uninterested, while the chefs were eager to see Nan Zhi make a fool out of herself. Henry, on the other hand, was full of confidence.

Feng Yao gave Nan Zhi a glance of belief as he uncovered the lids.

A fragrant smell that made people salivate surrounded their senses immediately. The two dishes that Nan Zhi had made combined the specialties of the four countries, leaving only the essence of each country. The food looked and smelled extremely appealing, it was hard to resist.

Feng Yao picked up his chopsticks to have a taste, before he stared at Nan Zhi, not saying a word for a very long time.

Unable to resist, Helian Zhu also picked up her chopsticks to try the food. Her expression immediately became similar to Feng Yaos.

Seeing this, Henry started to be a little nervous. "Miss Helian, how is it?"

Helian Zhu put down her chopsticks, staring at Nan Zhi meaningfully before she turned to Feng Yao. "You win this time."

Helian Zhu stood up from the table and left.

Henry could not believe his ears. He actually lost to an unknown woman? How?!

He picked up a pair of chopsticks to try Nan Zhis food, his eyes widening immediately.

"Apart from Gem Master Vincents food, I have never tasted such delicious food! Also, the taste of your food is slightly similar to Vincents"

Nan Zhi was not a petty person, and was able to put down the previous arrogance and condescension he had held towards her. "Vincent was my master. However, it has been a long time since he passed away."

Henry and the other chefs were completely dumbfounded. The woman who they had thought was unknown was actually Master Vincents disciple!

At night, during the welcome dinner.

The leaders all got into their seats.

The kitchen had prepared food according to the tastes of the different leaders.

Once the food was served, Helian Xiao glanced at Feng Yao, who was introducing the dishes at the side, looking pleased.

This good for nothing son of his had finally done something right.

Mu Sihan sat beside Helian Xiao, his eyes narrowing slightly at the delicious looking and exquisite smelling dishes on the round table.

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